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Sunday 27 September 2015

Corrie Weekly awards for Sept. 21 - 25

Weakest Link award: Looks like it's Sarah at this point.

Loophole award: Why didn't the Platts tell the police Callum is extorting money from them? Come to that, why didn't they lock the back door if they're so worried about him coming round?

B*tchfest award: Sally and Anna sniping at each other over the cafe counter.

Teflon award: Yep, Callum wriggled out of jail on bail. Why didn't anyone take out a restraining order?

Beam me up award: Roy couldn't possibly vanish in the few seconds Cathy had her back turned unless a sinkhole opened up in the sand or Scotty was manning the transporter.

Hangover award: I think Steve and Anna probably take equal billing here.

Deja Vu award: After that great sendoff, Lloyd and Andrea turned up the very next morning to see Steve!

Lines of the week:
Anna "My mum and dad had me *after* they got married" Sally "Ooohh classy"
Norris "Why don't people make a fuss when it's my birthday?" Michael, under his breath "people *like* Roy"
Steve about Sarah "She's here less than the guy that fixes the flipping jukebox" (I agree. I hope they don't pay her for the time she's not there)
Todd to Jason "Chill out, Batman"
Sally about Anna "She just can't resist having her little digs" (Pot, kettle?)
Gail "It's bad luck to kill living creatures" (Now you tell them!)
David about Callum "He's sleeping with the supermarket trolleys"
David "Who'd've thought moving a dead body is so stressful" (indeed)
Roy "It's difficult to have fun when you're frightened"

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Louby said...

Ha, yes I also thought that about Roy ­čśŐ Re Anna's comments, she was never actually married to Eddie was she? (I would love to see him come back.) The whole Callum thing has been ridiculous. Anyone else think that Tony will get the blame for the murder?

Humpty Dumpty said...

Another good line from David: (something like)'How many bricks does it take to weigh down a drug dealer? Shall we Google it?'

Pat W said...

Come on, line if the week clearly David in the live episode. When Sarah objected to dead Callum being wrapped in a pirate duvet cover
"I haven't got one with drug dealers on"
Laughed so much I missed the next two minutes.

Lily Bigfield said...

Agree Pat W, David got all the best lines but I laughed out loud at that one!

Anonymous said...

I'm anxious to see where Kylie's cell phone went. Down the hole with Callum, I bet. When she and David are trying to pull Callum out of the manhole, the school phones to tell them there's a problem with Max. David takes the phone from Kylie to speak to the caller, but once he's finished, he lets it drop. When the two leave the garage, the camera pans out and there's no phone to be seen. This said, I thought the live episode was absolutely fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Dumb as the day is long..Sarah..still don't know why she would text Callum using Kylie's phone and go over the Platt's where she knows he'll show up. What was the point of this unless it was just a plot device for Kylie to bash him over the head with a convenient pipe wrench she just happened to pick up from where? The builders yard? Did she sneak into the garage and find it there? Why did Callum start wailing on Sarah and start choking her? Callum who was supposedly under observation by the cops, can just waltz down the street and pop in through the Platt's back door because they obviously don't know what a lock is for. Kylie sold max, was a stripper, lived on the street for months, was a total druggie and now goes into helpless female mode so David can mop up the mess? Oh this was so disappointing. iMO Callum could have taken one of them out. Bethany maybe? That would have been awesome. End of rant thank you.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 13:44 Supposedly Sarah lured Callum to the house in hopes that she could get him to confess while being secretly taped. He discovered her deception when her phone, in record mode, went off - after she had lied and said it wasn't charged.That's when he attacked her.


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