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Friday 6 February 2015

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 6 Feb

Friday 6th February
CALLUM SHOWS DAVID EXACTLY HOW HE OPERATES. Callum gets a call from Macca warning him that the police are looking for him. Finding the door open, Callum lets himself into No.8. Shocked David demands he gets out but Callum gets him in an arm-lock and tells him he’s not going anywhere.
IT’S A NO WIN SITUATION FOR LIZ AND MICHELLE. In an attempt to get Steve away from the telly, Liz hides the remote and suggests he does an hour behind the bar. Steve heads into the pub but as he goes to serve Eileen, he suddenly finds himself unable to cope and turns on his heel. Meanwhile Michelle and Liz row over Steve. Liz has a go at Michelle for seeing Hamish. Michelle claims she only went out with Hamish as he made her feel wanted. Overhearing their exchange how will Steve react?
ROY PREPARES FOR A FINAL FAREWELL. Clutching Hayley’s ashes, Roy leads Tyrone and Chesney to the boating lake explaining it’s the place where he and Hayley had their first ever kiss. Can he let go?
ELSEWHERE A jittery Michael is led into the operating theatre as Gail waits nervously for news. Maddie continues to wreak revenge on Norris and steals the newspaper poster from outside the Kabin. Norris is bemused and confides in Mary that he’s worried about his memory as he keeps making silly mistakes. When Maddie finds out from Mary that Norris is worried about his own sanity, she feels terrible.Will Maddie admit she’s behind the pranks? Audrey spots Faye skiving in town.

Friday 6th February
CALLUM BLACKMAILS DAVID. Callum tells David the police are onto him and he wants David to provide him with an alibi. David’s furious but Callum makes it clear that if he doesn’t comply, he’ll reveal to Max that he’s his real Dad. As Katy waits for Callum in the bistro, the police call at No.8. Will David back up Callum’s story and lie to the police? Callum finds Katy and making out his mobile was dead, promises to spoil her rotten. Steph warns Katy that Callum is bad news but is Katy listening?
MICHELLE AND LIZ CALL A TRUCE. Liz reckons that what Steve needs is tough love whilst Michelle thinks they should go easy on him. Tony does his best to act as mediator and the two women make up, realising they both want the best for Steve. Meanwhile Eileen finds Steve at Street Cars, clearly in a world of his own. Will Eileen be able to make Steve see that he’s not alone? Convinced he’s nothing but a burden, Steve tells Michelle she’d be better off without him. Will Michelle stand by her man?
ROY AT LAST FEELS ABLE TO MOVE ON. Roy bids an emotional farewell to Hayley as he scatters her ashes into the boating lake. He later tells Tyrone and Chesney he’d like to resume his driving lessons in the Woody as it’s what Hayley would have wanted.
ELSEWHERE When Faye is spotted in town Anna confronts her about bunking off school. Faye insists she was on a field trip. Will Anna accept this? When Norris admits that he was responsible for puncturing Simon’s football, will Maddie agree to call it quits? Gail returns from the hospital with news of Michael’s operation. Steph reminds Gavin that now it’s time to tell Michael the truth.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Yeah Liz is one of those people that think by shouting "pull yourself together" at a depressant that is going to make an iota of difference, this just shows what an ignorant woman she is.

The Callum borefest rumbles on, does anyone care????

Anonymous said...

You would think, wouldn't you, that the Platt's door would be kept locked, especially after being burgled already.

And when Callum left the other day, only to reappear seconds later, you'd think David would've shown him out and locked the door behind him.

Things like this really irritate me.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comments about Callum and wish the madness of this storyline would stop now! I also wondered why David didn't lock the door since Callum also walked in on Christmas Day giving Kylie drugs or call Callum's bluff with regards to Max instead of possibly getting himself in trouble with the police being a false alibi.Surely Max already knows who his dad is?

Zagg said...

Ugh...I am so over Liz. This character has become such an ignorant screecher. I looked forward to her coming back to the street but she is just disappointing and a horrible mother. They have made her so self centered and skanky it is hard to watch.

Newfy Pearl said...

Haven't seen the episode yet....but I do believe that the writers have dealt with character transplants before. I find it hard to believe that Liz would not be more supportive of Steve.....So if someone has issues with Liz's response....give the credit where it is due...the writers. My reaction for example is...not what a stupid woman...but what lousy writing. lol

Anonymous said...

Liz's reactions must be very hard for Beverly Callard to act, as she has had mental health issues of her own.

Anonymous said...

Considering Liz's nasty reaction to her son's illness,at the risk of sounding cynical,I think the Tony\Tracy affair storyline would be a contrived ploy to make her sympathetic deapite her past affairs while married to Jim and keeping quiet about Peter and Tina whom she's hown more understanding at the time then to Steve now.

John McE said...

So Audreh saw Faye looking in a record shop window? Crikey, there aren't many of them left!

Anonymous said...

Roy Cropper is so boring. How long have we got to bare with him bleating on about Hayley every episode.

vintgal003 said...

Excellent our Corrie here in Canada...and hope it is around for another 50+ years for us to keep enjoying!

Kira Thomsen-Cheek said...

Care about Callum and his borefest!? Not I, said the Little Red Hen!

Kira Thomsen-Cheek said...

Great point! :-)


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