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Friday 27 February 2015

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 27 Feb

Friday 27th February
TONY AND TRACY PLAY WITH FIRE. Tracy turns on the charm whilst the police officer checks Tony’s driving licence. Will he let them go or is their dodgy stock about to be discovered? Menawhile dressed up to the nines, Liz waits impatiently for Tony. Back on the street he legs it to the pub, leaving Tracy to unload the van. Will Liz realise what the pair have been up to?
RITA BANISHES JENNY FROM HER LIFE. Jenny explains to Rita how she found Kevin on an internet dating site. Rita tells Norris, Emily and Mary how Jenny tried to wangle £30k out of her but she sent her away with £1k and a flea in her ear and hasn’t heard from her since. Rita calls at No.13 and confronts Jenny, demanding to know why she’s returned after all these years.
FAYE FRETS AS TIME TICKS ON. Alone at No.5, Craig and Faye watch a DVD about giving birth. Faye’s terrified.
ELSEWHERE Maria heads out to meet a friend leaving Luke to re-tile the kitchen. Clearly out of his depth, Luke persuades Owen to tile Maria’s kitchen and makes him promise it’ll remain their secret. But when Maria arrives home early will Luke get caught out? Eileen struggles behind the bar.

Friday 27th February
TONY SIDES WITH LIZ OVER TRACY. Under Liz’s stony gaze, Tony admits that the box contains stolen goods. Angrily demanding he get shut of it, Liz reminds Tony not to bring his dodgy business into her pub. Tony carries the stock over to Barlow’s Buys and tears a strip off Tracy for dropping him in it with Liz. As Tony attempts a charm offensive on Liz, Tracy calls in the pub for a drink. Liz lays down some ground rules, telling her in future she’s not welcome in the back room and must stay on the public side of the bar. How will Tracy react to this?
JENNY’S RETURN HITS RITA HARD. Jenny promises Kevin she never ripped Rita off, she just asked her for a hand-out and Rita refused. When Jenny then makes it clear she’d like to stay the night, will Kevin be appeased?
THE GREEN EYED MONSTER GETS A HOLD OF ANNA. Clearly jealous of Linda, Anna gets dressed up to the nines for a drink with Owen. When Owen demurs that Linda isn’t all bad, Anna’s left crushed.
ELSEWHERE How will Maria react when she arrives home to find Owen tiling her kitchen and Luke nowhere in sight? Will Steph be able to make her see that he was only trying to impress her? Eileen proves a lousy barmaid.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

How can Rita banish Jenny from her life, when she hasnt been in it for the past 30 years?

I suppose Eileen and her behaviour behind the bar is supposed to be hilarious "Corrie humour", spare us.

Anonymous said...

Yes, get rid of Eileen from behind the bar and preferably from the cobbles altogether.

Anonymous said...

I preferred it when Eileen worked in the factory, she'd be more at home there. And we need a new older person behind the bar taking no nonsense I suggest Agnes Tinker and she could move into the corner shop flat to keep an eye on our Sinead!!

Anonymous said...

Why would Maria be tiling a kitchen in a rented flat? Wouldn't that be up to the landlord?

Beth said...

Didn't Maria own No7 once upon a time. Or am I mistaken. If so then why is she renting Audrey's flat?

Laura said...

If I remember correctly, she did. She owned it with Liam Connor, and after it came out that Tony had murdered him and then gotten involved with her, she decided to go to Ireland, and sold the house to Dev and Sunita while she was gone.

Zagg said...

Could anything be more boring than the Luke/Maria tiling story line? I really don't know why they are trying to stir up such fake intrigue with these two. They're both single, just get on with it.

Anonymous said...

Zagg,To answer your question,the Windasses,Platts and Tony\Tracy are much more boring than Luke's attempts to do tiling. At least it's a 'normal'storyline not one about an affair drug dealers or a long lost relative returning.


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