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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Secrets of the blue tarpaulin on the Coronation Street set

In the picture spoilers which we have on the website today, they show Max in danger of being run over by Nick's Bistro van.  You can view the pictures here.

Fans have been asking what the blue tarpaulin is that covers one of the houses on Coronation Street.

We have the answer!

In the previews for next week's Corrie (read them here) there are heavy hints that the tarp will be covering the Platt's garage. 

The previews say this: "Worn out after a sleepless night, David and Kylie suggest to Gail she should move out then Lily can have her own room.  At Sally's suggestion, Gail invites Tony round to No.8 to give them a quote for converting the garage into a granny-flat for her."

So there you have it. The blue tarp is covering the granny-flat addition to the Platt's house as they convert their garage into a granny-flat for Gail. And I bet she was really enjoying it in the box room too.

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BT Vision said...

Since when did the Platts have a garage? I dont remember seeing one before? How much would it cost to convert a garage into a living space with water, gas and electrics - the best part of £15k and where would Gail get the money from? Oh dont tell me its mates rates again. Dont forget writers you would need planning consent as well.

burnohbeard said...

There was always a garage there. Remember that's where Richard Hillman had the kids tied up in the car before they sped off to the canal!

Tvor said...

There's even a door to it hidden in the back of the kitchen

Anonymous said...

BT Vision .... what did you think that large door beside their front entrance was for?

Holly said...

Doesn't Gail have any money from selling the house to David? Or did she lose it all to Lewis?

Anonymous said...

if Gail has to move into the garage so Lilly can have her own room, where were Sara & Bethany staying while at David's??

Pootle5 said...

I wonder if the floor has been dug out... A big hole that someone might end up in... and if Tony has to fill it then it could tidy up the Callum problem. For a while... Maybe?!

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