Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Where have you seen Owen's ex-wife before?

If you're wondering where you've seen Linda, Owen Armstrong's ex-wife before, then wonder no more.

Actress Jacqueline Leonard is playing the role of Linda.  She originally auditioned for the role of Stella Price, but as we all know by now, that role went to Cindy Beale from 'Stenders. Speaking of which, Jacqueline Leonard starred in 'Stenders as Lorraine Wicks.

Jacqueline is a seasoned actress who has appeared in many and various television and stage productions, including Casualty, River City, Holby City, The Bill, Doctors, Peak Practice, Inspector Morse and many more.   On stage she has worked with the Royal Shakespeare company, appeared in six British films and one radio play. 

Check out full details here.

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Anonymous said...

Caroline Corcoran was funny today about the character of Linda. While praising the actor's performance, CC suggested Linda might get a warmer welcome from Nick - given his recent taste in women - or at least a glass of merlot on the house.

Anonymous said...

She's an attractive lady, sort of a cross between Louise Jameson and a Nolan Sister LOL. I like her already.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Yes she is attractive enough but so far as been very wooden and unsympathetic as the long lost Mrs Armstrong. Have zero interest in her and her past frankly.

Anonymous said...

I remember her most as Lorraine Wicks in Eastenders.

she doesn't seem to have aged all that much in the years that have past.

Anonymous said...

As a viewer in Canada need to wait a while before we see Linda. But from what I have seen she seems way out of Owen's league in the looks department.

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