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Monday 9 February 2015

Coronation Street Double Episode Review Monday 9 February 2015

A very emotional scene between Gail and Michael, produces a date to get married. Four weeks today it will be. Gail does not want to spend another day not being Michael's wife. It might have been Sally's somewhat negative intervention that made Gail decide once and for all. Eileen's offer to be a bridesmaid was an amusing idea.

It makes for awkward viewing to see Steph and Gavin at the bedside especially when Michael tells Gavin that he, Gavin is his biggest regret. Steph encouraged him earlier to confess, but it never seems to be the right time. After all, when is the right time to tell someone who has just had major heart surgery that actually, you are an impostor, not the long-lost son Michael had longed to reconnect with. When it all comes out as it surely will, I imagine Michael will be extremely hurt rather than angry. Either way, this massive upset will be no good for a man recovering from major heart surgery.

Since Steph has been with Gavin/Andy, the storyline seems to have taken away her natural vivacity, which was so attractive. Her character has been altered and the old Steph should return as soon as possible.

So far though, plans for the wedding are going well. The reception will be family and a few friends at the Bistro and Audrey will pay.

Steve receives a well-deserved whistle from Michelle. H seems much better but depression can bring you back down when it is least expected. Still, Steve has been out with Amy and Michelle, the table cloth -paper - caught fire but what's a birthday without a few flames? Amy also wanted a mani-pedi which, as Liz points out, is rather strange for an 11 year old.

From an 11 year old to a 12 year old - Faye. It's been a while that she's not been gong to school now because of the bullies calling her fat. She doesn't want to tell Anna all about it because she says it will make it worse and that is the problem. Schools need to be very sensitive in their treatment of the bullies and the bullied otherwise it can easily intensify the situation which Faye and most young people are only too aware of. Craig is ironically a little bullied into telling Anna what is going on. In addition, Katy sees Faye in the park and manages to get the truth out of her. Cigarettes tumble out of Faye's bag and it seems she believes they are an appetite suppressant and wisely or unwisely promises not to tell. It all comes out anyway due to Craig being interrogated.

'Everybody hates me because I'm fat and disgusting.' Poor Faye. No matter how much salad she consumes, it makes no difference and so it cannot be long before the pregnancy story breaks.

Sharif believes his hen has laid an egg. But she hasn't. Kal had put an egg there and had some fun watching his father's reaction. On the question of eggs and hens, please indulge me here - it costs only a little more to buy free range eggs. Don't take it just from me though, take it from Roy. His words are heartbreaking. 'The conditions that many chickens are forced to endure, borders on the barbaric.' Nice work Coronation Street for helping to raise awareness.

So sorry to hear that Julie is leaving and maybe her departure will be tied up in the Dev goes to Mumbai storyline. After having asked Dev not to go and his agreeing not to go it was when Dev began to talk about a boy who had touched his heart - Pamir. Pamir can now read and write and was in class wearing his Arsenal shirt, thanks to the good work of the organisation that Dev wants to work with. On hearing Dev speaking so passionately Julie told him that he should go. Dev was clearly very relieved and not a little grateful.

 It's teatime at the Windass/Armstrong house and the door bell rings. It is Katy and Izzy's mum - the mum that they believe abandoned them and never tried to get them back. That belief seems to be shattered for the viewer if not for Katy and Izzy - yet. Owen is hiding something from his daughters and the truth is about to be revealed. His wife says that she will win her daughters back.
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Frosty the Snowman said...

How wooden was Mrs Armstrong last night? Turns up after 20 odd years and not a flicker of emotion. How did she know where Owen lived? Another copycat of Emmerdale. The nonsense over the chickens was supposed to be Corrie humour right????? Looks like the Nazirs got the same interior designer as the Bistro - dark and dingy.

John McE said...

Have they bought a job lot of hideous coats? Suddenly half the women were sporting ones we have never seen before.

Sally's was quite the ugliest I have even seen, and as for Liz's fur nightmare - how many acrylics had to be slaughtered to make that atrocity?

AmandaB said...

I was shouting exactly the same at the tv - how did she know where he lived!! Not even a cursory ask around in the Rovers first. And yes an exact copy of an Emmerdale plot, why on earth do they do that?!?

Humpty Dumpty said...

Yes, very strange that Linda knew exactly where to go, especially as Owen and co have only just moved into the flat. The Chicken Run escapade was deeply unfunny, and Yasmeen is still a pain in the neck. I understand she's supposed to be a pain in the neck but somehow it doesn't work. None of the Nazirs can do comedy.

@John McE: love the comment about the acrylics slaughter.

Faye is great when she's with Craig so it must be the adults in her family who drag their scenes down. Not looking forward to Anna wringing her hands yet again, and the inevitable articles about her reaction etc etc.

Beth said...

Although Amy is 11 and Faye 12, the age gap between them seems so big. Amy receiving roller boots for her birthday I couldn't imagine Faye thinking them fun somehow. The two Barlow kids are kept much younger than their years by the writers. Steve speaks to Amy just like she's a very small child at times. Amy and Faye hanging out together would be odd, despite being close in age. Yet Faye supposedly just 1 year older will carry a major pregnancy story - the difference is huge.

Tvor said...

I think, because of her background, Faye is older for her age in some ways. She probably didn't have a lot of fun growing up as a child of a drug addict with nobody showing her much love. Amy may have had a mother in prison for part of her short life, but she's had lots of other people around her who love her.

I am enjoying the chicken stories, and I like the dynamic between Yasmeen and Sharif a lot. In fact, I think the family as a whole interacts together quite well.

Ruth owen said...

Very good point Beth about the age gap between Amy and Faye.


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