Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Bev Unwin to return for Deirdre Barlow's funeral

Bev Unwin will return to Coronation Street for Deirdre's funeral.  An ITV spokesperson has confirmed to us here at the Coronation Street Blog today, that actress Susie Blake will return to Corrie as Bev for Deirdre's funeral scenes.

Bev made her final appearance in December 2006 after scattering Fred's ashes with Ashley.  Fred died on his wedding day to Bev. The old rogue, I say the butcher, popped his clogs on Audrey's welcome mat after he went to see her on the morning of his wedding day.

Bev has been mentioned a few times since she left the show, after both Liz and Deirdre, separately, "spent time with Bev" when the actresses who played them took leave from the show.  On-screen, Deirdre is staying with Bev now, and she stayed on longer than planned to support Bev when Bev's brother died.

Deirdre's funeral will be screened this summer and we already know that Peter Barlow will return for it.

Tracy Barlow's ex-husband Robert Preston will also make a shock return which coincides with the funeral. Casualty actor Tristan Gemmil has been cast to play the new Robert (he was originally played by actor Julian Kay).  Tristan posted this to twitter today (May 12) so he must have started filming already.  It means, therefore, that Deirdre's funeral can't be that far away.
See also the following as we get ready to say goodbye to Deirdre Barlow:

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Deirdre to die on her 60th birthday, July 8 2015.

Peter Barlow returning.

Coronation Street build their own graveyard to film Deirdre's funeral

Tracy's ex-husband Robert Preston returns.

The funeral has been written by scriptwriter Damon Rochefort
Deirdre's death has been explained here.

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Glenda Young said...

I love Susie Blake and am looking forward to her return. Just wish it was in much happier circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and presumably it's only for a short time? Pity, would like to see her stay longer.

njblas said...

I agree. Bev was a fantastic character, it will be nice to see her again, despite the sad circumstances...

Rosie said...

So glad Susie Blake was able to come back, it's only right she should be there, would love for her to stay a while.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to see Bev again and wish we could also see Shelly and her child by Charlie Stubbs! So sad about the circumstances for her return...X

Barrie.T said...

I loved Suzi Blake and the character of Bev. I'd love her to stay and move in with Ken to give him support. Shelley should come back too

Anonymous said...

Might she bring along her grandson? It is time the son of Charlie Stubbs took revenge on his father's murderer.

Anonymous said...

Only right and proper. = Micky

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