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Saturday 21 February 2015

Coronation Street Weekly Update - All roads lead to Rita

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Remember when David Platt was evil? You know, really evil? Psycho evil? When he pushed his mum down the stairs, hide drugs in his baby niece’s doll, went on a crazed rampage on the cobbles and smashed things up? Yes, that David Platt. The evil, crazy, rotten to the core David Platt. I fear there’s been an invasion of the personality snatchers in Weatherfield because that’s not the David Platt we’re seeing now. He’s cow-towing to the too-thin, dark-haired, drug-dealing, bad-lad Callum who’s about as scary as the soft squishy yellow bit in a lemon meringue.  Gail’s the one to stand up to Callum this week after she storms round to the Dog and Gun with Audrey to give Callum what-for. She was on fire, was Gail, in really good form but Callum just shrugged off her words and instead turned up to tell Max he was really his dad. He’s also applied for a residency order for little Max to go to live with him instead of David. Meanwhile. David nods yes to Callum’s every demand. Come on, evil David. Where are you when we need you?
Kevin meets up with old flame Jenny Bradley this week. Jenny’s back on the street with her long red hair and a glint in her eye.  She and Kevin reunite after meeting online at a dating site and there’s chemistry between them, still.  “My dad’s the elephant in the room,” she declares on their first date, a reminder that Alan Bradley once tried to kill Rita. “All roads lead to Rita,” she sighs, knowing that if she continues carrying on with Kevin, she’s going to have to face the woman she fleeced sooner or later. And that’s one reunion I can’t wait to see. Sparks, as they say, will fly.

Eva and Tony meet in a hotel where there’s a property auction going on and they bid for a house for Eva and Jason.  Meanwhile, Todd makes Jason suspicious that there’s summat going on between Eva and Jason and he nicks Eva’s phone.  Todd hands the phone in to the receptionist at the hotel where Eva and Tony are, so when Jason ring Eva’s phone and finds out where she is, he storms over there pronto, just in time to see Eva kiss Tony on the cheek. Jason puts two and two together, fuelled by Todd’s masochistic machination and loses the plot, decks Tony and accuses his dad and girlfriend of carrying on behind his back.  At home later when Eileen learns about what’s gone on, she tells Jason to lay low and let Eva be. “I’m going to propose!” he tells his mum and gets down on one knee in the Bistro to ask Eva to marry him. He gets a glass of beer chucked at him in response. That’ll be a ‘no’ then.
At the Alahan Harem, Dev’s women continue to battle it out as Julie and Mary go to war about looking after Dev’s home and kids while he’s away. It’s only when the kids ask Julie why she and Mary hate each other so much that Julie thinks on.  She calls a pow-wow with Mary and Sophie and with the help of a talking-stick, they pass the baton to each other to talk, open up, calm down and chill out.
And finally this week, Owen came into the show as a baddie with a real edge to him. It’s an edge that’s been softened by Anna Windass over the years but he reverted to type this week.  With the return of his ex-wife Linda, all kinds of secrets are starting to spill.  Owen had always led Izzy to believe that Linda had left him and the girls because of Izzy’s disability, but Linda tells the truth and in some heartbreaking scenes, Izzy tells her dad exactly what she thinks of him, and none of it’s good. I almost cried at this scene, the acting and dialogue were a powerful mix.

And that was just about that for this week.

This week's writers were Damon Rochefort (Monday); Ellen Taylor (Monday); Jonathan Harvey (Wednesday); Jayne Hollinson (Friday); Ben Tagoe (Friday).   Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team at

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Anonymous said...

For what it's worth,Linda isn't exactly innocent as she did admit to Owen that she couldn't deal with Izzy's condition at first and that led to her affair.If she 'loved'her daughters that much why didn't she fight for joint custody or at least visiting rights?
Granted Owen should have been more honest but I'm getting tired of female characters having affairs only to be portrayed as 'martyrs'or the 'victims' and we've seen Owen go through that twice,first with Linda and then Anna when she slept with Phelan so Gary wouldn't go to jail.

Anonymous said...

I apologise if this is petty, but aren't Todd's machinations sadistic rather than masochistic? He's not really bringing pain upon himself.

vintgal003 said...

Great recap Glenda...lots of thanks from the Canadian fans!

ChiaGwen said...

I too almost cried during the scene between Izzy and Owen but my laughter at the actress' rendition of crying soon put a stop to that....simply awful.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Hurry up Wooden Linda and take Katy away with you and Izzy too please! This story has been badly acted and had no spark from the start. Toad's smirking after causing hurt and upset for the only woman would would give him the time of day was very uncomfortable viewing, this cockroach needs squashing. So far am quite liking Jenny with her long curly mane which is a rival to Maria's but Frosty smiled when she said the Street hadnt changed a bit - for one thing its on a different set! But things HAVE changed since her day, 23 years ago - Devs Kebab shop, the Bistro, the Community Centre, a new boss in Underworld which I think has new premises, and not a glance toward the Kabin!!!!!

Llifon said...

I don't think Kev and Jenny are old flames because he was married to Sally back then. Jenny used to date Martin Platt though.

Nikki NZ said...

Is it just me being from the colonies or did anyone else almost need subtitles for the Sam & Sinead scene?

Beth said...

Please can we see more of this Gail other than the simpering, eye lash fluttering, whispering, giggly Gail.

She's grown pathetic in recent times and we tend to forget that she used to stand up to Poison Ivy, was great in the cafe with Phyllis and Alma, not just working there but co- owner.

More of the dynamic, feisty Gail please - she might have wound Callum up a tad much but the rest of them are letting Callum run rings round them! Go Gail!.... That's not something I've said in years...!

Rosie said...

I'm with you nikki, didn't understand a word.

Anonymous said...

Hard enough trying to understand what they (Sinead and Sam) were saying but then they were stuffing bikkie's in their mouths and I was lost..


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