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Sunday 1 February 2015

Corrie weekly awards for Jan. 26 - 30

Comedy scene of the week: Tim in a panic over the rat.  Tim squeaked louder than Darryl when he saw the rat on the table, uncaged! (I know phobias are not funny but this was a good chuckle)

Spite award: Todd Grimshaw. Eva has always been his friend, why turn on her and Jason now?  And he gets the Oh Grow Up awards. He really needs to get over himself.

Bull in a China shop award: Tracy was never known for her tact and understanding. But she's right, Amy did need to be told.

Storyline touchstone award: Tim is still working on his reading. "Slowly but surely"

Mouths of Babes award: Amy, for "getting" it and pointing out that Lady Gaga has depression, too.

Wrong end of the stick award: Faye and Craig saw Sally and Kevin looking pretty cozy. But he was only helping with Tim's birthday surprise.

Back up the truck award: I know Tracy and Tony had a one nighter rebounder but now she's all over him? 'Scuse me? Did that come out of left field or is it a matter of having started down that road, there's no point turning back.

As if award: As if Tony would be cuddling Eva in full view of the neighbourhood and across from the pub where his girlfriend lives and works if they were having a fling!

Style icon: Sean's onesie and puppy slippers.

New double act award: Tim and Craig. Potential for gold!

Agony Granny: Agnes might just tell Chesney a thing or two. Listen to her!

Irony award: Norris complaining about bad customer service. Pot? Kettle?

Lines of the week:
Chesney "You don't want to be overdoing it" Sinead "I'm laid flat on my back - I'm hardly pulling an all-nighter in town."
Norris to Steve (out on the street, loudly) "How's the guilty conscience!!" (nasty little toad)
Eva to Todd "You and Tracy, eh? There's the Dream Team"
Eileen "I feel like the woman who lived in a shoe" Eva "Can you imagine living in a shoe? It'd be amazin'!"
David about the posters "Was it the Gail idiot or the Michael idiot!?"
Sally "Get a grip, you big drama queen. You're 43 on Wednesday, not three!" Tim "You remembered me birthday?" Sally "Yeah and you're getting a stuffed rat!" Tim "THAT'S NOT FUNNY!" ( Yes it is, funny, funny stuff!)
Tracy "When were you going to tell me you've gone Radio GaGa"
Michael "So basically, it's Potter, Tilsley, Platt, Hillman, McIntyre. Is that it?" Gail "Well...let's not rhink about the past, eh?"
Gail about the registry office "If I have another wedding there, I get the next one half price" (I wonder if Steve knows about this!?)
Maddy to Norris "You should be living under a bridge, you miserable troll" (and then some)
Todd "Your secret's safe with me" (of course it is)
Agnes to Ches "You've got to be more like that Mo Farrah. Pace yourself else you'll never last the distance" Norris "Nobody gives a jot for customer satisfaction"

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Is he a Secret Millionaire? award: Tony seems to have a Rita Tanner style bottomless pit of cash, first he buys into Tracy’s business, now he is going to help buy a house for Jason and Eva and they are already talking about knocking walls down etc.

Spiteful for sake of it award: I am really sick of Todd and his tiresome ‘plotting’. Why stir up trouble for Eva who has shown him nothing but kindness and loyalty. After bringing this actor back, I fear as usual yet again they really don’t know what to do with him.

It’s a miracle award: Lo and beyond at the end of the last episode Sinead can feel her feet –Eureka and she was only paralysed for a couple of weeks.

Where’s your mother gone award: Why would great granny turn up at the hospital bed and not your own mother? Would be a nice change if she was a kindly old soul but as usual she is a rude overbearing bossy old harridan.

Tiresome Feud award: The plain and boring Maddar and Norris are going to have a silly feud with each trying to get one over the other – wake me up when it’s all over please.

Take control of your kid award; Max whines he doesn’t feel well and doesn’t want to go to school, so he is allowed to hang out in the caf√© eating ice cream with Katy and Joseph. Do they still have truancy officers?

Shut up award: Chesney laying into Steve was out of order. Does Chesney ever stop moaning, this negative little character seems permanently disgruntled about something or the other.

Tacky award: Sean smacking the Vicar’s bottom is totally inappropriate. Sean as he is in middle age is now becoming a tad creepy I am afraid.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I have to agree with everything Frosty says. Also:

Soap cliché award: Todd just happens to see Tony and Eva,

Don't bother telling the most important character in another character's life award: Really, if Sally was giving Tim a surprise party, wouldn't she tell his daughter? Clumsy joke but mercifully brief,

'What do we do with this character now?' award: Sorry, but Tracy can't go on being a panto queen when she will soon be the only adult Barlow on the Street. Her rebellious nature only worked when she was a young woman, struggling with her family demons.

Anonymous said...

Along with agreeing with Frosty's comments,I also think that Kevin deserves Humpty Dumpty's 'What do we do with this character now?'award.I wondered why would he helping Sally plan a birthday partyfor her boyfriend when he has a child at home?It seems all that Kevin seems to do is hang around Sally and Tim or in the pub.Poor little Jack is being neglected by his father.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Sean should not have smacked the Vicar's bum. Never smack a bum when you could squeeze or pat it instead.


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