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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Thurs 17 Sep

Note: There's no Coronation Street on Friday, September 18.

Thursday 17th September
THE TRUTH IS FINALLY OUT ABOUT CALLUM Max lies on the ground as Kylie and David rush to comfort him. Feeling the force of the Platts’ hatred, Callum skulks away. What are the extent of Max’s injuries? Kylie and David blame Callum being able to roam the streets on Bethany giving him an alibi for Jason’s attack. As the row escalates, Bethany can bury her guilt no longer and finally admits to lying for Callum. Under fire from her family, Bethany blurts out that Callum drugged Sarah and threatened to harm her unless she gave him an alibi. Bethany goes to the police station to retract her statement. As Callum hassles Kylie and David for money in the Bistro, the threats from Denton looming, will the police accept Bethany’s changed statement and arrest Callum?
EVA FINDS JASON’S A CHANGED MAN Jason takes Eva to No.11 to catch up and it’s clear they both still have strong feelings for each other. Eva laments their broken engagement but when she innocently calls him a softie, Jason – still smarting from his run in with Callum – turns hostile. Eva’s baffled, has she blown her chance of a reunion with Jason?
MICHELLE AND ANDREA FORMULATE A PLAN Andrea’s delighted when Lloyd suggests she takes the job and they move to Jersey. When Lloyd broaches the subject of dissolving their partnership, Steve masks his upset and crabbily tells him to put it in writing. When Lloyd reveals they leave next week, Michelle decides to throw a surprise leaving party in the pub, can he and Steve reconcile before Lloyd goes?
ELSEWHERE Andy spots Steph laughing with Jamie in the Bistro. When Luke lets slip that they used to be a couple, Andy’s concerns intensify. Will Steph be able to allay his fears? Meanwhile Luke agrees to race his car but makes Jamie promise to keep it a secret. Cathy hatches a secret plot to take Roy to a steam train exhibition on his birthday.

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Sophie Bird said...

Why is Andrea taking on a new job when she is pregnant? Would a new employer really want to employ someone who they would then have to give maternity leave not long after starting? It would be dishonest not to tell them, but then we know that honesty is not her strong point.

John McE said...

I'm delighted to see Eva back, one of the best new characters in recent years... and a "classic" Corrie woman - both ballsy and vulnerable in equal measures.

Anonymous said...

A little too late for Bethany to be 'honest',she'll have zero credibility with the police now.I just hope Max isn't killed or too seriously injured because of his step- cousin's lies and his step aunt's betrayal when she dated Callum.

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