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Monday 14 September 2015

Coronation Street Double Episode Review 14 September 2015

There’s an air of menace on the cobbles tonight, contributors being Callum and Tony and Callum’s two henchmen. Callum sees Tony in the pub and asks, ‘Where’s Jason? In the van with his pop and crisps?’  Tony warns Callum – ‘Keep looking over your shoulder son.’  

In the caf√©, Kylie gave Callum a fantastic slap  on his face, which was still red and clearly painful a little later. Callum runs through what the family’s total assets are. There is the Bistro, he points out, Audrey’s hair salon and the house the Platts live in, which could fetch £95,000. He well deserved that slap.  Kylie is clearly pent up, knowing only too well of what Callum is capable. She tries to get Bethany to retract her alibi statement, but Callum is watching the two of them talk and so Bethany decides she can’t do that, despite the fact that her family is in real danger. Callum’s hanging around and the threat they are under and the impossibility of getting together £20,000, results in David going on Max’s school trip and staying close by Max’s side the whole time.

As Callum whiles away his time in the pub, over at the salon Audrey is dealing with the 2 thugs he sent round to frighten her. And frighten her they did. Luckily Ken was passing by and heard the commotion. No doubt about it though, Audrey was frightened. Later, round at the Platts Audrey challenges Gail who says it’s all going to be fine. ‘It’s all going to be fine! How can it be fine when there’s no way of stopping him?’

Sarah has thrown Callum out of the pub after the comment that if Bethany has a child Sarah will be a grandmother at 29. Seeing Kylie he tells her, ‘All these years and you still haven’t learnt. I always get what I want.’

Andrea’s pregnancy is weighing heavily on Lloyd’s mind. As he says to Steve in the cab office, ‘I didn’t sleep a wink.’ He goes on, ‘My one weak spot and she zooms right in. Bam!’

Steve tells Lloyd that he is a man with choices. ‘I’ll teach you every trick in the book,’ he adds.  Back in The Rovers Steve is told that no one is answering the phone in the cab office. Off he goes to find Andrea and Lloyd in an embrace. Steve is annoyed – his mum has just booked a week’s holiday for her and Lloyd.

The scene in which Andrea turned up to see Lloyd and told him that she wanted him back, was excellently executed. Both actors conveyed such strong emotions and it was utterly convincing. ‘Tell me you don’t love me,’ challenges Andrea.

Lloyd arrives in the pub to tell Liz about the baby and Andrea. She asks if he loves Andrea and noticeably, Lloyd doesn’t answer. He evades the question. Liz is annoyed when she discovers that Steve knew and also Michelle, Eileen, Michael, Dev and Mary.

It’s hard to not to feel sorry for Liz, after Tony and mad Dan. She was enjoying herself with Lloyd and as she says, he’s decent. You can’t argue with that conclusion. But Liz understands. A baby does change everything. It is Lloyd’s wish to have a child that he can bring up and be there for as a full time dad. Liz can’t compete with that.  She does though say a very decent thing. To Lloyd and Andrea she says, ‘I hope you will both be very happy.’

Jamie bursts into the Bistro and it seems he is an ex of Steph. Is there a good, solid storyline coming her way? And her brother Luke too? It would be great to see this brother and sister have an exciting storyline.

And maybe the relationship between Cathy and Roy will go to the next level. We know that Hayley would give them her blessing as she would agree to whatever makes Roy happy. As would we.

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Sevin said...

Please lets have no more characters bursting into song constantly. Its not real. Its not funny. We get it, they think they're good singers but they're not. Ha ha. Now lets stop it. Coronation Street knows how to write good humour but mixed with real life and tragedy. This does not qualify.

Anyway, as much as I don't feel any fear when I watch Callum I did find him having a go at Cathy's nephew a bit chilling. Interesting touch that he didn't look the guy in the eye. I'm not sure if that was a subtle way of hinting at something in Callum's personality. Maybe he knew he was having a go at someone with downs syndrome and felt bad but did it to enforce his reputation. Or maybe I'm looking into a one dimensional character a bit too deep.

Also this having everyone involved in Callum's scenes thing has the feel of a potential whodunnit murder style story.

Pootle5 said...

I'm really sick of anything Callum related. It's become too EastEnders for me. After almost 40yrs I've never felt so inclined to switch off.

Anonymous said...

What unfortunate, super crappy law services, not to mention -- Lack of plain common sense currently on Coronation street.
I believe Max's school would have been informed long ago that the Callum thug/ danger druggy dad, is not to be near him without notification and Why oh Why would he be welcome to prance into the bistro or the pub and be mister OOH I'M SCARY and SO CUTE at the SAME TIME.. what in heck kind of world is coronation street trying to be? Not anywhere near a real one anymore, that's for sure.
Ratings Shmatings. Poo poo. I am currently watching a surreal world of ninkompoops being self destructive and damaging to society. Lately, I'm finding better things to do with my time and caring less and less about the less and less that's being offered. There is a sweet and gentle world out there / and p.s. ... it's not inside the fragile Tim and Sally bubble that's ready to burst or the Roy and Cathy + new nephew way too soon storyline.
Also, from what I can see in the promo pic, it's 3 against 1. The two femmes are pretty dangerous and if I were Callum I'd be running. .. Oh Corrie, where art thou? Come back... I'll be waiting, but not really watching.

Pootle5 said...

Agree totally with Anon above. I really dislike Jason's personality transplant too - leave the revenge to Tony and don't drag down one of the last remaining decent characters.
The whole car racing thing was boring filler - well they have to fill time to pump out these pointless extra episodes...
ITV is quickly killing this particular goose...

Anonymous said...

I had to wizz past scenes with Callum in last night - I cannot bear his voice any more and his face actually makes my skin crawl.

Only too about ten minutes to watch both episodes.

Corrie, sort it out sharpish, get rid of the faux gangsta PDQ. His pals were very poor thugs too.

Abercrombie said...

These current ridiculous storylines stretch credibility way too far. Why, oh why do the PTB not explore credible scenarios with social workers involved with Faye and Miley, also Max and his drug dealer father, especially following on from dealings in the courts. Any scenes involving the police depict the constabulary as utter nincompoops presumably in order to fit an uncompelling, idiotic, endless and mind numbing story.
I agree with everything that Anon 04.17 wrote. I cannot believe that the writing team and producer seem, of late, unable to consider making their stories fit with common sense; it is all about sensationalism. ITV's constant dribble (drivel)of 'sensational' spoilers which repeat themselves, reach out to the less discerning viewer. Since I have followed this blog, I am constantly reminded that the Corrie stalwart is intelligent, discriminating and caring. We know what life is and Corrie could explore important themes with a greater awareness that the loyal followers want more than episode after episode of unbelievable, and often, repellent tripe.


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