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Tuesday 8 September 2015

Spoilers from Corrie producer Stuart Blackburn

In this week's Inside Soap magazine there's an interview with Coronation Street producer Stuart Blackburn.  He reveals a lot of spoilers and I'll do my best to summarise them all below. There are some corkers!

Stuart talks about the year he's had as Corrie producer and how the episodes covering Deirdre's death were his favourite to work on this year. He says, "They were episodes that I didn't want to make, no producer would, but I think they showed Corrie at its best."
He hopes that Chris Gascoyne, who plays Peter Barlow, will return to the show. "I would hope that it in the not too distant future that he'll be phoning up and saying he's ready for another stint."  Let's hope so.

On the Connor clan family members (read more on them here) Johnny Connor will come into the show. "He's nearly 60 but thinks he's 21. Back in the day everyone wanted to know him. But the life he had wasn't what it seemed and there will be shocks for his kids".

Asked why he is bringing back Sally Ann Matthews as Jenny Bradley (read that here), Stuart praises the actress. "When we see Jenny again she'll be utterly borken and will need help to rebuild bit by bit."

On the return of Rob Donovan (read that here) Stuart says it's going to start with a stray newspaper article about Underworld that Rob reads while in prison. "He's going to be the puppet master, playing with people's lives from within his cell, setting different people against each other. He's got a nasty, malicious edge to him. He's also going to be delivering news that will change somebody's life."

Christmas on the cobbles (read more here) will be happy for quite a lot of people. Stuart says that Tyrone goes all out to make Hope's Christmas memorable and if he can't go to Lapland then he will bring Lapland to Weatherfield for her.

On Mary's new man Brendan (read more here), Stuart says: "There is a big question about his suitability. A lot of people around her doubt him but she says they can bog off, she is finally happy! However, the possibility of heartbreak is very real".

On Carla leaving the show while Alison King takes a break (read more here), Stuart says the door is being left open for Alison to return. "She has said that she wants to take some time out but that her plan is to come back and we hope she will."

Will Roy and Cathy's friendship turn into something more? Read more on that here. Stuart says there will be a massive turning point for them in the live episode. "The only thing holding them back is being worried they will betray their dead spouses."

Aidan Connor will get a girlfriend soon. "Sarah catches his eye in the Rovers and Eva in the factory."

Audrey and Ken getting together (read more here) will be like "Ross and Rachel in Friends. There will be a lot of barriers and Audrey won't want to act on her feelings as she feels it's too soon after Deirdre's death. But when Cathy's sister Nessa arrives, she'll have no such qualms"

So, what do we think of these spoilers for the coming months?

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Cobblestone said...

I'm just very relieved to see the fabulous Sue Nicholls back in that pic of her & Ken in the smashed-up salon. I've been very worried about her long absence. I do think it's too soon for Ken to have another relationship but there's still scope for a story about Audrey battling her feelings for him. Just as long as it means a meaty storyline for her, which she's not had for far too long.

What I'm very curious about is how long this storyline has been on the slow burner. I don't think I'm alone in having noticed Audrey suddenly having a very close friendship with Ken that oddly predates the death of Ann Kirkbride. Had we not lost Diedre, I wonder if we'd have been presented with another love triangle?

Anonymous said...

Sarah in the rovers when Eva returns? I thought she was just a stoр gaр there and Eva would assume her rightful рlace - not stitching knickers again! John H

Catman said...

Eva as a sweat shop hag never worked before; let's hope it's not tried again. Lord Almighty! Ken & Audrey, between the two of them, over the decades have slept with half the UK. But, as our cobbles go, both deserve happiness. I'm very pleased with the considerate care devoted to the Roy and Cathy relationship. In real life, people face the issues of: "Am I cheating on a memory." The delicate situation is being handled wonderfully with pathos and laughter.
I believe that after the 'barge lady' affair, Ken stopped his straying ways. Afterall, Deidre was his one true love, and he finally put his ladies-man ego to rest. It was delightful how Blanche shot everybody her famous arrows. Now should Ken and Audrey unite, the comedy potential is limitless. With their two totally dysfunctional families, the hilarious lines would write themselves.

Anonymous said...

Agreed about joining the two most dysfunctional families, but isn't "sweat shop hag" just a tad derogatory?

Catman said...

I apologize. At times I fail in this age of political correctness. I meant that Eva looked glamour's compared to the blandness of the others in the factory. As a nearly seventy old, my chauvinist tendencies aren't always in check.

Catman said...

Darn it! I hope that I didn't just screw-up and make it worse. I mean well.

Anonymous said...

'sokay. Thanks for clarifying. Anonymous 17:59

Anonymous said...

Ken's loins again..ho hummm

Anonymous said...

Ken & Audrey together just might work - especially with their dysfunctional families in the background. What bothers me is Aidan & Eva - that won't work - Jason & Eva were gold together - put them back together and maybe let Aidan find somebody who isn't from the street - after all he seems to be the type of person that is out and about and wouldn't choose a female companion too close to home. Maybe let him date several women and enjoy himself. He certainly has the gift of charm. No need to be tied down to the street.
J in Atlanta


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