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Friday 25 September 2015

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 25 Sep

Friday 25th September at 7.30pm

LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AT THE PLATTS AFTER THE EVENTS OF THE NIGHT BEFORE David gets Jason to halt the building work in the garage for the day, and borrows Nick’s van to dispose of Callum’s body. Meanwhile Sarah bumps into Billy on the street. Seeing she’s badly upset about something, Billy invites her for a coffee but David intervenes and drags her away. Terrified she will crack and give them away, David lies that he’s already disposed of Callum in the canal and removed all evidence from No.8. But will they be able to get the body out of the manhole without their horrible secret being uncovered?

TIM TRIES TO COME TO TERMS WITH SALLY’S BETRAYAL Sally hasn’t slept for crying. Sophie suggests she’ll need to grovel to win back Tim. But when Sally spots Anna giving Tim a friendly hug on the doorstep Sally’s crestfallen, believing they spent the night together. Raging Sally confronts Anna.

CATHY AND ROY AGREE TO TAKE THINGS SLOWLY As the couple begin their courtship they decide Cathy will move back to her house to avoid any impropriety.

ELSEWHERE Hung-over Steve feels guilty for missing Lloyd’s send-off. He and Michelle are delighted when Lloyd and Andrea return so that Lloyd and Steve can spend the day together.

Friday 25th September at 8.30pm

TERROR REIGNS AT THE PLATTS Frightened that brittle Sarah could crack in front of Gail, David persuades his mum to go and stay with Stephen in Milan, on the pretext of avoiding the disruption of the garage conversion. But Kylie and David’s relief soon evaporates when DS Tyler calls round, explaining that Callum’s car has been found burnt out. As he asks questions about when they last saw Callum will they be able to contain their guilt?

CAN TIM FORGIVE KEVIN FOR HIS KISS WITH SALLY OR IS THEIR FRIENDSHIP OVER? Tim and Kevin make up over a pint. Sally’s furious that Tim’s forgiven Kevin but is punishing her. She’s crushed when Tim announces that the wedding is off. Anna tries to persuade Tim not to give up on Sally, pointing out that he loves her. Will Tim have a change of heart?

STEVE AND LLOYD REMINISCE ABOUT THE GOOD OLD TIMES Steve and Lloyd decamp to the cab office to reminisce about the good times they’ve shared before bidding an emotional farewell.

ELSEWHERE Worried Roy asks Carla for some tips on dating.

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Anonymous said...

Er, hello, Tim's forgiven Kevin but is punishing Sally??? Eh?? I'm having deja vu, this is exactly the same as Michael and Gail!

Anonymous said...

So, why was it Sarah called Callum and went back to the house? I missed that part.

Anonymous said...

So I'm guessing the Platts will do the garage remodel and leave Callum's body under the floor, probably with some freshly poured concrete on top maybe?

Now where have I heard this before?

Whatever, just happy Callum's off the canvas.

Simone Subversive said...

Speaking as someone who relatively new to Corrie (began watching around when Gary returned from the military) Anna and Tim should definitely get together (Sally makes me cringe).

Pootle5 said...

What I'm most annoyed about is this must limit Kylie's future - I'd hoped to see her with David for years. What is it with the annual murders in Corrie? Getting really sick of this strain of storyline. However the dark comedy of the failed attempts to move the body was played out well, it did make me laugh! And Lloyd's departure was touching and realistic.

Pootle5 said...

Oh, and this had better only be a blip for Sally and Tim, it's one of Blackburn's better decisions imo to get them together - they're the modern Hilda and Stan for me. Great to see Carla back on form and close to Roy, they work so well together as proved in the live episode.


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