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Sunday, 13 September 2015

Anna overhears Sally's juicy gossip - first-look pics

Here's a couple of sneak preview pictures from Coronation Street to be shown on Monday 21st September 2015.

Can Sally convince Sophie to keep schtum about her mum kissing Kevin?

In the Nazirs’ garden next-door, eavesdropping Anna is thrilled by the juicy gossip.

You can watch a video of this scene here.

Sophie says to Sally: "You're going on about Anna and how common she is, but she's not the one who's going around kissing her ex-husband, is she?"

The look on Anna's face is priceless.  Will she do anything about the information she overhears and ruin Sally's big day? I wonder...
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Anonymous said...

Why do people on that Street confuse one kiss with infidelity? It was a mistake; Sally and Kevin should have swept it under the carpet and moved on, never discussing it again. Chesney threw away his relationship with Katie (although to be fair, she was probably the only person in the whole of the British Isles duller than he was) because she kissed Ryan. Much ado about nowt.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous [6;54]I think the reason the kiss is such a big deal as this is not the first time Kevin betrayed his so called best friend and I think he gave Sally mixed signals by always coming to the house whenever he wanted regardless if Tim was home or not.
As for Katy she did more than kiss Ryan,they were 'making out'in Gary's van.

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