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Monday, 4 May 2015

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 4 May

Sarah, who seems to have the morals of an alley cat, thinks her relationship with Callum should take precedence over her relationship with her brother. The reason I am so harsh on her is because she has zero loyalty to her brother David.  As Nick says to her in the pub when she is sitting with Callum, ‘Feels like his sister has sold him out for some low rent drug dealer.’  David gave her and Bethany a home. Particularly now, David needs all the support he can get as the hearing is but two weeks away. It is true to say that in the face of some real difficulties, David has been a great dad to Max. He could have rejected him; after all he is not his biological child. David rose above that and showed what the meaning of being a father is.   

BUT, the pressure of Callum’s constant persistence over Max has now really got to David and, in desperation, he takes off with Max and Lily. This is not a sensible move, nor is it a glorified gap year with 2 kids in tow. He has their passports so abroad seems likely. He throws them into a cab and off he goes.

Callum is furious. David phones Nick to tell him that he and the children are ok. Callum grabs Nick’s phone and rings him up. We’ve seen previously how Callum gets nasty and now he threatens David by telling him that David must come back by tomorrow or else he will finish him. Does David have a choice? Should he call Callum’s bluff? If the threat to David’s life is brought to the hearing, then surely that would work against Callum. Along with the fact that he has had no interest in Max for the first 6 or 7 years of his young life.

Oh no not again for Sean… Billy comes to see Sean and shows him the front page of the Gazette. No Room At Inn For Gay Vicar and Boyfriend. Of course, it concerns Sean having stood up to the bigot and homophobe who refused Billy and Sean a place to stay. Julie, with good intentions, as all bigots need shaming, was the one who informed the press. She feels terrible and says she will try to get a retraction on the story.  For Billy, this is serious.

My own personal stance is that someone’s sexuality should be of no concern at all to anyone else, nor should it have any relevance to any situation. But, sadly this is not always the case. Billy tells Sean that he has to have a meeting with a bishop who seems not to approve of homosexuality, though what business it is of his, what 2 consenting males get up to, heaven (get it?) only knows. The bishop is referred to as ‘conservative’ which is a euphemism for bigot, clearly.

The real difficulty is that Billy loves his career and seems to have a genuine calling. He will be only too aware that the attitudes of the church lag behind the society in which they serve. Sean is upset, worried and feeling guilty. Things were going so well between Sean and Billy.  

On his return, Billy is visibly upset. The bishop gave him a hard time and as a result, Billy lied by saying that the relationship between himself and Sean is over. Julie as well as Sean and Billy is going to be very upset. As Sean says, ‘All you do all day is help people.’

The bishop has told Billy that he must be discreet or leave the parish. At this, Sean storms off.

Will we EVER find out what terrible event took place in the life of Todd Grimshaw? His whole purpose seems to be spreading misery, even to his own mother. Mary is his current target. In the corner shop Todd asks for tick. Protecting Dev’s empire Mary overrides Julie and refuses Todd’s request for credit. There is quite a vicious argument between Julie and Mary, who thinks that because Todd is her nephew he should have things on the slate.
 Mary says to Julie, ‘One rule for the masses and another for your cronies,’ which has quite a political feel to it. Mary then rounds on Todd. ‘See how you’ve put me in this invidious position.’

‘This is insubordination! Remarks Julie.

Todd, who decides to get his own back, because he is plain nasty, rings Weatherfield Council to tell them that Mary’s motorhome is a health hazard.

A council inspector visits Mary’s motorhome and tells her that she is here because of a neighbour’s complaint. The inspector has an unpleasant, officious manner and even when Mary tells her that, ‘Your manner is causing me some anxiety,’ the official continues.

Wrongly, Mary believes it to be Julie who has reported her. She no doubt believes that Julie has done it because she is jealous of Mary’s connection with Dev and his children. But we know Julie and she would never do such a thing. She is very upset that Mary would think such a thing. Norris intervenes and tries to calm Mary down.  Ken is reassuring too. In The Rovers, Mary is in an extremely agitated state.

‘There she is! If you answer to the name of Judas!’ shouts Mary.
‘How could you think I’d inform on you like a snake in the grass?’ responds Julie.

Was that a flash of guilt on Todd’s face when Mary accused Julie?

Steve finds a dog in the back of his cab and I am very happy to see that he brings it home. No doubt he will discover the owner at some point. Liz and Michelle though, are not so happy. That said, Liz does recognize that dogs do have a soul. This is obvious to anyone who has or has had a dog, but it’s good to get it out there. 

