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Friday, 1 May 2015

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 1 May

Friday 1st May
NICK’S FLOORED BY ERICA’S BOMBSHELL When Bethany sends a cheeky text to Carla on Nick’s phone, suggesting she and Nick meet up for a drink later, Nick’s amused. But later as he waits for Carla in the Bistro, he’s taken aback when Erica suddenly turns up - revealing she’s pregnant!
JENNY CAUSES MORE TROUBLE FOR SOPHIE AND KEVIN Sophie decides to bite the bullet and heads over to No.13 to make amends with Jenny. But when Jenny snaps and orders Sophie to back off from Jack, Sophie is gobsmacked. When Kevin and Maddie walk in, Jenny hurriedly tell them that Sophie attacked her. Will Kevin buy her latest story?
ALYA AND IZZY ‘SEW’ THE SEEDS OF SUCCESS Alya is pleased when Sinead presents her with the finished basque. Alya and Izzy work on their next batch of designs for posh knickers and an enthusiastic Sinead offers to set about making them, keen to keep busy.
ELSEWHERE Sally isintrigued when Roy tells her the graffiti on her house looks like a Banksy and could be worth a lot of money. But when she finds Tim and Norris trying to wash the graffiti off, will she go out of her way to preserve her mystery new wall art?

Friday 1st May
SINEAD STANDS UP TO CHESNEY Chesney is worried when he finds Alya, Izzy and Sinead working on the new knicker range and asks the girls to leave so Sinead can rest. But when Sinead tells Chesney that it’s her body and that he needs to stop interfering with her sewing, will it be enough to silence Chesney?
SALLY’S WALL ART LEAVES HER DISAPPOINTED Sally is disappointed when an art expert tells her that the graffiti isn’t a Banksy while Maddie, Sophie and Tim are highly amused. Sally orders them to get scrubbing!
NICK TURNS TO CARLA Still reeling from Erica’s bombshell, Nick confides in Carla. Can Carla offer Nick the support he needs or will Erica’s return put the brakes on any chance they had of a relationship?
ELSEWHERE Luke curses himself when he accidentally eats the wrong bowl of curry. Roy is pleased when they decide to have the next night at Gary’s and include him in the plans.

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Louby said...

BORING!!! Pregnant, how unoriginal. I can't even be bothered to watch part two.

Anonymous said...

Louby,I agree,not only is another pregnancy storyline boring but another pschyopath one as well?
As for Nick,it was about a year ago he blackmailed David into a DNA teat on Lily while he and Gail hoped he was her father and now he's upset that Erica could be pregnant with his child because he wants to be with Carla?Talk about hyporcritical!

Anonymous said...

Nick's paradox is that he's apparently very fertile. He got Leanne pregnant, then coerced her into an abortion against her wishes. The he got Natasha pregnant and railed against being a father, so she aborted shortly before he changed his mind and decided that fatherhood was a great idea, at which point she pretended to still be pregnant, yada yada. Maybe he's angry about not being Lily's dad because it suggests that David is equally as fertile as he is:) In a way, I think it would be karma for Nick to accept that he's having a kid by Erica, buckle down to being a real biological dad (at last), and then find out that it's someone else's. Something like that...

Roni said...

I'm hoping this will be a false positive storylines because Erica is actually going through menopause. She has only confirmed her pregnancy with the blue line; she didn't mention anything about seeing a doctor to do an official confirmation.
Then Nick gets sentimental with Carla; both say they want a child and then they get together to have a baby and live happily ever after.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Doesnt anyone in the Street use flaming contraception in 2015?????! If not for pregnancy then for "safe sex" that is always being rammed home? Erica has obviously "been around" to put it politely. It beggars belef that Nick would use no protection, brain injury or not!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree, not a good advert in this day and age.

I highly doubt Erica is pregnant, at least I would hope not. Having a child at that age is very inconsiderate to the child (I speak from experience, mine were 42 & 50 when I was born, I absolutely hated having old parents).

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