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Saturday 5 September 2015

Why I'm a big fan of Zeedan

I freely admit it, one member of the Nazir family has grown on me more than all the rest. I have developed a massive soft spot for Zeedan. Before I go on any further, I do admit that this is in part down to the fact he's a fine looking, strapping young man but it goes far beyond that.

At first I really disliked the character. He was sullen, difficult and annoying. Of course that was what the writers were going for and both they and Qasim Akhtar succeeded. He was the last member of the Nazirs to arrive on screen and Corrie has a history of family units arriving en masse and not fitting in. Although the Nazir family have a long way to go before they become part of the Corrie furniture, I hope they do stay around for the foreseeable.

Zeedan was obviously a troubled young man, mainly due to his father's choice of career in the army and the death of his mother. This caused most of the conflict with Kal's new girlfriend Leanne, who's shady past really didn't help matters. I admit I became a bit bored of all the hate flying around in this storyline as sadly we never had the time to drill down into the dynamics of the father son relationship. I did wonder about the longterm future of Zeedan if that was how he was going to be however things have fortunately changed for the better.

I know soap characters frequently have personality transplants and the whole thing is completely unbelievable but in Zeedan's case I think it has been a gradual, sympathetic process that has worked well. The death of his father has obviously affected him profoundly and this has made him a much more palatable character. I've started to really enjoy his appearances and hope we see a lot more of him. He has taken on his father's job at the gym out of respect and is obviously really loyal to his family.

What I really like though, is the thawing of the relationship with Leanne. He has promised to look out for her and the scenes with both Leanne and Simon have been very natural and well played. We knew Zeedan would be the first to discover Leanne's abuse at the hands of Simon and the scenes in Friday's episodes were terrific. I hope Zeedan and Leanne continue to bond, but please writers do not put them together romantically! Let's have a platonic friendship between a man and a woman for a change. It does happen!

Qasim Akhtar is proving himself to be a great addition to the Coronation Street cast. He is doing an excellent job as Zeedan and I hope we see him in many more storylines in the months and years ahead. 

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Pootle5 said...

I couldn't agree more. He's evolved well and I enjoy his new relationship with Leanne, it should never develop into romance though.
I still don't like Alya's character for many reasons, the relationship with Gary is totally unconvincing too.

Anonymous said...

I'm also a fan of Zeedan's and hope there are more storylines with him and more scenes with Simon in a big brother role.
Unlike his sister who used their father's death to play 'drunken martyr' and is a self-centered spoilt 'princess',Zeedan despite his own grief reached out to Leeanne,took charge of the gym and has matured tremendously into the young respectable man his father wanted him to be.Kal would be proud of him.

Unknown said...

Zeedan is a great character with lots of potential. Best Nazir by far. I hope that he has a chance to help Leanne through Simon's phase and returns to the "big brother" role soon.

Emma Hynes said...

Agree wholeheartedly!

Anonymous said...

I love what the writers have done with Zeedan's character, also the rest of the Nazir family. They have proven to be a great addition to the street - can't imagine the street without the community center at this point - I just really, really hope that they don't put Leane & Zeedan in a romantic relationship - that would be way to tacky beyond belief. Yuck. Alya - not so much lately - she has turned out to be quite the little miss snitty whatever.

njblas said...

Still can't enthuse greatly about him, but it's true has character has improved the same time as Alya has deteriorated.

BT Vision said...

I like Zeedan as well. Its been a big turnaround as often happens with characters that this sulky stroppy teen was not particularly popular but he has now turned himself around to be a caring, strong and really quite likeable young man. Sister Ayla on the other hand has gone the other way, pretty and likeable at first, her incredibly sleeping with Jason and her behaviour towards Carla her employer - if you hold her responsible for your father's death then just leave her employ - has turned into a sly rude unlikeable character. Thats the power of Corrie!!

Tvor said...

I have to agree with some of the above comments, Zeedan has changed far for the better now that they've given him something to do aside from scowling. His father's death has indeed changed him and affected him deeply and it looks like it will be the making of him. Alya on the other hand, has taken up his scowling and isn't nearly as interesting as she used to be.

Anonymous said...

Z and Leanne...hmmmm?

Cobblestone said...

I'd echo most of the sentiments here. Didn't care at all for him, drifting without any links to characters other than his immediate family, but I'm really liking him of late. Actually the beginning of the change came just BEFORE Kal's death, when Zee told his dad he had his blessing and actually thought he could do a lot worse than Leanne, but his grief has strengthened him while at the same time making him more empathetic.
I'd also like to give two big thumbs up to his new improved (subtler) grandma. I'm seeing Yasmine, who's had her Wise Old Bird hat on quite a bit of late, becoming a very strong & likeable character.
Such a pity about Alya, whom I now find I can't stand! When did the cross-over occur?

Unknown said...

Every time I see him he reminds me of Alfred E. Neuman.


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