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Thursday 10 September 2015

Coronation Street Episode Review, Thursday 10th September

So this week's big news is, of course, the showdown between Carla and Tracy and the latter's arrest. Whilst I’m glad that Tracy has 'fessed up, the whole point seems moot. Kal went into the burning flat to save Leanne (and Amy) of his own volition; he chose to do that, he was surely aware of the dangers. Maddie bobbed under a police line to get to Sophie to tell her about Jenny Bradley's deceit. To blame Carla or Tracy seems to be an attempt to find a scapegoat for Kal and Maddie's foolhardy actions. Anyway, I reckon the real villain is Sinead who made the candles in the first place - I bet everyone else threw them away after the fire, apart from Sally, who'd already chucked out hers because it didn't match the pouffe.

Then again, Carla has got away with other misdeeds - the corporate manslaughter of Polish seamstress Kasia, and knocking down St Ella of the Backroom whilst driving under the influence. Maybe Carla's tortured, self-destructive guilt over the last few months has included ruminating on these unpunished crimes. Tracy, meanwhile, is not leaving the cast so it looks like she will get away with murder (manslaughter), again. She knows how to play the game, repeating "No witnesses, no evidence" to the police and Robert, looking a little worried and grey under his "Around Midnight" shade of Just For Men, has already started her defence, claiming to Ken that Tracyluv only confessed in order to stop Carla from killing herself. "Tracey's not a monster," he says, almost believing it.

Weatherfield's police are negligent, but the social services department are not fit for purpose. Shouldn't they have overseen the Hodges' adoption of Miley? Faye talks about Miley living in Canada as if she's discussing a distant cousin. She is more interested in what Mrs Reynolds will say if she's late back to school, and being rude about Canada's national dish with Craig.

There is an episode theme of people doing things for alternative reasons. Faye wants "what's best" for Miley, but really it seems to come as a relief that she can now get on with her life. Nick seems to have phoned the police so that justice can be done, but in actuality, he wants everyone to know that Carla is innocent, so that she will return to normal and he will get his girlfriend back. Tim, too, thinks he knows what's best for Miley and Faye, but he is trying to make up for his early abandonment of his daughter. In a poignant scene, Joe Duttine shows that he can do much more than comedy, as he sadly asks: "Why should a lousy dad get to be a granddad?"

The family Brown-Dobbs celebrate Ruby's third birthday with a cake and Fiz singing down the phone. At the hospital, I was pleased to see the paediatric nurse from yesterday in the background a.k.a. my Mancunian mate Marcy, who has previously been seen as an extra supping tea in Roy's Rolls.

Finally, Jason is not interested in the latest Street gossip (which is not surprising since it came in a rather misinformed manner from Kirk, who thinks it's all about a pepperoni pizza), and makes it clear that his priority is getting revenge on Callum, even if it makes his mum "unproud".

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Nick (Manchester) said...

Not trying to grovel but boy what a fantastic review. I happen to totally agree with *EVERYTHING* you said, virtually word for word - what you say about Faye/Tim/Anna/Miley (hardly a role model name either!) and certainly the Carla stuff and Tracy. The Carla storylines of dispair, a gambling addiction which she will probably be over as soon as Tracy admits her guilt (or seemingly has done already) which is a disappointment as gambling addiction is very real and dabilitating (I was a compulsive gambler for *years* until I was lucky enough to knock it on the head completely) so it was a good story with a seemingly disappointing ending, although to be fair, we'll see how it goes in the next few weeks. Hopefully they're still not done with it.

Anonymous said...

I really loved the show this week, but was disheartened to see Robert come up with excuses about Tracy for Ken - really??? He was the one that pushed Tracyluv to tell Carla the truth and now he's providing her with a way out?? makes no sense. And by the way the chips, cheese & sauce are called "poutine", only served in Quebec where only half the population speak French and we only use snow tires about 3 or 4 months of the year. If the Hodges moved to Canada permanently they probably moved to Ontario or further west as neither one of them speak French and even then I find it hard to believe that they could emigrate that easily and quickly. Just another stretch of the believable from Corrie.

Anonymous said...

*ahem* Speaking as an ex-Quebecer now living in Toronto, poutine is very popular across Canada.

~JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

Oops, sorry I didn't realize that you can get poutine in Ontario - so how about Montreal smoked meat or St Viater bagels?? I know everytime we go home we stock up on bagels to bring back to Atl and when we visit friends in Ontario we have to take a smoked meat brisket. Sounds crazy but I also miss mock chicken - not healthy but reminds me of my childhood. Ahh the finer things in life.
JP in Atlanta

Anonymous said...

