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Friday, 8 May 2015

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 8 May

Friday 8th May
MAX TAKES FLIGHT FROM A DESPERATE DAVID As Gail lays into Sarah, blaming her for David’s disappearance, she agrees to speak to Callum and try and buy David some time. In desperation, Sarah lies to Callum, telling him David has simply gone to visit his Dad in Liverpool and giving him a false address. David calls Gail from the centre of Liverpool, assuring her they’re fine but he can’t return home and risk losing Max. As David kills the call, he’s horrified to realise Max has disappeared. David searches the streets in vain for Max, as alone in the city, Max pulls out his mobile and makes a call.
TONY’S A CUCKOO IN THE ROVER’S NEST Tony milks Lloyd for ideas for his best man’s speech. It’s obvious to Michelle and Andrea that Lloyd should be Steve’s best man and not Tony. They vow to sort it out.
MARY LOSES HER BELOVED HOME ON WHEELS Todd makes Mary see that it could have been any of her neighbours who complained to the council, not Julie. Finding Julie in the Rovers, Mary apologises for suspecting her of lodging the complaint. As Julie graciously accepts, they’re interrupted by Emily. The women emerge from the pub just in time to see Mary’s beloved motorhome being towed away!
ELSEWHERE When Billy announces he’d rather stay in than go to the bistro, Sean’s disappointed, realising he’s worried about being seen together. Steve reluctantly sets off with the dog to retrace his journey the day she jumped in his car. Steve calls at the house where he picked up a couple heading for the airport. The neighbour recognises the dog but tells him the owners are now in New Zealand.

Friday 8th May
WILL CALLUM RIDE TO MAX’S RESCUE? A distraught David frantically searches the city centre for Max. Will he find him and make his getaway before a raging Callum, now threatening to fight for full custody of Max, arrives on the scene?
LLOYD IS FINALLY THE BEST MAN FOR THE JOB Admitting he knows little about him, Tony suggests to Steve he’d be better off asking Lloyd to be his best man. With some encouragement from Michelle, Steve asks Lloyd if he’ll be his best man. Will Lloyd agree?
SEAN STRUGGLES HIDING BEHIND CLOSED DOORS Sean rustles up a meal for Billy but his disappointment is evident. Billy apologises to Sean for ruining the evening and assures him he’s not ashamed of their relationship. Will Sean accept this?
ELSEWHERE At Julie’s insistence, Mary moves into No.7. Aadi and Asha are thrilled whilst Julie wonders what she’s let herself in for. Steve names the dog Rover but assures Michelle he’ll return her to her owners when they’re back from New Zealand. When Tony admits he feels guilty about their plan to take over the Rovers, Tracy’s worried he’s getting cold feet.

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Anonymous said...

I am so sick of Callum the faux gangsta!

When is this storyline going to end? Kylie is obviously going to ride in like a knight in shining armour and save the day. Can we then despatch Callum - please - and I won't mind in the least if he takes Sarah and the awful Bethany with him!

Frosty the Snowman said...

I seriously hope that Mary gets a back dated Council tax bill, why should everyone else have to pay it bar her? Now more stories her making a nuisance of herself at Dev's house to look forward to. I am really tired of this character now.

And Max runs away? Do any of us care? Surely he can get himself home on a bendy bus like Simon anohter runaway before him.

Anonymous said...

I wish someone would have the balls to call Callum's bluff.

Tvor said...

Agree on that last comment and why isn't Social Services involved?

Anonymous said...

Frosty,I think if anyone is a nuisance right now,it's Julie who thinks because she's dating Dev,she can take over his house and his business,giving freebies to her family whenever they ask for it?The same family who I may add assumed Sunita caused the fire whereas Mary was the only one who supported Dev.Mary is the victim and for what it's worth,I think the children will enjoy seeing her in the house.
I agree with the comments about Callum and Mas and id Sarah continues to date him after all this,then I think she should be thrown out of the house as she thinks onlyof herself.

Anonymous said...

Hear hear Anon @ 16:07, fully agree with you.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Sarah has been living in Italy for seven years and had a reasonable job, brought up her daughter single-handed, and paid her rent. You'd think she would be streetwise enough to see straight through a twit like Callum. Obviously, this is to set the stage for a show-down between Kylie and Sarah but it's not very enthralling. Gail and Michael should get their own place; Sarah and Bethany should live with Audrey or return to Italy and David, Kylie and family should be the only ones living in the house.

Anonymous said...

Humpty, I agree about Sarah. why would anyone with a 14-year-old daughter want to bring a drug dealer anywhere near her?

AmandaB said...

How on earth did Callum find Max - the kid wouldn't have known what town he was in let alone what street he was stood on.

Anonymous said...

@AmandaB - could Callum get that information from Max's smartphone?


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