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Thursday 10 September 2015

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Thurs 10 Sep

Thursday 10th September
TRACY IS FORCED TO FACE THE TRUTH As Tracy’s bundled out of the pub it becomes clear who called the police. Ken watches horrified and Amy screams as her mother is driven away. Tracy’s interviewed by the police but she refuses to answer their questions and remains adamant she had nothing to do with the fire. In the bistro, Carla tells Nick she just wants her life to get back to normal. Carla thanks Nick for standing by her even when she was at her lowest ebb but reckons that Tracy will walk free as there’s no supporting evidence. As Tracy cries alone in a police cell, will she be charged?
TIM AND ANNA REEL FROM A BOMBSHELL Anna and Tim break the news to Faye that the Hodges have taken Miley to live in Canada but they’re shocked by Faye’s apparent disinterest. Anna’s upset whilst Tim’s devastated and blames himself for supporting the Hodges at the outset. But what is Faye’s true feeling about Miley’s move overseas?
TYRONE AND FIZ PULL TOGETHER IN A CRISIS Tyrone heads home with Roy leaving Fiz to look after Hope in the hospital. Roy and Tyrone celebrate Ruby’s birthday and from the hospital, Fiz sings Happy Birthday over the phone.
ELSEWHERE As the news of Tracy’s arrest sinks in, Leanne, Sharif and Zeedan try to make sense of what’s happened. As Eileen fusses over him, Jason confides in Todd that he intends to find Callum and have his revenge.

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Anonymous said...

Todd seems to be into revenge. Maybe he'll get Callum for Jason and spare him the jail time.

Anonymous said...

I'd like Alya to say she is sorry to Carla in 1000 different ways. Certainly her grandparents raised her better then the spoiled, petulant child she's been lately. And we all thought Z was the problem child in that family.

abbyk said...

I'd like Alya to apologize as well, but even more, I'd like Carla to slam the door in her face. When you've been with the company for less than a year and work hand in hand with the owner, and then drop a bomb like I got a job with your client (who, btw, you met on company time), and you're never going to see another penny of business from them, that's called burning bridges. You don't get to do that in the world of work and expect any favors later. No way in the real world would she ever be allowed back. No way would the old Carla who hid the death of her Polish worker even consider it. Then again,...

Anonymous said...

Alya won't be the only one who owes Alya an apology,the whole Street does and unfortunately I doubt she'll get one form everyone.
Poor Ken,people will wonder now if he knew all along?

Anonymous said...

Oops,I meant to say that everyone owes Carla an apology!
I also wonder if the Miley 'kidnapping' storyline was the rumored exit storyline for Tina who apparently with Rita's help was going to run off with little Jake but the writers not wanting Rita to be the villain opted for this kidnapping storyline instead?


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