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Tuesday 1 September 2015

Trailer video: Roy and Cathy in Blackpool

The official Coronation Street website at have released another trailer teaser video of events leading up to the Coronation Street live episode that will air in September.

This trailer video is all about Roy and Cathy and whether their friendship will develop into something more.

The video is probably only available to those in the UK so for overseas fans and those who want to know what's going to happen - here it goes.

It appears as if Cathy has confided in Anna about her feelings for Roy and that they are more than just platonic.  She clearly wants to get closer to Roy and Anna encourages her to do so and to be open with Roy about her feelings.  However, when Cathy tries to talk to Roy, he clearly doesn't have a clue what's going on, if anything, between them. There's a touching scene when Cathy covers Roy with a blanket after he falls asleep on the sofa.  And then it's Roy's birthday and she gives him a card in which she's signed "I Love You, Cathy".  Oh dear, is it too much, too quickly for Roy?

The couple are then pictured on Blackpool Beach, which was a destination Roy seems not to have been aware he was travelling to so it might have been a surprise day out from Cathy. Cathy takes off her sandals and runs down to the sea after telling Roy there's something she wants to tell him.  She thinks Roy has followed her into the shallows for a paddle, but when she turns around, Roy has gone... and that's where the video ends.

Have a look at it here.

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Annie said...

grumble.... mutter.... not right....

Anonymous said...

I am not a fan of Cathy (I am watching in Canada). I find she is too full on and pushy and in my humble opinion not good enough for Roy. I think right now all Roy wants is a friend.

vintgal003 said...

Thank you Flaming Nora for the heads-up...much appreciated! I think that Roy and Cathy make a cute couple....quirkiness and all.... will this be a friendship couple OR ummm maybe something more?? Time will tell.... I think they complement each other well..

Rose Field said...

Blackpool was a special place for Roy and Hailey. Why take Cathy there? She so far is just needy and its all about her, sorry but she puts a dampner on the Roy scenes and either needs to be made a bit more upbeat or written out.

Tvor said...

Apparently, She takes him there not the other way around. Yet another instance of her putting the wrong foot in it.

Anonymous said...

No. Roy is not meant for Cathy, but I suspect he'll tell her that shortly. He had one great love in his life and he's not ready to move on etc.
I'm not a fan of Cathy much, but she'd probably make a good mate to Mary..they're both off the wall.


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