Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Vote for your favourite all-time Corrie males!

Now then, over the last three years, I've conducted different polls - from fave characters and couples to fave accessories, moments, double acts etc. 

The response has been great every time and I think it's time for another one. This time, it's a poll asking for your favourite all-time Corrie males.

The poll contains 30 Corrie males from 1960 to the present day. You can vote for as many as you like plus you can enter your own names.

The poll will be open for a few weeks and then I'll count the votes and eliminate the bottom 5. I'll then do another poll and you can vote for two out of those 25. That poll will also be open for a few weeks. Then we'll do a top 25 countdown.

Hope that's not too complicated! If you know of a better method, leave comments below.

Don't worry, a female counterpart poll will follow in the next few weeks/months.

So here we go! Have fun voting!

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ruth owen said...

Great idea. Voted.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, agree with Ruth, great idea! I've just voted for the one and only St Roy of the Rolls, although Eddie Yeats, Tim Metcalfe and Steve Macdonald deserve honourable mentions. But no Lloyd or Jack Walker? Guess these are 'others' - you had to draw the line somewhere, Llifon! Can we vote more than once?

Dolly Tubb said...

Oops, sorry, just re-read the post, I can vote as many times as I want!

Anonymous said...

I voted for about half a dozen and also added Danny Baldwin - I thought he was great!

David the Wavid said...

Voted for my top ten men - Albert, Alec, Curly, Mike, Ken, Len, Fred Elliott, Eddie, Alf and Jerry.

Tvor said...

Lovely! But I've had to write in Lloyd!

Anonymous said...

And how about Lewis Archer?

abbyk said...

Picked a few but had to write in Tyrone and Jason. Two long term lovables who are always there for their friends.

Anonymous said...

Fred Elliot

maggie muggins said...

Ooh, what fun! I added Ian Davenport, the fiend.

Oh, we can't vote more than once, Dolly Tubb. Tried to add Lloyd, Tyrone and Jason after I voted, but too late. I'm sure others will add them.

Anonymous said...

Maggie, you can vote as many times as you like, I've had about four goes up to now. You have to come out of it and go back on the page.

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