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Thursday 10 September 2015

Coronation Street Weds 9th September episode review

"She tortured you all this time? She let you believe you were responsible for Kal and Maddy?"
"Yeah, well that's Tracy Barlow, The bitch that keeps on giving"
Hello and welcome to yet another Wednesday review. I am sure the happenings in tonight's episode were a relief for all of us agitated viewers.

It's 8am and a panicky Michelle is banging on the door of Carla's apartment. Nick is trying to get in touch with her but to no avail. After much persistence, Carla opens the door and reluctantly lets them in. By the time we are back at the apartment, Carla has broken the still-raw news to Michelle and Nick that it was in fact Tracy who started the fire. I don't like it when this happens - a dramatic revelation happens outside of a scene.

Nick and Michelle instil it into Carla that she simply mustn't let Tracy get away with the fire  Michelle helpfully lists all the people who currently ostracise Carla and tells her this can't carry on. Having only the one bottle of wine and eye mask in the fridge, Carla takes her amigos to the pub.

Tracy has been keyed up all day. Terrified that she is about to be landed in hot water, she bluffs her way through the day and into the pub. All Tracy can do is drink. Unfortunately for her, she and Carla cross paths in the pub. Alya marches in confidently with Zeedan by her side to announce to that she has had a better offer and is therefore resigning from Underworld and will do everything in her power to prevent Underworld  from getting a contract ever again. This is, of course, out of spite because she still believes that Carla is responsible for her dad's death. This fuels Carla to publicly reveal the truth. Naturally, Tracy denies it. However, her attempts at bare face lying to Alya are scuppered when the police march into the pub and arrest her.
"It's a bit early in the day to be getting bladdered, isn't it?"
"When I want advice on appropriate behaviour from somebody that got up the duff at thirteen, I'll ask for it. Red wine. Large"

"I didn't start that fire...did I, Tracy?"

Eileen, Todd and Tony arrive at the hospital to collect Jason, who seems to recovering well from his attack. It looks as though the two brothers have made peace as Todd encourages his older brother to lean on him and helps him out of the hospital. Jason vows that whoever did this to him is going to get what is coming to them.

As the Grimshaws joyfully leave the hospital, the Dobbs-Brown-Stape clan arrive. However, rather oddly, this was the comic relief of the episode. An extremely well-meaning Roy insists on driving them to the hospital, reasoning that there was little point in hm passing his driving test if he cannot use his driving skills. However, Roy's disastrous parking skills cause the family to make a hasty exit from the car, politely insisting they do not need a lift back before giggling their way into the hospital.

"Well that were terrifying"
"At least it took my mind off the hospital appointment"

Elsewhere, Zeedan tries again to get through to Simon, in what is starting to become an interesting brotherly friendship. He and Leanne decide that sending him to stay with Peter in Antigua, hoping this will calm his menacing behaviour of late. Anna is anxiously awaiting the return of baby Miley, who has been on holiday with her other grandparents. Faye is also excited to see her daughter, but has also been rehearsing thoroughly for her audition for the school play. Weatherfield High is to stage a Nazi-ommiting production of The Sound of Music, in which Faye is hoping to play Maria. Now this is a storyline I am looking forward to.

However, Anna is suddenly landed with the news that the Hodges are not returning from the holiday. Josie flippantly tells Anna over the phone that they never intended to come back.
 This is something which is sure to have repercussions for the whole Windass family, especially young mother Faye, who didn't want her baby in the first place.

A rather light episode, but we can finally breath and say that Tracy Barlow has been arrested on suspicion of murder. She does not have to say anything but it may harm her defence if she does not mention when questioned something she later relies on in court. Anything she does say may be given in evidence.

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Anonymous said...

wonderful episode, however I have a hard time believing that the Hodges could take baby Miley to Canada - in order to pass customs she would need a passport which would require a birth certificate - which is in the name of Miley Windass which would then require the authorization of the birth mother to leave England & enter Canada - maybe I'm nitpicking but that is the way life is these days - so please Corrie - don't stretch the truth
J in Atlanta

Cobblestone said...

I just loved the fact that Wetherfield Police apparently know Tracy Barlow by sight!

Anonymous @ 00.23 : I expect the Hodges had authorisation from Faye since they were under the impression they'd gone for a holiday.

Anonymous said...

Even so, Cobblestone, English folk cannot just "decide" to stay in Canada. A very long and difficult process is required to move here, and they would have to go through a special agent when going through customs and immigration. That, coupled with a letter authorizing the Hodges to take Miley "on holiday" would set off all sorts of warning bells!

Cobblestone said...

Yes, I realise that. I was just making the point that the Hodges had gone with the Windasses full knowledge, rather than skipping the country. But of course emigration is far more complicated. I'd guess one of the parents would have needed dual nationality to expedite things so quickly - and we know the father hasn't because he used to work with Kevin in the garage ;)

vintgal003 said...

Great recap Jordan..including your captions...LOVE your last paragraph...haha...that is quite the mouthful!


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