Sunday, 20 September 2015

Coronation Street Live - Sneak Preview of Rehearsal Scenes

Dramatic new images have been released of rehearsals of some of the opening scenes of Coronation Street’s exciting live episode.

Behind the scenes photos show actors Sean Ward and Tina O’Brien rehearsing the thrilling fight scenes which will be aired in the first part of the episode on Wednesday September 23rd.

In tomorrow night’s episode (Monday 21st) viewers will see Sarah lure Callum to the Platt’s house by sending a message from Kylie’s phone, leading him to believe they are going to pay him the £20k he has demanded.

Wednesday’s Live episode will pick up at the point where Callum has arrived at the house and is furious to discover he has been duped.

A terrified Sarah is determined to put an end to Callum’s reign of terror and has hatched a plan to record his every word as evidence for the police. But when Callum realises what she is up to things take a sinister turn.

The fight scenes were choreographed during the rehearsals for the hour-long live episode and see a petrified Sarah trying to escape from the clutches of the desperate and furious drug dealer.

Is Callum about to take the ultimate revenge on the Platt family? Whatever the outcome of this shocking showdown lives on the street will never be the same again.

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vintgal003 said...

ummmm...can't wait....BUT..we Canadians WILL have to wait a bit longer to see the excitement than our UK friends unfortunately.....

Anonymous said...

It's ironic that Callum's 'reign of terror' against the Platts began because Sarah played her game of spite against David and didn't listen to her family's warnings but thinks SHE's the one who cans top him?!Callum would've been stopped a long time ago if Bethany didn't lie to give him an alibi for the assault on Jason.

Anonymous said...

Well after all the spoilers and the hype this live episode had better be good.
I'll just be glad to see the back of this loooong dragged out storyline. I don't care anymore, I just want it to be over.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually dreading it - I can't bear watching slack-jawed Callum or listening to his voice, so most of the episode will be muted for me.

David Aldis said...

I'm pretty sure that very early in the episode, Liz says something like "Where is Simon (Gregson)?", rather than "Where is Steve?"

David Aldis said...

I'm pretty sure that early on Liz asks where Simon (Gregson) is, rather than where Steve is.

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