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Monday 2 February 2015

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 2 Feb

Finally it has happened. I have given up on Norris. I am forever looking for the redemptive characteristic and with Norris, it was his concern for Rita. But that’s it now, I'm done with Norris. ‘If you don’t have a nice word for anybody, do not expect anybody to have a nice word for you,’ was what my mum used to say to her offspring, and it is true enough.

His jibes at Steve post-crash, his irritation and callousness with Mary, his  treatment of his half-brother who came to make amends and now his refusal to check the till when Maddie received change for £10 when she had handed him £20. Maddie was right and Rita returned her tenner but Norris refused to apologise.  So I am rather pleased that Maddie got hold of his tablet. Maddie believes that it was Norris who punctured Simon’s ball. Reasonable assumption as Norris is probably the one most likely to pull such a mean trick.Telling Maddie she was looking for Oik News, did him no favours. What an obnoxious snob!

Is it Max who is luring Callum back to Coronation Street or might it be Katy? Just as Katy and Max are in the cafe in walks Callum who insists on buying Max a milkshake. David is outraged that Max is with Callum again. David has just returned from a trip to the solicitors to try to find out what his rights are over Max, as he is not the biological father. As we know, he is a father to Max, and a pretty good one too, despite the missing biological link. The solicitor has eased David's anxieties, saying, that though Callum has legal rights, David has the relationship with Max. But on seeing Callum, that reassurance all seems to fall away. David demands Max leaves immediately. Eva also tells Callum to keep away from Max and tells him that despite it being Callum’s name on the birth certificate, David is Max’s true father.

Katy wants to know why David loathes Callum and when he explains, Katy turns Callum down for a date, making it clear she’s not keen on drug-dealers. She calls him a 'cocky swine' which in turn angers Callum, who turns up at David’s to inform him how he will be seeing Max much more. Callum mends Max's car. Gavin believes that he and Max have a connection. He tells David his car has been keyed but we don't know if that's true or not. He tells David that he's from a respectable family and that his mum is a teacher. He also tells David he'll see him in court.  

It’s bistro opening night and a young woman delivers some plants. Steph and Gavin are told off a couple of times for canoodling by Leanne, so imagine what she must think when she catches Gavin in an embrace with the plant deliverer. She is called Tara and has an attractive North East accent. (Sorry Glenda, can’t pinpoint it precisely).This time she really was the girlfriend of Andy/ Gavin. She seems keen to reconcile but he tells her he is seeing someone, which is the truth. Then comes the strange charade between Steph and Gavin as she shrieks at him that he's dumped because he has no respect for women. She slaps him across the face. They then reconcile and fight the good fight in the bistro. Hmm.

Carla calls in to see Roy. She is still on crutches and Roy asks if she is ready to return to work. She says she’s not but has to do it. As it’s only 500 yards away, Carla suggests Roy gives her a piggy back.

Good to hear news of Mavis. She is on the 5-2 diet and has lost 9 lbs. She has also made a Victoria sponge. Rita tells Norris to behave in her absence and Norris tells her that he’s not a child. ‘Don’t behave like one,’ them she warns.

Faye hates school and she confides in Craig. We saw her forge Anna's signature and also saw her hanging outside the gym. Eva asked Faye what she was doing but she just said she had a free period. That cannot be true. Pupils Faye's age are not allowed to be off school premises. Craig says she always gets good marks, but it's not the lessons that are bothering her. People are saying she's fat. They write it on the white board and on her school books. Craig asks if it's Sabrina Walsh and her crew. Craig also says he's been there and that she should speak to one of the teachers. Craig, like the true gent he is, offers to be her bodyguard.

Gail is being very precious about Michael. He wants something to take his mind off his operation on Friday, so when Eileen asks to borrow him fro a couple of hours while she goes to the dentist, he accepts. At breakfast he doesn’t finish his cereal and Gail doesn’t want him ‘going weak from lack of nourishment’. She means well, but Michael must feel suffocated.

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Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering what you found strange about Steph and Andy's charade?

Laura said...

