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Monday 21 September 2015

Coronation Street Live - Access All Areas

Coronation Street goes live and interactive from the cobbles on Wednesday 23rd September with a unique second screen experience.

Get your phones, tablets and laptops at the ready as for the first time in the show’s 55 year history the audience will be able to go behind the scenes LIVE as it’s happening, with an Access All Areas online stream, hosted by Stephen Mulhern.

Eleven hidden cameras have been rigged in and around the Media City based set, which will allow our viewers to see the cast and crew hard at work during the live episode.

Peek through No.8’s net curtains to see what trouble the Platts are in, peer over Sally’s fence to catch a glimpse of the drama unfolding and be a fly on the wall during Lloyd and Andrea’s leaving party in the Rovers.

The stream will broadcast live, so whilst viewers watch the action unfold on ITV, they will also be able to watch it being made simultaneously on Facebook and via their laptop, mobile or tablet.

Then as the main episode breaks for the adverts, Stephen Mulhern will commandeer Kevin Webster’s Lounge to take the socials by storm. Fans can interact directly via Facebook and Twitter to tell us how and where they’re watching the show and what they think of the dramatic events.

That’s not all! In a Coronation Street first, we’re allowing the audience to be a part of the action and see their choices reflected on screen.

Want to leave a message on the bar in the Rovers? Stephen can make that happen! One lucky viewer will get their Tweet or Facebook message written on the empty blackboard by the end of the episode!

Think you could pick the soundtrack to Lloyd and Andrea’s leaving party? Our Jukebox is yours to command - viewers can choose the music by playing along in our interactive poll on Facebook and Twitter.

After the episode, Stephen will then jump from the live stream to ITV2 where he’ll be rounding up the cast to get their reactions immediately after the live and answer fan questions via Twitter. This will transmit at 10pm.

The rehearsal period will be covered by Coronation Street’s Digital team, providing exclusive content on, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube with never-before-seen access throughout every stage of the rehearsal process.

Coronation Street Live: Access All Areas starts straight after Emmerdale on Wednesday 23rd September


(It's unlikely that the video streaming will be available outside the UK)

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Cobblestone said...

I really don't get this new fad at all. It's on a par with continuity announcers asking people to text in or tweet comments about an up-coming programme whist viewing it, instead of putting their phone away and just watching it! Watching drama demands the viewer engages in what Coleridge famously described as "the willing suspension of disbelief" - in other words, even though you know it's just pretend, you make a conscious effort to believe in the reality of these characters and their actions for the duration of the performance. When the Live begins on Wednesday, I want to close the door, turn off my phone & immerse myself in the unfolding drama. I certainly don't want to keep flipping to my iPhone to see Sally Webster instantly transform into Sally Dynevor the moment she walks off the set. Don't misunderstand me: as an actor myself, I'll find the behind-the-scenes material fascinating, especially during such a big live event, but I would want to watch it AFTER the episode, not during. I've watched plays from the wings of theatres and it's very entertaining, but it's a very different thing from watching it first from the stalls. Do we want to watch the play or watch the performance?
If they were broadcasting the backstage stuff on a TVs channel, I would record it & watch it later. But I assume I can't do that with a live stream - or can it be accessed online after the event? Does anyone know?

Nikki NZ said...

Must say, it all sounds a bit too trippy for me! Can't watch live anyway, but good luck!

John McE said...

I think I'll pass. If it were available to be watched at another time I'd probably have a look, but not at the detriment of watching the actual episode.

Anonymous said...

For goodness sake! I really can't be bothered, I'll be concentrating on the live action and my iPad will defiantly be off.
Couldn't this be shown after the episode? It will be far more interesting then.

Anonymous said...

I think we may have a generation gap situation brewing here. It also points up the difference in attitude to "multi-tasking" and to concentration and focus, between old and young. In this instance there's also the factor of suspension of disbelief, which, lately, is already difficult, with the various implausible storylines and characters. It may be an interesting experiment, but I doubt that it will be successful and repeated.

Anonymous said...

I would say suspend disbelief in this case too. You never know, it might turn out to be a huge success. Who knows what the future holds? Body cams for all actors all the time. Imagine the thrill for the actors too, never being off camera ever!

Cobblestone said...

That's not a thrill for an actor, it's an encumbrance; an unnecessary distraction. I can't imagine there's been much enthusiasm among the cast for this. The whole Live will be stressful enough without being able to relax between scenes. It may have contributed to the anti-Blackburn feeling.

Anonymous said...


Rory said...

'Don't forget, everyone can watch the live stream here on Facebook as it happens - you'll get a special behind-the-scenes look at the live episode! We'll be sharing viewing times for around the world later today'
Quote from the Corrie Facebook page - just thought I'd leave it here.

Steven said...

No thanks ITV. I'll just watch the episode and enjoy it thank you.


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