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Monday 23 February 2015

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 23 Feb

I do not think I have ever wanted a cobbles couple to stay together as much as Eva and Jason. They seem so well-suited. Their relationship was real, unslushy, respectful of each other and concerned for each other. It was never going to be the case that their intellects would set the world on fire, but they are practical people, and unlike some intellectuals, actually know how to make a slice of toast, pull a pint and do building work.

Jason had turned a corner, become the good guy, more mature and very hardworking, along with a strong sense of responsibility. He is also easy on the eye.

Eva has become one of my favourite characters after her initial pouty, rather spoilt, moody incarnation. She too has grown up, stands on her own two feet and after the bad luck she’d previously had with men, has now found love and stability with Jason. She too is attractive and, along with many others, I was looking forward to Jason and Eva’s offspring, perhaps having inherited Eva’s laugh. And then!

Todd’s interference is really quite malevolent. His own brother is clearly heartbroken and yet on seeing Eva, Todd tells her that Jason must be upset deep down, but that he has been playing video games with Todd, apparently quite happily. Of course Todd wants to make Eva think that Jason is not really upset at all. Sean very much hopes they will get back together as does Eileen. Eileen is wholly duped by her younger son and even thanks him for being so caring to Jason.

What should Eva do? Should she do her best to put behind her Jason’s accusation of her having an affair with his father, Tony, or should she finish it all?

‘Eva I love you so much,’ says Jason. Eva replies, ‘You thought I was sleeping with your dad! I am so hurt. I feel like I’ve got an actual physical pain.’ Jason hands her the ticket to New York, but Eva says she’ll let him know. ‘I love you so much,’ Jason declares. ‘I know – you said,’ replies a very understandably cold Eva.

Todd’s interference is so frustrating, though undoubtedly very effectively executed. His guise of being helpful and supportive has been nothing but designed to cause Eva and Jason distress. Todd’s killing of Eva’s call was probably the worst thing he did.

Good to see Lloyd back, but matters between him and Steve are not working well. Lloyd is too harsh and will not indulge Steve’s depression one little bit. Lloyd is surprised by Steve’s apparently cheerful mood. Lloyd confronts Steve about the coach crash and Sinead’s dreadful injury and the possibility of Steve having almost ruined the business. Michelle and Liz jump to Steve’s defence. Lloyd’s attitude to depression is that of many people who will not grant as much significance to psychological problems as they do to obvious physical problems.

Tony and Tracy are ‘doing the books’ their euphemism for sleeping together, this time at Tracy’s house. Ken had offered to take Amy out after school for something to eat. But they return home early – Tracy feigns a headache and Tony is holed up in the outhouse with Eccles scratching at the door.

Bursting into The Rovers later, Tracy declares that she is glowing and that this is because of her new man. ‘Pity the poor bloke,’ says Liz. Playing with fire Tracy suggests that her new man might be up Liz’s street until Liz declares that ‘blind idiots’ are not her type.

Tony tries to lay the law down. Liz is the real thing and with Tracy it is just a bit of fun. That can surely only goad Tracy, who won’t be happy playing second fiddle to anyone. She would like a weekend away and it looks as if Tony is game. With Liz feeling it would not be right to go gadding about to see Queen and being generally preoccupied, Tracy might gain some advantage. Great storyline this!
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AmandaB said...

Eva's laugh had become a regular recently making an appearance in all of last week's episodes. It's almost on par with Audreh's weird little guinea pig grunt. So lets hope we hear it again in a few months time. Do we know if she's just on leave & definitely coming back?

Anonymous said...

Great blog. Todd is bad and I dont like him

Frosty the Snowman said...

Toad's silly smirk at the end of every troublemaking exercise is really making Frosty want to slap him. Whatever happened to the terrible "scar", it can hardly been seen. But we all know that if Catherine Tyldersly were not pregnant and going off, then she and Jason would have made up and flown off to New Yark together. I hope they get back together on her return but unfortunately he is going to revist the dreadful Sarah Lou when the Queen of Whining returns. Not quite sure how Luke can just turn up at the school gate to pick up Liam!!! Maria is as pointless as ever.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Frosty forgot to add that Tony hiding in the garden cupboard had shades of Liz hiding outside in her underwear that time after an illicit assignation with the drayman. Just like something from a Carry On Film.

Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope that Todd is going to get found out! Please don't let him get away with it, I can't bear it!

Ruth owen said...

Thank you very much Kathryn Paris.

Don't worry, Todd will be found out. The bad never get away with it in the world of soap.

Anonymous said...

Unless they're Tracy! Sigh...
Thanks Ruth for the summary!
Rebecca in TO


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