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Wednesday 23 September 2015

#CorrieLive - What did you think of it?

It's been months in the planning and it happened tonight.

It's now all over - so what did you make of it all?

Who gave the best performances, in your opinion? Was anything better than you expected and were there any storyline shocks along the way you weren't expecting?

Let us know what you thought of Coronation Street's live episode #Corrielive by leaving your comments below.

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Unknown said...

Very good. Unexpected twist when Kylie hit Callum. Sound error when Craig was chatting to Tim but really very good!!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, well done one and all.

Unknown said...

Brilliant! Well done to everyone, the fight scene was fantastic! X

Unknown said...

Well done cast and crew! It was a great shame actor playing Steve was not in the show to wave Craig's character off. Also anticipated some dramatic pyrotechnics but over all great show!!

Unknown said...

Thought it was brill tonite. Roy as usual excellent as was Carla, such believable characters.
Did think someone was going to die however not in that way.
Bit of deja vue though hiding body underground

Well done Corrie cast

Cobblestone said...

Congratulations to all involved! It seemed to go very smoothly, with only a minor technical glitch with Craig's mic not turned up in time. Powerful stuff with the longed for end of Callum. For the first time ever, he did seem rather scary. Now, I know any sane person is going to ask why they didn't call the police immediately (Sarah must have been covered in bruises that would demonstrate she was being attacked) but I guess we have to put ourselves in the position of two terrified young women. I rather enjoyed the Tony & Todd double act too - Todd had been much improved in recent weeks.
As expected, the mesmerising Roy Cropper provided the highlights of the episode. I was so glad to see a Roy/Carla scene included, but to my surprise the scene with Kathy in the stationary bus equalled it. Beautiful playing.

Hilda's Murial said...

Best performance, the bus tire.

Best dumb plot, you kill somebody in self defense but don't call the police.

Best imitation of Dennis going away all triumphant-like in a convertible, Lloyd and Andrea.

Best acting in an Upstairs Downstairs role, Anna.

Best deus ex machina, Gail's manhole.

fairycake said...

Brilliant! Loved it all! Was not expecting the 'Trevor Jordache' touch with Callum's body, and I thought perhaps Max might some how have been the I was expecting Callum to be killed. Perhaps if Callum had been on top of Kylie instead of Sarah in the murder scene then Max could have turned into Bobby Beale and killed his father trying to save his mum. Now I am thinking the body will be covered over before it can be moved by David (a la the John Stape saga).
Congratulations and much love and blessings to every one involved! Well done! X

John from Corriepedia said...

Thoroughly enjoyable. I didn't see the speed of Callum's death coming, and that means that the publicity, which seemed to indicate a chase of some nature, threw me off track - which is good. I prefer surprises.

My heart was in my mouth for most of the episode, not wanting any of the actors to suffer sniggers in social media for gaffs, and they did themselves proud. Technically it was brilliant too and watching the excellent behind the scenes footage live showed just how damned good the people at Media City are at their jobs.

Excellent stuff!

Dolly Tubb said...

Well I have to say I was quite underwhelmed. The Callum snorefest trundled on, Anna and Tim head towards the inevitable, and Lloyd left. I'm not sure I like Roy with Cathy. And why was it such a big deal that it was live? These people are actors and professionals. It's what Corrie did all the time for its first 30 years or so. Sorry to be a damp squib about it, Corrie is in the doldrums and this didn't lift it out in my opinion. Liked the music in the Rovers though.

Anonymous said...

I love the street obviously and I know the tram episode would take some beating but...when it was announced that this live would not be stunt driven and instead character driven I was hoping for some real humour and interaction, like a fly on the wall kitchen sink drama. Conversations between characters, in the style of Deidres wake, would have been so brilliant. Instead we were treated to a murder. I saw that one coming when Tony announced Gail had an open man hole in her garage a while back. Our street actors are brilliant but this didn't really do it for me....sorry!- Micky

PS- I am still not ready fpr Roy to get together with Cathy...

Anonymous said...

Great performances from Tina O'Brien, Paula Lane and Craig Charles, but the 'Callum in the manhole' plot was predictable and it is nothing short of a tragedy that Steve wasn't there to bid a fitting farewell to Lloyd, but that can't be helped in the circumstances. Overall congratulations should go out to all the cast and crew.

Unknown said...

Well done cast and crew! It was a great shame actor playing Steve was not in the show to wave Craig's character off. Also anticipated some dramatic pyrotechnics but over all great show!!

Pootle5 said...

They did well but I was underwhelmed. No surprises, saw the body in the garage hole coming as aoon as building work was announced - I'd hoped that the mention of the hole was a red herring.
I think it would have been much better if Callum had been knocked out and put in the boot of the car and then stolen and burnt out by Tony (unknowingly). This will never go away as one day, inevitably, the body will be found.
The sooner blabbermouth SB is gone the better.

Unknown said...

Well done by all, hard to tell that it was live,best performance goes to Tina O'Brien (Sarah).

Tvor said...

