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Sunday, 6 September 2015

First-look pics: Will Max be killed off in Coronation Street?

Here are some preview pictures of Coronation Street to be screened on Wednesday 16 September 2015.

When Callum slips into No.8 and starts hassling Kylie, Gail  sees red and chases him out of the house.

Spotting the commotion, David hurries over and tussles with Callum. 

Max screams at Callum that he hates him. Furious Callum makes a grab for Max, who runs into the path of Nick’s car.

Nick slams on the brakes, will he be able to avoid Max?

You can watch the video of this scene here.

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Anonymous said...

No doubt he'll be in the hospital, told he will never walk again. Then one day he'll just get up and head out into the woods. All will be well.

Catman said...

Good sarcasm. There's so many story-lines and I'm guessing, writing teams aren't always in harmony. Too large of a cast. How Sinead took off like the Road Runner was simply ridiculous, yet perversely comical. It was so stupid I laughed. When Nick recovered two years ago, it was a well thought-out scenario.

Louby said...

I'm more interested in finding out what the blue cover is on the Platt's garage. These"high drama" storylines have me reaching for the off button.

Laura said...

Apparently, they are renovating their garage into a living space for Gail.

BT Vison said...

How come Callum 'slips' into the Platt house? Why do they never ever shut or lock their doors, are they permanently on the catch? Until there is a drama of course like Leanne collapsing when they are locked tightly shut.

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