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Tuesday 29 September 2015

What do you think of Corrie's Gemma Winter?

I'm a big fan of Coronation Street's Gemma Winter and have already written a blog post putting forward my reasons why I'd like to see more of her in the show.  You can read it here if you'd like to.

With Callum missing, Gemma endeared herself to me even more this week. Her vulnerability when she told Kylie she had nowhere else to go was touching.

However, not everyone is a Gemma fan and she's provoking some fierce reaction online.

What do you make of her?  Vote in our poll below.

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Anonymous said...

Cannot stand her.

Anonymous said...

It really depends where they take the character from this point on. Whether Callum scared her or not, she did help him do some sleazy things. But, characters like Tyrone and Beth were also very small, and annoying one note characters at one point too. So who knows. I guess it also depends on what Kate Oates will have planned as well. I think they need to work on making Sarah and Bethany more appealing first.

Anonymous said...

I think Sarah & Bethany need to go back to Italy. Obviously Sarah can't cope with the death/murder of Callum so before the whole thing blows apart she needs to leave. I'm not sure about Kylie & David, obviously soap law dictates that the crime needs to be punished - it would have been so much better if SB had used the manhole as a red herring, stuffed Callum's body in the boot of his car, have Tony & Todd drive away and set the car aflame without knowing Callum's body was in the back. Now that would have made for a great outcome. Nobody would have felt like the guilty party - that could have made for some interesting episodes - but now we are stuck with the same old, same old. They should change the name of Corrie St. to the Platt Family Saga or Misery Street.

Anonymous said...

When she first came on the scene I didn't like her, but that's undoubtedly due to the things her character did. But when she recently plopped herself down on the Platt's sofa and started talking while filling her face, I laughed out loud. That was funny enough to make me want to see more of her.

Anonymous said...

Gemma is a drug pusher's runner! She is a bad character, no redeemable features. I hope never to see her again, why on earth David let her push her way into his house is beyond me.

And I agree with the above, Sarah and Bethany need to go back to Milan and stay there this time.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I agree with many of the comments above. Gemma's OK as the light relief but that's all. She might be around for a year till Callum's body is discovered but I don't see a future for her character after that. Her only contact on the Street is Kylie and my guess is that David and Kylie will leave next year.

Given what Jack P Shepherd said in an interview about his Corrie future, I have a feeling the Platts will do a runner with Max and Lily. The manhole will explode under Gail's bed and Callum's corpse will pop up wrapped in a duvet. Both Jack PS and Paula Lane have opened drama schools so perhaps they'll want time to devote to that.

Tvor said...

Love her! Remember, Kylie and Becky were both that type of person in their younger days, into all sorts, and Kylie very likely did Callum's drug running too. Kylie and Becky both found ways and means to turn their lives around, Becky with Roy and Hayley's support and Kylie with David's and a bit with Becky's. Why can't she return the favour and support Gemma into a better life? Even if she doesn't stay with the show long term, I'd like to see her off knowing there's hope for her future.

Unknown said...

The sooner she leaves, the better. Loudmouthed, crude, pushy. Zero redeeming value as a character.


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