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Saturday 5 September 2015

Coronation Street weekly update - sitting soft with Sally

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Sally and Tim set the date of their wedding for October 5 which fair puts the wind up Tim’s window cleaning round. How’s he going to afford a posh do and a honeymoon on his Window Enhancement Executive wages? Sally pretends she wants the full wedding works before coming clean and telling Tim all she wants is him.  She buys a wedding frock in town and can’t wait to try it on again at home. Zipped up in her frock and unable to get out of it when the zip sticks, Kev comes knocking at the door. He ends up helping his ex-wife out of her wedding dress just in time for daughter Sophie to enter the room to find her dad ripping the frock off her mum.
Maddie’s memorial auction takes place in the Bistro and a signed picture of Lorraine Kelly goes for a small fortune. Carla gets falling-down drunk in merlot meltdown and has to be helped home. The horror of the guilt, thinking she caused two people to die in the fire, is proving too much to bear.  I’ve empathised for weeks with the woman but there’s a point, you know, at which you just want to shout at her and tell her to pull herself together.  Especially when she nicks Nick’s credit card and starts gambling away his money. Even Michelle’s exasperated and tells her friend to call a counsellor for help.  Meanwhile, Tracy starts to show chinks in her armour and Robert manages to get a confession out of her about accidentally setting fire to Victoria Court. He tells her she must tell Carla the truth - but that’s step too far for Tracy for now.
Heartbreak story of the week is little Hope being diagnosed with stomach cancer.  I was stoic about this storyline until Fiz broke the news to Roy. That’s when the tears welled up and the lump in the throat came.  With Cathy’s help, Roy determines to be supportive to Fiz and Tyrone as they go through their nightmare and pops round to read Goldilocks to Hope and Ruby. He does point out however that it is a tale of dubious morality and Goldilocks is a burglar. 

Lloyd and Liz aren’t love’s young dream but they’re good fun to watch. Steve thinks Lloyd is into his mum and encourages him to take her somewhere nice so off to the Bistro they go. The only problem is that Lloyd doesn’t want a relationship, and neither does Liz. They skirt around the issue for a bit over their starters at the Bistro, mull it over during the main course and then skip back to bed for dessert.   Andrea returns and finds out Lloyd’s been sleeping with Liz and she gets a bit upset and all that but to be honest I’ve never liked Andrea and I don’t really care.

It’s Kev’s 50th birthday this week and Sally throws a surprise party, sitting soft. Tim buys Kev a bracelet which Kev doesn’t like and their bromance thing starts to feel a bit forced.  Little Jack starts his first day at Bessie Street School. Speaking of which, Amy also starts her first day at Weatherfield High.

And finally this week, the tension between Simon and Leanne escalates when they fall out and fight in the flat. Leanne falls and hits her head which knocks her unconc… uncosh… unkon… out. She’s rushed to hospital when Dev notices water coming from Leanne’s running bath seeping through the ceiling tiles in the kebab shop. Leanne confides in Zeedan about Simon, she’s at her wits end.

And that's just about that for this week.

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Catman said...

The Tim/Kevin friendship has always been rather difficult to accept. In my long life I've never seen such a thing. Decades ago, when my ex's boyfriend was having problems with her, he boldly and foolishly, asked me for advice. I said: "Buddy, you're on your own on that one. Good luck." Other than issues regarding kids, really, what's there to talk about? Soaps sometimes strain creditability into the stratosphere. Indeed, this story-line has deteriorated into a very sloppy, sudsy soap mess. Certainly, there must be some young and life-inexperienced writers on the team to come up with nonsense.

Lily Bigfield said...

Sally's comments to Beth about her wedding were uncalled for, not just snobbish but mean and spiteful. And she's meant to be their supervisor? Sometimes I don't like Sally very much.

BT Vision said...

Sally and Tim are the Stan and Hilda Ogden of the 21st century. Fed up with Beth's sulky face, she always has a cobb on about something or other.

Not enjoying the Fizz and Tyrone story at all.

Cobblestone said...

In fairness, Lily Bigfield, Beth started that spat by telling Sally she didn't care about some crappy little wedding when all Sally did was invite her. We know (and Sally did not) that Beth was in a mood because of the bad news about Hope, but I can't blame Sally for retaliating under those circumstances.


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