Amy informs Steve and Michelle that she will not be a bridesmaid for them. As she says, last time, the groom was arrested for murder.

It seems a long time now since we saw the preview of Liz’s mirror image turning into Tracy as Tony stood by. The affair has begun but there is no suggestion that Liz will be ditched for Tracy, not yet anyway. Tony asks Steve and Michelle to speed up the process of finding someone to buy their half of the pub. Tony tells them that a loan shark is threatening him, just to add pressure.

Nice touch by Michelle when talking of the dog. Tracy says that it won’t be the first time Steve has slept with a dog. A quick response from Michelle is, ‘Don’t be so hard on yourself.’ Haha!

There may be hope yet, for Carla and Nick, though at the moment Carla doesn’t believe it. Erica and her baby have got in the way. But, to Carla’s advantage, neither Nick nor Erica want a relationship with each other.  Erica is going ahead and having the baby. Nick is committed to help, though terrified. If he has shared custody, Carla may enjoy being part of the baby’s life, helping Nick when it is his turn to have the child. Could just work, though Alison King is taking a break from the show. Anyway, on a cheerier note, I cannot wait to hear what Gail has to say about the baby.
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Felix said...

Did anyone else David left in a black London style and arrived in a white Vauxhall insignia taxi?

ruth owen said...

Yes Felix! Well not me, to be truthful but my friend noticed.

I suppose it is possible that he went so far in one cab then continued in another.

Emma Hynes said...

Thought that strange too but then realised the black cab was a Manchester one, and the white one had "Liver Limos" on the side. Must have gotten a train in between.

ruth owen said...

Thanks Emma. That solves it. Very well observed too!

Emma Hynes said...

Thanks Ruth!

Humpty Dumpty said...

I'm sure there are bye-laws preventing people from living in a motor home on public land for a couple of years. Mary's living arrangements have always been very strange and I've never been able to work out where exactly the motor home is parked. Naturally, anyone professional or in authority has to be played for laughs. Sadly, there weren't many laughs in that scene with the local official which could have come straight out of 'Terry and June' circa 1980.

Anonymous said...

I despise David. After all the crap he's pulled over the years, it brings me great pleasure to see everyone - including his sister - winding him up as tight as possible.

Frosty the Snowman said...

How stupid is David running away, what are they going to live on and where? And with a small baby too. This ridiculous stunt will now put things in Callum's favour. And how stupid is Sarah? How did she ever hold a "top job" down in Milan?

More nonsense with Erica AGAIN, bad penny - you said it. Is she really pregnant the cynic in Frosty wonders?

And the nonsense with Sean and Billy bangs on, we all know that Billy wont be dumping Sean but will be leaving his vocation in the Church probably to become another knicker stitcher in the faktray or potman in the Rovers - Ho Hum.

rita duck said...

Davids dad Martin lives in liverpool he could stay with him

Anonymous said...

Anonymous,so you enjoy seeing David being wound up by his sister?The same sister and niece who he took in,the same sister who planted drugs to frame him to get the job in Milan in the first place?
Granted David is not angel but he has matured over the years whereas Sarah still acts like the whiny spoiled cow when she left!
As for Julie who does she is.She doesn't own Dev's shop,heck she doesn't even work there but thinks it's okay to give her family freebies,first Eileen pulled the family discpunt stunt and now Todd?!Good for Mary.

Anonymous said...

Oh Anonymous at 17:02, you are a man/woman after my own heart! I am Team David and couldn't agree more with what you say.

Also, I was going to post something about Julie, I didn't like her at all last night, I'll be delighted when she leaves (pity she doesn't take her awful sister with her).

Laura said...

Haven't seen this yet (in Canada), but wow Julie can be such a hypocrite. If Maddie had asked for something on credit while Sophie was working, I could just imagine what Julie would have had to say.

As for Mary, I haven't seen how roughly she is treated by the inspector, but she's due for a bit of karma. With the exception of the Alahans, she is constantly judgmental and shows little compassion (i.e., Roy). She would be first in line to complain about someone's living arrangements if they were out of bounds. It's time she was on the receiving end of someone's holier than thou agenda to see what it feels like.

Anonymous said...

I have never been able to comprehend what Mary lives on! She seems to pop up behind the counter at the cabin once in a while (is that a paid position) She is supposedly a child minder for Dev's kids. But that certainly wouldn't be a full-time position they're in school. A puzzle for sure. And in "real life" she would not be allowed to park that huge motor home on a residential street. Time to say goodbye to another annoying character.

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