Where do I begin with the absurdity of this episode! The absolute ridiculous charade of Steph and's getting so out of hand. When they were on the bench they were still acting out their stupid farce with no one around!
Maddie.... who would rather be kicking about a ball with a 12 year old boy than go to a lovely hotel. She acts even younger and more immature than her mumbling girlfriend. And how exactly is Sophie able to afford a weekend getaway at a posh country hotel??? Maddie and Norris are behaving like two toddlers.
The bistro, which was completely redone in about a week's time! And it looks way too busy....some kind of faux distressed look....crumbling log cabin that "in" now?!
Why is Sinead upset about who babysits Joseph?'s not her son!!!
And why didn't David tell Katy last week the reason for not letting Max see Callum? I don't understand why the big secret that he is a drug dealer. Is there anyone dimmer than that character, Katy?? When David said he is like Ryan... she answered him with...."You mean he's a DJ?"
I thought I would fall off the sofa.
I was really embarrassed with the quality of this episode. Some of the lines were cringeworthy. What is the age of the target audience for these writers?
Where are our beloved older characters? Gail has been turned into a simpering fool lately. Pointing to the tray of champagne on opening night at the Bistro and asking ...."Are these going begging???"

Laura said...

Also..why is Sinead always laying flat on her back?? She is never shown being exercised or doing physio. Sure way to get blood clots by never being moved.
I always get nostalgic for "Frankenstein" films whenever there is a scene in her hospital room.
She must have the tiles on the ceiling memorised.

Anonymous said...

The bistro was closed on 16th January for its refurbishment, not a week.
Sinead is Joseph's carer along with Chesney - of course she has an interest.
Are you an EE fan?

Ruth owen said...

Anonymous at 1.09

I thought it was strange because psychologically it did not convince either in terms of acting or in the way people behave. Also, people must be a bit dim if they don't realise
what is going on.

Ruth owen said...

I think Sinead was upset about Roy looking after Joseph because she witnessed Roy hitting Gary. She was shocked by the uncontrolled violence.

Ruth owen said...

My friend who broke his back had to stay still for 6 weeks.

Anonymous said...

@13:39. Ruth, thank you for responding. I guess I am more accustomed to viewing live theatre than TV, so I fell for the meta-theatre of the charade. In soap, we regularly suspend disbelief, watching actors pretend at a high pitch. In Steph and Andy's scene-within-the-scene, we got to watch them pretending to pretend, and I personally enjoyed that. But that's just me...

Anonymous said...

The last line:

"She means well, but Michael must feel suffocated."

Michael's character IS suffocating!

Ruth owen said...

I see, thanks for your comment Anonymous at 13.39.

Ruth owen said...

Sorry anonymous re Michael, but I quite like his character.

Anonymous said...

Mayb it's just me but more and more Corrie is becoming the 'Platt' Show with it's dragged out storylines dominating episodes.I used to like 'Andy\Gavin'but he's getting on my nerves now finding excuses not to tell Michael the truth.
As for Sinead,would she be happier if Roy was robbed and hurt instead?!Roy was not the monster,Gary was and I wish Chesney would remind her how good Roy has been to him and Fiz through the years.

Zagg said...

I agree, this whole Steph and Andy charade is truly the silliest story line. It is so unnecessary and implausible. Why not just make this dude the real Gavin from the beginning and get on with it? His reasoning for pretending to be Gavin was lame. And the once smart Steph has turned into a goof because of this story. I am not digging this at all.
It's as if Blackburn hired a couple of good looking young men and then scrambled to make lame stories to fit them in. It seems like writing on the fly. Not impressed with any of it. Callum and Andy could walk away tomorrow and it wouldn't matter at all.
Luke is the only good male addition they've made in my opinion. (Don't get me started on Zeedan)

Maddie? I've disliked her from the beginning. And too could Sloppie Webster afford a posh hotel weekend? These writers never get it right and age appropriate for these younger actors. Maddie is supposed to be turning 18. A posh Hotel? Really? A Realistic present would be concert tickets and a night out clubbing, not a romantic hotel weekend that Dev would plan for Julie. It' so frustrating sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I find it extremely odd that David, after flinging his wife out the door, bag and baggage is now asking forlornly - why did she abandon us? What a tool.
Gail - whimpering, simpering same as when she was with Joe M..all doe eyed and acting like a 12 year old. Fugh!!!

Laura said...

I think David's reaction and confusion is human. He acted in the heat in the moment when he threw Kylie out, and now that he's had time to think he realizes the kids need her in their lives. He figures since he has realized this Kylie should have too, and is confused that she hasn't. Not saying that it's right or wrong, but that I understand it and find it believable.

As for why Maddie would choose playing football with Simon over a weekend getaway with Sophie, well, who wouldn't?

But in all seriousness, she has a brother she loves in foster care. She decided to stop visiting him because it was confusing him, a decision that hurt her but that she made for his sake (rightly or wrongly). Her relationship with and connection to Simon is a substitution for the day-to-day relationship she'd like to have with her younger brother - and she seems to genuinely like him for his own sake.


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