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Corrie weekly update - March 5 2016

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Over at Underworld, a cheque from the O’Driscolls swells the coffers by thirty dirty thousand pounds. Carla helps herself to ten of those thousands, telling Johnny that it’s just a loan to see her right as she plans the move to Devon. What she does with the cash instead is give it to Tracy who gives it to Robert who gives it to Nick who accepts Robert’s offer to buy the Bistro. But Underworld’s got more problems than Carla helping itself to its cash.  Aidan is invited to the O’Driscolls for dinner. It’s a nasty house they’ve got – a big, empty, soulless box of a place. Aidan takes Eva with him to the dinner and Eva takes it on herself to go rummaging around their study searching for Marta’s passport. Mrs O’D catches Eva at it and is furious, as you can imagine.

She demands to know what Eva is doing and when Eva says she knows that they’ve been keeping Marta as a slave, they chuck Aidan and Eva out. They deny keeping Marta against her will and say that Marta has been stealing from them. The next day, the O’Ds storm round to the factory threatening to pull their order unless Eva is sacked.  Johnny says he’ll do it but Aidan mans up and sacks her himself.  Eva buries her head in her hands and drowns her sorrows in the Rovers. Meanwhile, Billy the vicar takes Marta to stay with him at the Rectory. Eva and Billy think they’re doing the right thing looking after her until Billy finds out Marta’s done a runner and has nicked cash and his phone.

Mary, Liz and Erica go on a girls’ night out but they don’t get far once they hit the White Russians in the Rovers.  Erica gets chatted up by a random extra but gives him short shrift. Mary’s got designs on him herself but he wants nowt to do with her.  Mary gets very, very drunk and tells Erica that she could do worse than give in to her feelings for Dev. Erica denies she’s got any feelings for Dev but it’s clear that she has and so Mary determines to get them both together. The next night in the Rovers, Dev’s got a date with a woman from the golf club called Karen. It’s pronounced Kar-een, she tells anyone who’ll listen.  As Dev and Kar-een sit in the Rovers with a drink, Mary tells Dev’s new woman that he’s a womanising maniac. With Kar-een scared off, Erica enters, all dolled up with her cleavage on the go. She kisses Dev passionately by the pumps in the pub and off they go, presumably to inspect his shop counter or summat. The next morning, all Erica gets is a handshake, she’s unsure what to do next. Is it on with Dev, or off? She asks Liz what to do and takes her advice, takes Dev home for another shop counter inspection.

At Gail’s house she throws a baby shower for Sarah’s bump. Sarah’s found out the baby she’s having is going to be a boy and there’s blue balloons everywhere. Gail even bakes a Mary Berry cake covered in blue icing too. Talk at the baby shower turns to Gail’s mate Suzie Birchall from back in the day. “She tried to nick my husband,” Gail cries. “Which one?” asks Kylie.  Bethany comes into the baby shower late, she’s got much on her mind as she’s being bullied at school. Todd finds her sitting on Maxine’s bench in a bit of a state and offers her a shoulder to cry on. She pulls herself together but when she gets to the baby shower she’s still all upset and chucks Gail’s cake at the wall.

Another cake made an appearance this week when Rita served up a gateaux for Jenny Bradley’s birthday.

And finally this week, Michael’s not happy that Phelan’s getting his feet under the table at Eileen’s house. After he put Eileen’s cupboards up in the kitchen, she thinks Phelan’s the best thing since sliced white. And now Michael’s pseudo-son Andy is doing some labouring work for Phelan with Jason, Michael is feeling right put out. “You’re taking over my life,” he moans.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Cobblestone said...

"Your lad" is how Phelan referred to Andy to Michael. Certainly Michael & Andy are behaving like family again, but it's NEVER been remotely explored. I really feel this has been a big slip-up, considering he's still holding Gail at arm's length.

Anonymous said...

Cobblestone,I agree with you and think it's hyporcritical for Michael to forgive Andy who initiated the identity fraud and not Gail.
Perhaps now he's being replaced by Phelan,he'll see sense and reconcile with Gail?
I cannot wait to see Eileen get her commeuppance when Phelan revealed his true colors.

Rapunzel said...

I thought Michael had forgiven Gail. They got on well when he was nominated for the Good Samaritan award - he confided in her rather than Eileen. But it's Eileen who is the problem. He and she got together while he was angry with Gail and he is now stuck with her. With any luck Michael and Gail can reunite once Phelan has his workman boots under Eileen's howzyerfather.

As for Michael and Andy, they thawed when Michael had left Gail and had nowhere to stay. Gail has already commented, plaintively, on the unfairness of that. Michael still lives with Andy and Steph even though he stays nights with Eileen. The relationship has rebuilt off camera but there have been the odd inkling that they're back on quasi father/son terms.

Rossie said...

Cobblestone, I agree too. Gail was wrong in what she did, but it was all with the best of intentions. Whereas Andy was motivated by, well I'm not sure what, but possibly boredom or perhaps financial gain. There was though the fact that Michael's real son had told Andy that he hated his dad, and perhaps Andy thought he'd help his friend by teaching Michael a lesson? Anyhow, whichever it was, I think Michael is being unfair to put all the blame on Gail.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to contemplate if Brian Tilsey had lived what would he make of the docile, befuddled Gail of now? I believe a few years ago Gail revisited Suzy Birchall who married well and was living very comfortably and kept her looks too. Interesting to speculate what Brian would think he were here now.

Cobblestone said...

But that's exactly my point, Rapunzel; the mending if Michael & Andy's relationship should never have occurred off-camera. After all the build up, it should have been explored front & centre. It was a potentially psychologically engrossing situation, but the writers were more interested in the tedious Gail/Eileen fight for Michael - the rehashing of an old feud. After months of build up, Michael discovered the truth, but a couple of weeks later we are told, ah, he and Andy are patching things up because he needs somewhere to live ... it really let down viewers who'd invested in the whole faux-son plot line.

coconno196 said...

Spot on, Cobblestone.

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