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Friday 27 February 2015

Which Corrie couples will stand the test of time?

I began to wonder about how many couples would stay together at the point where Tony was hiding in the outhouse on the unexpected return of Ken and Amy. I had, at one time thought that Liz and Tony would stay the course, each having found their match in the other. That was foolish. Tony has too much of a roving eye and Tracy seems to be irresistible to him. I can’t quite remember why Eileen and Tony split up, but I would like to bet it involved another woman or women. Eileen seems to be contemptuous of Tony and understandably so. At first, it might have been that she was a little jealous, just a little, but I’m now certain that Tony holds no interest for her.

Tony is essentially morally bankrupt. He’s a wheeler dealer in his business life and can't resist women. So he probably won’t  stick with Liz, despite his confession to Tracy that Liz was the real thing. Liz will found out about his shenanigans with Tracy and give him the elbow. That is not to say she won’t be upset, because she will. Will Jim reappear? His love for Liz seems to define him but after the Peter Barlow business, maybe his luck has finally run out. Nevertheless I hear this:  "Catch yourself on, Elizabeth. Made for each other, so we were, so what about ya?’

Now that we know that Julie is leaving, that’s that for her and Dev. After an initial doubt, I was soon convinced that they were right for each other and how lovely, especially for Julie that she would find sublimation in having two children to look after. Has Julie ever willfully done anything to hurt anyone? Her sterling actions after the bus crash go a long way to absolve her of any guilt, if she has ever fallen short.

What an inspired move it was to put Sally and Tim together. Can Sally really be that much of a snob if she shares her life with a window cleaner who can barely read or write? I really don’t think so. That said, she does certainly still have flashes of self-importance: her behaviour at the factory for instance, queening it over Alya and being obsequious to Carla. Also her reaction to the red leather sofa, only starting to like it when she knew it was expensive.  I very much hope that when Faye has her baby Sally will be a support both for Faye and for Tim.

I had very much hoped Jason and Eva would stay together, but after Jason’s accusations that Eva was sleeping with Tony, that was that, at least for now. There is still hope though. When Catherine Tyldesley has her baby and comes back after maternity leave, we could see a reunion. Please!

Fiz and Tyrone will surely stay together. Their family unit works well and it seems that both Fiz and Tyrone treat each other’s children as their own. Great for both of them to find the stability of each other after Fiz’s lucky escape from John Stape and Tyrone’s escape from Kirsty.

Sinead and Chesney have a real test coming. As if Sinead’s suffering from a very serious injury isn’t enough to test them, there is now the problem of where Joseph will be. We all know that Georgia May Foote, who plays Katy, is leaving, (but not to ‘take Hollywood, as one newspaper stated) so will Katy take Joseph with her?  Will that make Chesney reassess what is realyy important to him?

Apart from not seeing them very much together, I know I am not alone in not being convinced by the relationship between Leanne and Kal. My bet would be that they will split, as despite their words, neither of them seems particularly committed to the other.

I’m also not sure about Lloyd and Andrea, though they do seem pretty solid. Is Andrea’s star in the ascendancy? I think so …

Maybe Gail and Michael will stick together. It would be hard for Michael to escape now, and besides they are getting married soon. When the revelations about Gandy come out, Gail will no doubt be coming up with even more concerned expressions and some angry ones especially for the imposter.

Anna and Owen are nearly over, so speculation there is pointless. Beth and Kirk have just got married  and I feel it in my bones that they will stay together. Craig is very happy about his mum and Kirk getting together.

Some relationships are too early to call: Steph and Andy/Gavin, Luke and Maria, Jenny and Kevin and Alya and Gary. There is also Billy and Sean and I would be delighted for that one to work.

 And so, to Steve and Michelle. Spoilers on the front of soap magazines say emphatically that they will marry, but that there will be something dramatic happening too. Well, you cannot have a straightforward wedding on the cobbles, now can you? I still feel a little uncertain about this pairing. Michelle became very derisive in her attitude to Steve’s attempts to better himself at college. In league with Liz, both his mother and his girlfriend seemed to take great delight in mocking and ridiculing him.

Best bets then for the Darby and Joan of the Street in coming years, from how things stand now and hopefully two or even three decades down the line, goes to Tim and Sally. Having written that, it surely will be the case that they split up pretty soon, though I very much hope not. I would also like to nominate Beth and Kirk.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Being realistic, couples often split up only because one of the actors wants to leave, as with Owen and Anna. On the other hand, there are some couples who stay together simply because the actors dare not leave Corrie to try their luck, and are unlikely to be poached by another soap. That means some of the longest-surviving couples could be the not-brilliant ones.

I love the idea of Tim and Sally staying together and they are excellent actors. I'm banking on the fact that Sally D is so associated with Sally W that she would not want to leave Corrie nor would any other soap want her. She could leave with my blessing for a few weeks to do a short theatre run - but I'd want her back pdq. I'm almost certain Jason and Eva will turn out to be long-term. But how long is long-term these days? Five years? On that basis the Derby and Joan couples will be: Tim and Sally; Jason and Eva; Tyrone and Fiz; Nick and Leanne; Chesney and Sinead. We do need a few solid couples on the Street so that we can have stories that don't involve love cheats.

Tvor said...

I chuckle because nobody even thought to mention Gary and Alya, Luke and Maria or Steph and Ga'Andy although I do think Steph and Andy have potential. I also think David and Kylie will get back together and I think they can possibly go the distance if the actors stay with the show.

Ruth owen said...

Tvor, I did give a mention to Gary and Alya and to Luke & Maria & to Steph and Gandy, though I don't hold out much hope for them.

Anonymous said...

I think David and Kylie will be for keeps, assuming the actress wants to come back after her mat leave; ditto for Jason and Eva. I think Tim and Sally could go the distance although Joe Duttine is an actor with a deep resume and he may not want to stay on the Street for the next few years. Fiz and Tyrone should be longterm although where IS Fiz these days? Beth and Kirkeh have the best shot of being forever, IMHO, although I think the writers like to fall back on the lazy trick of having couples split up, just for something to do, almost.

Ruth owen said...

Fiz - jenny McAlpine is on maternity leave Anonymous.

Rossie said...

Kevin and Tyrone's bromance is strong, which is amazing considering how Kevin betrayed Tyrone. Also Kevin and Tim are good together. Liz and Deidre had a lovely friendship. Steve and Lloyd are almost like brothers. So perhaps it is the friendships which stand the test of time and life's trials and tribulations better than the romances. Can't remember a permanent friendship break-up but lots of romantic ones.

Ruth owen said...

I like that idea Rossie. Friendships that will stand the test of time.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Interesting that there no longer seem to be any MARRIED couples on the Street, they are all living over brush, apart from Kirky/Beth and the elderly Nazirs.

Anonymous said...

It's not all that surprising that no one on the Street wants to get married anymore, given what disasters Corrie weddings usually turn out to be.

Anonymous said...

Ruth Owen,Although I agree about Gary and Alya not lasting as he seems to be hanging around the Armstrongs again instead of getting to know the Nazirs.I think Luke and Maria could be a long term couple.She took things slow because she wanted to be sure for herself and her son and Luke being the good guy he is was understanding and patient and is committed to Maria and being a father figure to Liam
I doubt once it hits the fan about Andy's lies that he and Steph will last as he'll probably leave after being the Street's latest pariah for lying to the Platts.

Ruth owen said...

Agree Anonymous that family difficulties aside, Gary & Alya might make it. After Fridays episode I thought Luke and Maria might last. Love Luke.


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