Monday, 28 September 2015

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 28 September

Coronation Street at 7.30pm

THE PLATTS LIVE IN FEAR Nick and Bethany notice that Sarah’s stressed but put it down to her fearing that Callum may turn up at any moment. Sarah’s aghast when Callum’s mum Marion tracks her down to the Rovers, upset that her son is missing. Seeing Sarah’s distress, Marion takes her back to No.8. Kylie and David are horrified to have Marion in the house. As Marion talks fondly of Callum, David loses his rag reveals how he terrorised Audrey, drugged Sarah and let Max handle a gun. Will it be enough to get rid of Marion? And how will they react when Gemma suddenly barges into the Platts demanding to know where Callum is?
CATHY FOLLOWS HER ART INSTEAD OF HER HEAD Cathy’s delighted when Roy invites her to dine out with him. As Cathy gets dolled up to the nines for their first date, a self-conscious Roy waits in the Bistro.
Sophie’s shocked to see her mum so heartbroken by Tim’s reaction to her kiss with Kevin. As she wallows on the sofa at home, Rita firmly orders Sally to buck herself up and sort out the mess with Tim.
Yasmeen rails at the injustice of Tracy walking free after the fire and decides to go back to the police. Will she be able to convince them to re-visit the case against Tracy?

Coronation Street at 8.30pm
THE PLATTS TRY TO FOCUS ON THE FUTURE Gemma’s worried she’s not heard from Callum since his text last week, and fears Denton’s got him.Kylie, David and jittery Sarah play down his disappearance. Eager to get rid of her, Kylie slips out of the house with Callum’s phone to send Gemma a text. Sarah’s stunned when Gemma receives a text from Callum. As she calls Kylie sick for using a dead man’s phone, David promises to dispose of it. At the pub Billy clocks Sarah’s tension. Kylie’s sympathetic but implores Sarah to think of their kids and try harder to keep calm. Will Sarah comply?
After a few first date nerves Roy and Cathy relax in each other’s company. When Roy takes her back to the cafe for coffee, how will the evening end?
Pointing out that moping does her no favours, Rita forces Sally to get dressed and drags her to the Rovers to show Tim what he’s missing. Galvanised by Rita’s pep talk, Sally approaches Tim, with their wedding day fast approaching will he be able to forgive and forget?
After an encounter in the Bistro, Tracy’s rattled when Yasmeen vows not to rest until she gets justice for Kal.

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Anonymous said...

It is heart not art

Anonymous said...

It's a deliberate pun! Cathy went to look at the new art materials, but spilt paint on her new outfit so had to go home and change, which made her late for her date with Roy.

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