Thursday, 30 July 2015

Who are your favourite Corrie friends?

Today, July 30th is International Friendship Day as decreed by the United Nations.

In honour of the day, who are your favourite sets of Coronation Street friends?

Here are some of my favourites but perhaps you can add to this list.

Steve and Lloyd

Rita and Mavis

Chesney and Schmeichel

There's also the potential for a wonderful bromance between Kevin and Tim.

And of course, the wonderful friendship between Minnie and Ena. 

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Lorna said...

Roy and Carla's friendship is my favourite right now because I think unlikely friendships are the best.

Llifon said...




Bet/Rita (when they were)




Anonymous said...

Roy and Carla

Carla and Michelle

Humpty Dumpty said...

Currently: Steve and Lloyd but not for much longer so Steve will be friendless. I also like Tim and Kevin; Carla and Michelle; Roy and Carla; Emily, Rita and Norris.

From the old days: Vera and Ivy; Janice and Karen; Bet and Betty; Kevin, Curly and Terry.

Anonymous said...

Liz and Deirdre

Tvor said...

Vera and Ivy, Gail and Sally (not as much lately but we still see them together now and then), Candice and Sarah, Craig and Faye, Norris and Mary (though it's bordering on dysfunctional), Rita, Audrey and Emily, Don Brennan and Jack Duckworth, Kirk and Tyrone were such good friends they had matching jackets!

C in Canada said...

Steve and Lloyd. When they're together they always give me a good belly laugh!

Anonymous said...

I would say Roy and Carla and Steve and Lloyd.
For what it's worth,I don't think Kevin can be counted on as a 'friend' since he betrays them.First he had an affair with his 'best friend's Tyrone's wife Molly and fathered her son and now he's going to betray his latest 'best friend' Tim with Sally.

Anonymous said...

Sally and Gail..been friends forever it seems.

Tammy said...

Roy and Carla. Their scenes together are very poignant, and both obviously miss Haley very much. They are such an odd couple friendship. I love to see them walking on the cobbles together. Roy very upright and awkward, carrying his man bag, and Carla holding onto his crooked arm and tottering along on her stilettos.

vintgal003 said...

One of my favourite friend duos were Alma and Audrey..both very classy ladies....ahhh...miss that!!

Anonymous said...

Elsie Tanner and Len Fairclough


Anonymous said...

Stan and Eddie

Anonymous said...

steve and his dog - true love of his life! :)

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