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Sunday 1 February 2015

Coronation Street weekly update - Feb 1 2015

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Gary starts work at Roy’s Rolls this week and never has a catering pinny been filled with such loveliness before. Yes, dear reader, I have a soft spot for Gary Windass.  

Tim finds himself locked in Kirk’s house this week, scared witless when he comes face to whisker with Craig’s pet rat, Darryl. Tim’s beside himself with fear but gets lots of support from Sally when she finds out what’s gone on. “Get a grip, Tim! Stop being such a drama queen! You’re 43 on Wednesday!”. Craig pesters Tim to give him some work on his window cleaning round so he can earn pocket money and although Tim’s not got the spare work or the spare cash, he has got a big heart and sets Craig, with Faye’s help, on cleaning Sally’s conservatory windows.  Through the window, Craig spots Sally giving Kevin a hug, puts two and two together, comes up with six and tells Tim that Sally’s cheating on him. Tim storms into Sally’s house to find out what’s going on, only to be greeted by Sally, Kevin, Sophie and Maddie and a big surprise birthday cake.
Eva wants to get a house with Jason. And while he’s happy living with his mam, Eva’s most definitely not. She wants them to be together, like a proper couple, and seeks Tony’s advice on mortgages and suitable houses. Todd spies Tony and Eva in cahoots and slyly lets Jason know that his dad and his girlfriend seem to be getting too rather well, too well perhaps.  Ooh, he’s a bad ‘un is Todd.  What he’ll do when he finds out that Tracy and Tony were up to no good in the back of the shop is anyone’s guess.

Desperate to find Kylie, David rings and leaves another message on her phone. It’s clear she’s ignoring his calls and messages so he tells her something that’ll get her attention and pretends that Gail’s died. Gail, as you can imagine, isn’t best pleased to hear David say this over the phone but instead of walloping him around the head as I would have done, she just raises an eyebrow and purses her lips.  David’s search for Kylie brings him back into contact with Callum, who turns up on the Street again, hanging around little Max and making contact with his son.

Norris has a go at Steve, again, in the Rovers about crashing the bus last week. It’s too much for Michelle to take and she blurts out in the pub for everyone to leave Steve alone as he’s got clinical depression. A silence falls and Steve repairs to the back room.  He starts to see a counselor, which was ridiculously quick, unless he’s gone private, which he could well have done.  Counsellors in flats with tie-back curtains, chintz sofas and wearing their jumper around their shoulders tend not to come on the NHS, and thankfully so.

And finally this week, over at th’ospickle, Sinead’s great grandmother Agnes returned just in time to learn that Sinead can now feel her legs and her mascara has stayed perfect too. Ah, life is good.

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1 comment:

Frosty the Snowman said...

Of course dim witted Eva has to blurt out in the cafe that Callum has his name on Max's birth certificate - dah! I fear this drearydom is set to run and run for months until Paula Lane's return - ho hum.


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