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Monday 23 February 2015

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 23 Feb

Monday 23rd February
EVA’S TEMPTED BY PASTURES NEW. After a sleepless night, Jason feels terrible and wishes he’d trusted Eva and Tony. Todd feigns concern whilst Jason apologises to Tony for jumping to the wrong conclusion, telling him if it’s any consolation, he’s lost everything. In a last ditch attempt to save his relationship, Jason shows Eva the surprise tickets for New York which he’d booked. Pointing out that the flight leaves this evening, Jason implores her to forgive him. With bags packed, Jason’s on tenterhooks at No.11. as Eva arrives. Are they going to New York together or not?
TONY’S LEFT OUT IN THE COLD. Tony surprises Liz with some concert tickets but she’s not in the mood with Steve so poorly. Fed up, Tony’s only too happy to ‘to go over the accounts’ with Tracy. Leaving Todd in the shop, a scantily clad Tracy shows Tony into No.1. But when they’re interrupted by Ken and Amy, Tony’s forced to hide outside whilst Tracy stuffs his clothes down the back of a chair. As Eccles scratches at the toilet door, Ken wonders what she’s found. Are they about to be caught out?
LLOYD RETURNS TO A CHANGED STREET. Lloyd arrives back from Spain and Andrea’s thrilled to see him, however their mood is ruined when Chesney lays into Lloyd for allowing Steve to drive a cab again (Steve has just got into his taxi for the first time since the accident). With little choice, Andrea explains to Lloyd how Steve crashed the minibus, Sinead may never walk again and Steve’s been diagnosed with depression. How will Lloyd react?
ELSEWHERE Maria’s pleased to see Luke and Liam getting on so well.

Monday 23rd February

JASON MAKES A LAST DITCH ATTEMPT FOR EVA. Reiterating that they’re finished, Eva tells Jason that she won’t be going to New York as she’s going to stay with Gloria in France instead. Jason’s gutted. Todd drags Jason into town and plies him with alcohol, insisting he must forget about Eva. But when Eva admits to Leanne how much she loves Jason, Leanne persuades her to call him, hoping for a reconciliation. Todd picks up Jason’s phone and kills the call. Will Jason remains oblivious or can he save his relationship before Eva leaves for France?
TONY LAYS DOWN SOME GROUND RULES FOR TRACY. Will Tony make his getaway or is he about to be rumbled by Eccles? Meanwhile when Tracy drops hints about the new man in her life to Liz, Tony’s furious and quietly lays down some ground rules. However Tracy lays down a few of her own and demands that he take her for a weekend away!
LLOYD HAS NO TRUCK WITH STEVE’S SELF PITY. Steve arrives back from his taxi shift in an upbeat mood. Lloyd’s taken aback to see Steve so cheery. As he tries to engage Lloyd in matey banter, Lloyd snaps and confronts Steve over the fact he almost killed their business and put Sinead in a wheelchair. Steve feels terrible, admitting to Michelle his good mood was only a faƧade and inside he feels hollow. Can Michelle give him the reassurances he needs?
ELSEWHERE Luke gets his feet under the table at Maria’s as he offers his DIY services. Kevin entertains Jenny with dinner at home. But how will Sophie react when she walks in on their romantic meal?

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Not Andrea pontificating please! I hope Lloyd is going to support Steve like a true friend and not just pooh pooh his illness, and it is an illness, like selfish ignorant old Elizabeth.

Anonymous said...

I think Lloyd has a right to be angry. He tried to reach out to Steve before he went away but he wouldn't admit he had a problem and now landed them both in serious financial trouble as a result. Having said that I hate it when they fight and would much rather see Lloyd come round and support Steve through his illness once he's got the anger off his chest.

ChiaGwen said...

Lovely to see Lloyd back but completely ruined with Andrea still hanging around. Definitely does not fit in with the trio of Eileen, Lloyd and Steve....I'd say we are due for another murder.....

Anonymous said...

Right now,I'm liking Andrea as she's the only one who's been genuinely concerned about Steve not being judge and jury towards with regards to the accident and I think she'll be the only one who'll calm Lloyd down.
Chesney is the one who's getting on my nerves with his vendetta against Steve.Despite the fact that Sinead is recovering he won't let it go and maybe he should join his sister and mother on a permant basis.

John McE said...

I find it hard to believe that so many people refuse to accept that Steve has clinical depression. You'd expect a few to doubt it, but not the whole bloody cast!

And why does everyone still think that Steve caused the crash? We all saw the joyriders deliberately brake in front of him, which caused him to swerve and lose control. There were enough people on the coach - surely one of them must have seen what actually happened?

I can't wait for Liz to finally find out about Tracy and Tony. The longer it goes on the greater her wrath when she finds out. It should be fun to watch.


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