Centre Deli is a good place for smoked meat (although nothing will be as good as Mtl). We apparently have a place here that makes bagels equal to St-Viateur and/or Fairmont. Haven't tried it yet. We stock up when we go back to Montreal too. :-)

~ JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

obviously you are a true montrealer - I'm glad that you can find the comforts of home even in Ontario - we are living in Atlanta,Ga now so we can only indulge ourselves about once or twice a year when we go home to visit. Still, we love our Corrie even if they do stretch the obvious every once in a while. Lucky you for being able to watch Corrie on CBC - I have a devil of a time watching the latest episodes on YouTube with ITV copyright issues, etc. is good but about 2 weeks behind so I have to rely on Corrie blog page to keep up the latest. Actually sometimes the Corrie blog page is more entertaining than the actual episode.
Keep Calm & Carry On.
PS - if you are ever in the west island of Montreal check out the Bramble House in Valois Bay, Pointe Claire - they have a great selection of Corrie memorabilia and other brit goodies.

abbyk said...

While we're at it, thanks to the French Canadian workers who came to work in the New England mills and their descendants, you can also get poutine and tourtiere in New Hampshire. Mmmmm.

I don't think the Border Patrol in Real Canada would allow Miley in without proper documentation from her mother. They won't let you bring in an orange. Corrie Canada, different story. Of course, the Hodges could have easily afforded fake documents. *le sigh*

***HA HA HA*** my Captcha was find the French Fries.

Anonymous said...

when did this blog become canadian

Anonymous said...

What wound me up was that none the people who blamed Carla even had the decency to apologise! I'll give them a few weeks, but if they don't whatsoever then that's just horrid! Ok, so Sharif sort of did.....but Leanne especially was treating Carla as if she'd STILL done it!

Glenda Young said...

Anonymous said: "when did this blog become canadian"

Not just Canadian? This blog is international :-)

Rachel Stevenson said...

Thanks for the comments! I did wonder if Perrie Balthazar was doing a shout out to the Canadian fans with the Canada commentary, although I agree, it's stretching credibility to have the family just move there without the requisite paperwork.

BTW, when the nurse isn't looking after sick children, she runs a tea bar at Levenshulme market and online.

John McE said...

The about turn from Robert makes Corrie look like it's written like the game of Consequences! For several weeks he's been outraged at Tracie's deception, even though he never met either of the victims. Then the moment Tracie is taken away by the police, he is defending her and lying to Ken. Ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

sorry for turning this blog into a Canadian blog - but it really is nice to realize that even people in Canada & the US are true diehard corrie fans!! So much so that we actually follow the UK Corrie blog even when we can't access a lot of the videos online. We still keep watching & loving the show. Poutine, tortiere, french are just a small part of our shared heritage. Imagine if you visited a city in Canada and were able to buy steak & kidney pie from Marks & Spencer (marks & sparks), wouldn't that put a smile on your face? It is the same for us Canadians. By the way, McDonald's in Montreal actually serves poutine.

Francine Richert said...

The Corrie cast come to Nova Scotia a lot where we have poutine (even in McDonald's) and snow tires are often used from October/November to April/May so the writers had those parts correct. It's a huge country consisting of more than Quebec and Ontario. We even have smoked meat. The paperwork is a different story though. If there was no formal adoption I'm not sure how they could just take Mikey to live in another country.

Anonymous said...

Poutine is NOT just an east coast staple - you can get all across Canada - there are even cafes and food trucks dedicated to it in Vancouver.
As to 'turning this into a Canadian' blog..personally I thought it was open to anyone who loves and celebrates matter where you live.
I have watched Corrie for over 30 years, and yes, I live in Canada. I enjoy reading this blog, however I find comments like that disrespectful of other Corrie fans.
We read this blog to celebrate corrie..not to attack / dismiss other fans

Christine in Vancouver

Tvor said...

We welcome all here on this blog. And it *is* fun when you're a fan from another country and you see or hear a reference to your home base on the show. Rita used to have a Canadian flag sticker on the till and Jim McDonald always wore a beat up shirt depicting the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team that the actor picked up here in Canada.

It's easy to be a Corrie fan in Canada. I applaud the fans in America who persist and do whatever they can to watch the show. If Hulu is 2 weeks behind, you're pretty much in line with CBC in Canada though by the end of these extra episodes, we'll be closer to three weeks behind.

Anonymous said...

Poutine is not Canada's national dish--butter tarts are! ;-)

Cobblestone said...

I for one love the opportunities for sharing cultures that the participation of our Canadian and U.S. cousins (and those of other nationalities) brings. I know many of them are fascinated by the little quirks of Northern English life, and I certainly appreciate insights into, for example, poutine, which is never heard of until our contributors explained Faye's reference. I quite fancy trying it now.

Cobblestone said...

John McE - I'd say Robert has been consistent. He wanted Carla to be put out of her misery, to know she need not carry the burden of guilt; he didn't want Tracy in prison. He's the one person who's come out of this getting exactly what he wanted.


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