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Friday 13 February 2015

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 13 Feb

Friday 13th February
FAYE GETS SOME LIFE CHANGING NEWS. Owen warns Linda to stay away from him and the girls. Linda insists she’s a right to know her own daughters. As Owen and Linda row, Linda makes it clear she’s not going to give up without a fight. But back at home Owen tells Izzy and Katy that he’s sent Linda packing and she won’t be bothering them again. Meanwhile Faye confides in Craig that despite putting herself on a diet, she’s still gaining weight. Craig wonders if she’s pregnant. Horrified by the thought Faye takes a pregnancy test. Faye’s shocked to the core as the test proves positive!  

DEV’S CAUGHT BETWEEN JULIE AND A HARD PLACE. As Dev prepares for his trip, Julie and Mary fuss over him. Mary’s unimpressed to hear that Julie will be moving into No.7 and Sophie’s even less impressed when Julie calls in the shop and explains that in Dev’s absence, she’s now her boss. Sophie and Mary complain to Dev about Julie. Can Dev smooth things over before he leaves?
STEVE MAKES AN EFFORT FOR MICHELLE. Steve reveals to Liz that he’s planning to cook a lovely meal for Michelle.
ELSEWHERE Tony shows Eva some more property details of potential flats for she and Jason. David continues to search the missing persons websites in a desperate attempt to find Kylie. 

Friday 13th February
FAYE’S SECRET CONTINUES TO GROW. As Owen, Anna and Faye attend the school art exhibition, Faye feels sick with anxiety, faced with constant reminders of her own awful situation. When Anna tries to hug Faye, Faye recoils, worried that Anna will detect her baby bump. Anna’s hurt as Faye confides in Craig how scared she is at the thought of having a baby and petrified that Anna will disown her.
DEV JETS OFF LEAVING A TROUBLESOME TRIO. As Dev prepares to leave, Mary and Sophie demand that he lay down some ground rules to Julie. Dev nervously suggests that Mary should be in charge of the children, Sophie the shop and that Julie should help out where necessary. How will Julie react to this as Dev gets an emotional send off?
STEVE AND MICHELLE ARE UNITED IN THEIR STRUGGLE. Steve surprises Michelle with a romantic dinner in the back room of the Rovers. Michelle’s touched, despite it not going quite as planned.
ELSEWHERE Callum meets up with Katy in the Rovers. Spotting David he asks him when he can next see Max. David tells him never. But Callum won’t take no for an answer and warns David he’s not heard the last of him. Sean and Billy share a kiss as they join Eva for her birthday dinner in the bistro.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Oh just go Dev, the ridiculous "jealousy" between Julie and Mary is just tiresome and ridiculous. Why would he even leaave his kids to hi tail off, especially as it wasnt so long that they lost their mother. I wouldnt leave my dog with mad vindictive off the wall Mary and they are not Julie, his girlfriend of 5 minutes responsibility.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Dev's only going away for four weeks if I heard right. What's all the fuss about? It doesn't make sense that 1) Dev would go away on what seems like a whim and 2) that Julie would get so upset over such a short absence. The Callum saga is getting tedious. If David wanted Callum off the Street and for some reason didn't want to go down the legal route, he would tell Owen that his daughter's seeing a drug dealer. End of story.

Anonymous said...

For all her crassness, Beth has chosen a husband with a good heart, and has raised a son with an even bigger one, who's also got a brain!

How do you explain the difference between a biological father and an adoptive (although not legally) father to a 6 year old child? What a way to learn about how babies are made!

Anonymous said...

I just checked Corriepedia (Bless them!) Max is 8. That's old enough to grasp the concepts necessary to understand biological relationships. He doesn't need all the physiological details at that age, but he can understand the planting the seed concept. Understanding why his mother is addicted to drugs is a little harder, and why his biological father hooked his mother will really be hard to grasp, but it's time David enlisted some professional help (perhaps through the school) to start the process, or that kid's psyche is going to be even more damaged than it already is. And if David really wants to keep Max and fight Callum, Max will have to learn the truth, sooner rather than later, before a judge calls him into his chambers and asks him who he wants to live with!

Beth said...

As with many episodes of late, I kind of do my own thing when it's on, tuning in and out, it's possible because they don't fully grab me. Sometimes the characters irritate me so much it's the only thing to get me through.

ie, The Callum/ Katie situation - is somebody that stupid to hook up with another drug dealer just by taking his word that 'he's changed, he told me'. If that's the common sense Owen raised her with then she needs to sgiddale off with her mother pretty sharpish!

Dev.... Just go already.... and oh the disappointment in our house that it was only for 4 weeks. We honestly hoped it was for 4 years the carry on with Julie/ Sophie and Mary. What a pantomime with Dev hamming it up at the helm. Is it this is what passes for comedy now at Corrie Production Offices?

BUT.... although I've really been opposed to the thought of Faye Windass being pregnant and really still don't really quite relish the story line, (maybe because I have a daughter around the same age). The episode was saved by the two youngest cast members who played a blinder tonight. My heart ached for little Faye. She was stunning in that last scene, supported by Craig. Incredibly heartfelt, true and beyond her years.

They could have left out all that other rubbish in the episode - because indeed it was rubbish - and left it just to Faye and Craig. They were superb!


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