Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Cathy wants rumpy-pumpy with Roy in Coronation Street

Next week's Coronation Street previews tell us that Cathy and Roy aren't sleeping together.  And not only are they not sleeping together, they're still using separate bedrooms in Roy's flat.

However, this looks set to change. 

Cathy confides in Anna and tells her she'd love for her and Roy to share a bed. Roy, however, isn't too keen on Cathy's plan to get them in the same bed. He sees his bed, and his bedroom, as Hayley's bed and bedroom. Cathy's upset when she hears this, and tells Anna that she thinks she'll always come second to Hayley (and rightly so, I say!).

But Roy finally comes around to the idea of buying a new bed and moving it into Cathy's bedroom.  And they'll all live happily ever after, right?

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Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to Roy and Cathy and their upcoming storyline. They haven't been used much over summer. I think they are a brilliant couple and I like watching them. David Neilson and Melanie Hill are excellent actors and they have formed a great partnership on screen. I also feel that their relationship has moved at a pace which respects their late spouses, but I personally want them to move forward together and find happiness in their love.

Anonymous said...

Agree with the above ☺☺☺☺☺

Anonymous said...

Although I sympathise with Roy's feelings,I don't think his and Hayley's room should be a shrine either.
I wondered what happened to Cathy's house and why she and Alex never lived there?
Maybe Roy is not ready to move on from Hayley yet?

Anonymous said...

I really like Roy and Cathy together as well. The actors are a good partnership as one of the above commented. I want them to be happy together also. It is interesting to see them move on steadily and gradually from their late partners and I do hope they will find happiness in their marriage. Obviously, there are bound to be conflicting feelings for late spouses which makes good drama. I am hoping that they will marry each other and we can see the other highs and lows that affect them as a married couple.

Anonymous said...

Loosing a soul mate to cancer is heartbreaking. Finding love a gain is a joy. I know I've been there. I am there . You cant help thinking about you're soulmate. But you have to know they wanted you to be happy,to find love again. It's not the same love it's different but it's just as precious. Hayley will always be in Roys heart. But Cathy can make his life worth living again. Can make Roy find hapiness that he doesn't even realise is there. So glad Corrie are doing this story. Melanie Hill and David Neilson are fab . It will be great Corrie.

Cobblestone said...

Where does Alex sleep then? Surely there are only two bedrooms in that tiny flat? Becky then Sylvia used to have the spare one. Another Tardis room, like the flat over the Rovers?

Anonymous said...

Cobblestone, you are forgetting about the elastic walls. All the houses on the street have them.

Anonymous said...

It says in the spoilers that "Alex spends the night on Roy's living room floor as the sofa is too lumpy." The situation prompts Roy to look into buying a sofa bed, whereas what Cathy really wants is for Roy to move her into his bedroom and offer the other bedroom to Alex:/

Anonymous said...

What happened to that big house of hers? Well, it probably wasn't huge, but it's surely larger than the cafe flat.

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