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Wednesday 25 February 2015

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 25 Feb

Wednesday 25th February
IT’S A CLOSE SHAVE FOR TRACY AND TONY. Tony sets off with Tracy to buy a job lot of stolen electrical goods. He promises Liz he’ll be home in time to take her out. Tony and Tracy meet up with an old mate of Tony’s. Tracy plays hard ball but they eventually strike a deal. However as Tony and Tracy prepare to leave with their van load of knock off goods, a police car pulls up beside them.
RITA IS HAUNTED BY A FACE FROM THE PAST. After a chat with Sally, Sophie gives Kevin her blessing, telling him he can go out with Jenny if he likes, she just doesn’t want to see him get hurt. Kevin’s pleased at her change of heart. Having ascertained that Rita is away, Jenny agrees to accompany Kevin to the Rovers. But Rita returns home early and insists Norris, Emily and Mary join her for a birthday drink. As Rita approaches the bar, how will she react as Jenny wishes her a happy birthday?
LLOYD AND STEVE EACH BLAME THEMSELVES. Still clearly awkward with each other, Lloyd tells Steve he doesn’t want any bad blood between them.
ELSEWHERE Jason mopes in front of the telly whilst Eileen fusses round him. Todd’s quietly jealous, his hatred of Eileen growing. Liz worries that they’re short-staffed at the Rovers. When Eileen offers her services, admitting she could do with some extra cash, Liz takes her on. Will Eileen prove to be a hit behind the bar? Handing Luke the key to her flat, Maria leaves him to crack on with the tiling.

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Anonymous said...

Eileen behind the bar..what frivolity awaits us? thanks, I'll take a pass.

Unknown said...

Eileen has got a quick wit and a sharp tounge. I am looking forward to see her earning her pay!

Frosty the Snowman said...

I certainly would not want to look at Eileen's miserable old face with her sarky comments behind a bar. How many people do they need to serve behind that tiny bar anyhow?

Looking forward to the Rita and Jenny stand off with the usual soap contrivance of "coming back early".

Anonymous said...

Eileen behind the bar? Do they want to lose customers?

Anonymous said...

For goodness sake you moaning bunch of EE lovers!!

Are you really saying that in the "classic" days of Fred Gee behind the bar and Bet Lynch with her little "quips", the regulars were greeted with a smile and warm words? I think not.

Anonymous said...

FYI Anonymous @ 09:11, I don't watch EE.

You may as well put Norris behind the bar if you're going to put Eileen "face that would make milk curdle" Grimshaw there.

Anonymous @ 07:27

abbyk said...

I like Eileen and think this could be interesting. There hasn't been a sensible motherly type behind the bar since we lost Betty. She's no replacement, but she's no jiggly wiggly youngster, either. Wonder how she'll like serving Gail and Audrey?

Tvor said...

I gotta agree with the nay sayers. Somehow I just don't think Eileen is bar staff material.

Unknown said...

Anyone know where Rita got her red coat in tonights episode??

Anonymous said...

Some great comedy with Eileen behind the bar - more please!

Rebecca said...

I think Eileen could work out well behind the bar. She wouldn't take any guff from the rowdies!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 09:11: So true! In the past, there was plenty of sniping and under the breath muttering from bar staff. At least then it was framed as class conflict - management vs workers. The old bar staff had to turn up early, prepare hot pot, clean the bar, and open for the early shift. Then they were expected to clean, set up, and start again for evening shift. The writers made clear why the staff might feel put upon, not to mention having to deal with difficult personalities like Annie Walker. Now, it appears that everything gets done magically, so staff have nothing better to do than stand around. Or rather, staff is the same as management, and both are family. Which is why it all gets boring. There's no analysis of class interest, no one does anything in a realistic way, and the viewers have become like the old-time punters, judging a barmaid on whether she's young enough to fantasise about. Eileen has more personality than Alya, Katy, and Steph combined. I hope she settles in.


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