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Tuesday 15 September 2015

Spoilers for next week's #Corrielive on Coronation Street

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"A thrilling week of episodes will see lives changed forever on Coronation Street as secrets and lies are exposed and some of our most loved characters are pushed to the edge.

In a series of Corrie cliffhangers threats that were once empty now become a reality, while matters of the heart come to a head with far reaching consequences for a number of the street’s residents.

Callum Logan will stop at nothing to get what he wants and in a desperate bid to get sinister gang leader Denton off his back Callum wants cash, and he wants it from Kylie and David. The couple are living in fear as Callum blackmails them, come up with £20K and he’ll leave son Max alone and get out of their lives for good – otherwise he’ll hurt them. As they try to raise the money, a menacing Callum is doing everything he can to put the frighteners on the Platts. Pushed to the edge, there’s nowhere left to run for the Platts!

Jason meanwhile has also been on the receiving end of one of Callum’s beatings. He’s determined to seek revenge and is baying for Callum’s blood but it soon becomes clear that Jason’s in no physical state to carry out a revenge attack himself. Worried about the bitterness Jason is harbouring, dad Tony and brother Todd decide to take matters into their own hands. As they plot to hit Callum where it hurts, Tony and Todd both have a dark side to draw on but have they met their match in the evil Callum Logan?

With her wedding to Tim just around the corner Sally should be every inch the blushing bride. Instead Sally’s tormented by guilt following a forbidden kiss with ex husband Kevin. Sally knows she made a mistake and is desperate to ensure her wedding goes ahead. But daughter Sophie is in the know and it’s not long before neighbour Anna overhears the juicy gossip. Sally’s on a mission to keep her saucy secret hush hush but how will Tim react when the truth comes tumbling out? Will Tim be saying I don’t instead of I do?

Roy and Cathy’s friendship is now stronger than ever. But while she harbours ever growing feelings for her new companion, Roy is still battling his emotions after the loss of wife Hayley. As Cathy pulls out all the stops to celebrate Roy’s birthday will a surprise trip to Blackpool, a place with so many painful memories for Roy, tip him over the edge? And as Roy is confronted by echoes of the past will Cathy feel able to open up and voice her secret longing for a relationship with Roy?

Andrea’s secret is out, she’s having Lloyd’s baby and Lloyd couldn’t be happier. But as the couple prepare to head off into the sunset, to start a new life in Jersey, Steve is battling with the resentment he feels towards his former best mate and business partner. Not only did Lloyd let down his mum Liz to take Andrea back, he also can’t get his head round how Lloyd can trust Andrea after everything she’s done. Andrea and Michelle are desperate to bring the friends back together but as Lloyd’s farewell party approaches will they have to resort to dirty tactics to force the pair back together?

And as teen Craig awaits the arrival of holiday romance Caitlin, he’s a bag of nerves. Will Caitlin hold true to her promise to visit Craig on the street or will his dream date end in tears?

In the midst of this week of spectacular episodes Coronation Street will mark ITV’s 60th anniversary with an exciting live episode on Wednesday 23rd September. ITV are keeping exactly what happens under wraps, but one thing is for sure, lives will never be the same again!"

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vintgal003 said...

Can't wait....looks exciting!!

Anonymous said...

How ironic that Kylie is being pressured to come up with a large sum of money, after she returned the night of the tram crash to demand a large sum from Becky and Steve for Max...


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