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Monday, 13 July 2015

Daniel Brocklebank reveals Twitter death threats

Daniel Brocklebank, who plays Billy the Vicar in Coronation Street, has revealed he has been the victim of homophobic abuse and death threats via Twitter.

He told The Daily Star: “Somebody tweeted me the other day and said they wanted to kick ‘that faggy Sean’s head in and crucify the shirt-lifting vicar’. I thought: ‘Crucify?’ God, we can have a coffee first? I get a lot of stuff from right-wing Christian groups too.”

Daniel says he copes with Twitter trolls by poking fun at them. He said: “You learn to try and deflect things with humour.”

However he has had some positive reaction to the Corrie plotline from gay clergymen. He said: “I am now in touch with several gay vicars who are thankful that Coronation Street are highlighting the issue of gay clergy. Religion is not gay-friendly but with a character like mine it is opening people’s eyes. There are many gay Christians, Muslims and Catholics and it is all right to have a faith.”

He also says he would love to see the vicar marry Sean on The Street. The actor teased: “There has never been a gay wedding on the show before.”

Billy the Vicar will conduct the service for Deirdre's funeral tonight.   
Read all the details and watch a preview video here.

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Anonymous said...

"There has never been a gay wedding on the show before" - yes there has - Sophie's aborted one, and pc box-ticking should never be a reason for coming up with storylines.

Zagg said...

I love Billy the Vicar and Sean and do hope they have a wedding. It's not about being PC, it's about reflecting the real world.

vintgal003 said...

Oh my gosh....this is SO very disheartening to read about..... I am very happy that Daniel will be gracing the cobbles for another year....I hope too, that wedding bells will ring for Sean and Billy...they make a lovely couple, they do!

Beth said...

I am a Christian, I love Billy, he's a thoroughly decent human being. I don't want him to marry Sean though. I think they are just badly matched as a couple.

Anonymous said...

There was a gay wedding, between Sophie and Sian in 2011, although it never went ahead. Get your facts straight, Brocklebank. Despite how they never got married, it was STILL a GAY wedding!

Dame Edna said...

Sorry, if an intended wedding doesn't go ahead you can't call it a wedding. Fleetingly turning up at the church does not a marriage make......the absence of vows and all that!

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