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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Corrie weekly awards for Aug. 31 - Sept. 4

An abbreviated version this week as I didn't catch Friday's episodes and I'll be on holiday for a few weeks so you'll have to do without the awards for a bit.

Cute Quota for the week: Hope with her face painted. On come on, she *did* look 7 shades of cute!!!

Blushing Bride award: Sally's red faced in her wedding dress, not from a blush but from the effort to get out of the dress!

Friends with Benefits award: Now that Liz and Lloyd can agree that they aren't in it for a proper relationship, I think they're going to be in it for a bit of fun.

Gift Horse award: Kevin hated the bracelet Tim gave him. It was rather ugly.

Plot Device award: Nick left his wallet at Carla's and it's full of credit cards. Carla has a gambling habit. Do the Maths!

Doormat Award: Nick. Forgives Carla for stealing his money.

Lines of the week: Aidan to Tim "You're a window cleaner, right?" Sally "He's a Window Enhancement Executive" (Bwahahaha)
Gail about the shop from which Sally bought her dress "I bought one of mine there" (I bet she doesn't remember which one!)
 Kevin "I'm a mechanic, I'm not a ladies' flamin' maid!"
Tracy "Whoever started the fire, it was an accident anyway" (she's cracking)
Liz "A girl is entitled to feed her cravings every now and then"

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BT Vision said...

Wrap it up now award: This Carla and her self destruct button has been dragged on for far too long now, with Nick and Michelle playing the concerned parents with a wayward child, and she is now just becoming an irritant which is a shame as Carla is usually a great character.

Physic award: Robert just after seeing Tracy pull a few faces suddenly knows that she broke into Carla's and lit those candles. A marvellous gift you have there Mr Chef!!

Nikki NZ said...

Sally to Tim: "Hasta manana (rhymes with banana😃). It's Italian".
There are not enough words to describe how much I love Sally & Tim together.

Anonymous said...

Triangle with a dull edge award.For someone who claims he cannot 'betray his best friend',Kevin always seems to be at Sally's house for the most contrived reasons,the latest being to help Sally out of her wedding dress?!Why wasn't she supporting her daughter at the raffle in Maddie's memory.More and more I'm convinced the writers don't know what to do with Kevin.

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