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Sunday 15 February 2015

Corrie weekly awards, Feb. 9 - 13

Birdwoman award: Sally and the invasion of the chicken.

Secrets and Lies award: Faye's secrets are coming out, but there's a bigger one she's going to have to keep now.
Owen's ex wife has appeared and it turns out Owen's been keeping a whopper of a secret and lying for years.

Subterfuge award: Sharif's chicken laid an egg. Or did she? No, she did not, she had a little help from her friend, Kal!

Fashion "What the heck?": Liz. Words fail me. Dev's travel neck pillow/hood. Well, it's different anyway.

Blast from the Past: Uncle Umed was mentioned!

Nanny wars: Mary has primary care of the kids while Dev is gone but Julie gets to live-in? It's going to be handbags at 40 paces and it's not going to be pretty.

Fingers in all the pies award: Julie intends on minding the kids *and* overseeing the shop.

Convenient plot device award: I'm sure some tiny corner shops like Dev's stock pregnancy testing kits but it seemed all too convenient, if you ask me.

Vocation award: Not only is being a vicar a calling, so is a builder. It's nice when you love your job.

Bad Hair Day award: Oh come on. If your hair looked like Steve's and everyone acted like it was no big deal, wouldn't you get a bit weird? I know I would!

Lines of the week:
Sharif "How on earth are they (the chickens) supposed to perform with their cousins in here chopped to pieces!"
Liz about Steve "He's got depression. Not three ears"
Yasmeen "Makes a change to see you two smiling" Kal "I smile!" Zeedan "And me!" Yasmeen "Just not usually at the same time!"
Zeedan about the birds "If they ain't layin, they ain't stayin"
Katy "If I'm going to hate somebody, I prefer to meet'em first"
Mary "Talk about killing with kindness" (point scored for Mary on the DVT socks)
Steve "I've dragged meself out of bed, I've not won the Nobel Peace Prize"
Julie "We've got a lot of work to do, Sophie. It's a good job I've brought me jotter"
Mary to Julie "We must play to our strengths, and yours are sti
tching knickers and looking cheery in a cardi."
Faye to Anna "Stop fussing! Do you really think a hug's going to make it all better?" (in this case. No.)

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Made of oak award: Linda Armstrong as was. I know she is played by a well known actress but there is no emotion or spark and she just seems to be going through the motions. Its almost like she just popped out for a pint of milk rather than being apart from her kids for 20 years and why come back now suddenly after two decades.

Look younger than your daughter award: As above the ex Mrs A is very glamorous and looks younger than Izzy. I know this is a vehicle for Georgia May to be written out, otherwise the whole scenario is just not very believable I am afraid.

Jump to Conclusions award The unlikely chef in the café Garrah rudely asking if Anna knows Owen is with Linda Рhe would hardly take her in the café in front of everyone and where her son works if there was anything going on would he РDAH?

Living in a Bubble award; Where does Katy go for her first date with “wealthy” Callum – the Rovers of course. Where do Billy and Sean go with the whole gay scene in Manchester on their doorstep – oh the Bistro of course. It would be nice if characters strayed out of their 20 yard radius once in a while.

Buffoonery award: Dev – not sure if he is trying to be a comic character or not. Anyway fed up with him and he should stay in Mumbai and give someone else a chance to run that shop which should be an integral part of the Street.

Not even going to comment on Egg Gate – just silly.

Beth said...

Yes Frosty, you are right. At least Mike Baldwin used to take his dates to Delphines. Bet it's gone out of business since the Bistro opened :)

Anonymous said...

Flopped plot- Dev's departing scenes with the 3 witches fighting over that waste of space. Not amusing. long is the ridiculous chicken in the back yard thing going to carry on? The actors are too good to be wasted on garbage writing like this. Chickens.. ya -whatever.

Tvor said...

Frosty I noticed that too. Linda seems to have no emotions, no anger, no fire in her at all. You'd think she would be emotional seeing her kids or at least pissed off at Owen.

I'm enjoying Egg-gate. People complain that Corrie doesn't have that gentle humour like it used to. This is exactly the type of thing you'd see in the old days.

Anonymous said...

I am also enjoying Egg-gate and agree with Tvor that it is a long overdue gentle humor storyline as Corrie storylines have become dark and mean-spirited lately.
It's bad enough that the Platts dominate half the episodes but do we really need the Windasses dominating the rest with Faye's pregnancy and the return of Owen's ex?
I also thought it was a bit hyporcritical for Gary to suspect Owen on cheating on his mother with his ex when he led Izzy on using her as a cover when he was secretly dating Alya.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Egg-gate might work with actors who collectively have a light touch. Sadly, there's no buzz when they're all on screen together. If I try really hard, I can see the elders being quite humorous; Kal might be OK away from the family but Zeedan is too heavy weight. Decent story line, wrong family.

I would have found the chickens-in-the-backyard more amusing if Tyrone had perhaps told Sharif about Jack's pigeons and what a nuisance they were. Did I miss something but it seems like the chickens flew in from nowhere?

Jonathan said...

Let me get this straight people round here complain that the show is too dark and mean spirited and the show needs more gentle humour like they used to have back in the good old days when said gentle humour is included people complain that it's wait for its too silly.

Anonymous said...

Frosty, once again, Katy did not say Callum was wealthy, she said he was "well fit". Grrrr.

Anonymous said...

I might like the chicken storyline better if it wasn't a direct rip of the same storyline with Stan/Hilda Ogden and Eddie Y. Down to the fake substitution of corner store eggs for home-laid ones! Is this a loving nod to the past or proof that nothing's ever new???

Beth said...

Anonymous 17 55 Totally agree. And direct proof on how much better things were done back then. Better acting, characters and script.

In recent yesrs along with the new produccer did the show have new writing teams too? I'm wondering as the show became weaker in so many areas and that can't be down to just one man surely.


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