Really good. The only misstep for me was that business with Todd and Tony taking the car that was left there running. And keying it first? Really? Taking a taxi home after blowing up a car. that's also a bit stupid. Everything else, though, was spot on.

Anonymous said...

Good. Glad Sally got hers - the snob. The Nazir's who don't say boo at the best of times are out and about shouting the odds? Anyway, I'm glad Roy and Cathy are together...very touching and very sweet. Hayley would approve I think. So, Sarah and Kylie are reduced to quivering messes now that Callum is dead. You'd think they'd be made of stronger stuff. Wasn't Sarah almost murdered by Richard Hilman?..Kylie is supposed to be this street wise young woman who has had to live by her wits etc but they both fell completely apart, leaving hero head-case David to come to their rescue? Sure.

Anonymous said...

I really liked how they made Kylie into the strong one here, basically saving Sarah from her own ex, then having David come in and take over being strong when Kylie was falling apart. Kylie really seemed to lose it after the phone rang and, instead of Denton, it was Callum's mum. Kylie and David get better and better. Sarah, however, after stirring up the conflict to begin with, just flamed out. She really is the weak link.

MartesBC said...

Loved this episode. Very strong and emotional performances. I thought the pop was a gun shot through Callum's back and was dreading the reveal to be Max with a gun. Yes, the manhole was a gaping hole in the plot to be filled. I guess tomorrow, Tony goes in with the concrete fill before everyone is aware of the activity. He of course will be busted for the murder since his prints are on the car hood and scratches (maybe that part did not burn?), and he'll be the one filling the hole up. For me, Roy was a bit OTT with the bus schedule issue and in how he was lashing out at the bus drivers - it did not seem to be like him to be mean like that. Otherwise, outstanding live episode and kudos to the Whole Corrie Crew and Cast! Fare Well Craig Charles!!!

Anonymous said...


Marred only of course by the predictable putting-together of Tim and Anna. BOOOOO!!

maggie muggins said...

Great fun to watch, especially when you see all the preparation that goes into a live episode in Uncovered. Roy's party decor was great! Also like his fight with the bus company and hope that continues.

Confused how Callum's car blew up. Does Tony carry around explosives around with him at all times?

John McE said...

Well done to all the cast - I thought Paula Lane and Tina O'Brien were especially good. But I'm still not sure what performing it live adds to it... except for being able to pull off a surprise twist like Callum being killed.

A few thoughts though. When a bus breaks down, surely the driver would see everybody off the bus, then lock the door? And he disappeared without trace for the rest of the show.

I can accept that Kylie came in during the fracas without being overheard, but does she normally carry a massive wrench in her handbag?

Given all the shouting, I am surprised the Nazirs couldn't hear what was being said, and either call the police or at least knock on the door to see what was the matter.

And trust Dev to put on a different silly voice for each of his three lines.

Lorna said...

It was fantastic.

Amazing performances. Tina O'Brien in particular was outstanding.

Paula Lane and Jack P Shepherd were as great as ever.

Roy and Carla scenes were wonderful. I honestly forgot it was live! David Neilson and Alison King were sublime.

Melanie Hill was also fab as Cathy. Roy and Cathy scenes were lovely and I am so glad to see a happy exit for Lloyd and Andrea.

It could not have been better. The cast and crew should be so proud. This Corrie fan certainly is!

Laura said...

A few thoughts:

I loved the live version of the show...everyone acted great. However, I cannot get past the plot point that the police should have been called. I understand that two women would be nervous....but here is where the nightmare of Callum should have logically ended once and for all. He attacked Sarah....the evidence would prove this. Kylie saved Sarah's life....he's call the police!! End of. I just can't rationally believe they would go through all this trouble of moving and hiding the body etc etc.

Also...maybe a minor annoyance but the detail for Roy's birthday party was way over the top for something so last minute. The only thing missing from the Orient Express party was real train tracks! Little curtain rods on each table with curtains and background scenery paintings!

John McE was also right about the bus being locked!

On the other hand I loved the behind the scenes cameras and watching the making of it all. I found it more interesting than some of the silly storylines.

Tvor said...

I assumed that Kylie got the wrench from the building site/garage where Tony had been doing work, just outside of the door or perhaps It had been left inside in the front entryway for safekeeping.

Good point about the bus!

Anonymous said...

The garage had cleared ready for Tony to start work, my guess was that the wrench was somewhere in the sitting room with all the other stuff from the garage.

Lily Bigfield said...

Absolutely loved it. OK, it was predictable, but the acting was first rate. The young actors really nailed it with their performances. Loved the black humour too. Brilliant.

abbyk said...

3 days late (I'm on vacation), but my 2¢:

- he broke in, he was attacking Sarah, Kylie thought he was going to kill her, she defended her family in her own house, call the cops. Well acted, though'. Whats up with the Nazir's selective hearing?

- Loved Roy and Carla, as always. Like Cathy as a friend, but not as a romantic partner to Roy. Oh well, maybe when I'm the producer...

- I'll really miss Lloyd. Hope he comes back one day, even for a visit.

- Poor Craig.


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