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Sunday 8 February 2015

Corrie weekly awards for February 2 - 6

Troll award: Even baby Lily can't stand Norris. He really is an instigator (a nicer phrase instead of the other "something disturber" one I could have used). There is nothing really redeemable about this nasty little oik.

Pygmalion award: Maddie. She really has come a long way from "street urchin"

Two faced award: Andy's ex saw him, and thought it must be him unless he's got a double. Well, in a manner of speaking, I guess he kind of does!

Pants on Fire award:
Ga'Andy and Steph both are doing a lot of ducking and diving to cover up the truth this week. It even got Ga'Andy slapped in a staged fight.

Fashionista: Eva in her animal print coat, hat and scarf with the big pink bag!

Living arrangement shuffle: Are Sophie and Maddie living back at Sally's? Sophie was packing for their spa break out of that abode, not Kevin's.

Tech Fail award: Norris for ordering 111 copies of Chicken Quarterly. I wonder if Sharif will buy extra copies to line the chicken coop?

Pigs fly award; Zeedan smiled!!

Idiot award: Gail should not have torn up that will. Even if she was trying to keep Michael's spirits up, having a will is just a smart thing to do even if you weren't facing a major operation.

Gaslight award: Maddy has decided to get revenge on Norris by making him think he's losing the plot.

Actions have consequences: Maddy's "retaliation" at Norris was a bit of a joke to her but even if she's 18, she's still immature and didn't realise the effect on Norris until Mary mentioned it.

Perfection award: Roy scattering Hayley's ashes, permission, poetry and saying goodbye. Golden scenes, writing and acting.

Lines of the week:
Max to Michael "You won't win"
Maddie "It will complete my Eliza Doolittle transformation from street urchin to stately home"
Rita to Norris "I want you to be on your best behaviour while I'm gone" Norris "I'm not a child!" Rita "Good! Then don't behave like one" (not a chance he's taking that advice)
Gail about the bubbly "I don't nick, I sip" (and sip, and sip)
Norris to Maddie "Shouldn't you be reading Oik magazine?"
Eva "Y'all right?" David "Me wife's left me, a drug dealer's about to break up what's left of me family, I think I'll give cartwheels a miss" (She's not left you, you kicked her out)
Kevin "I don't think progress is all it's cracked up to be"
Sinead to Roy (about Hayley) "Wherever you go, she goes" (that's exactly how it is, too)
Mary about her mother "Still she hangs on. Like a rottweiler with a bone"
Norris "I've been knee deep in chits" (without a paddle?)
Maddie "You little devil" Norris "I've been called worse" Maddie "So have I and by you, for starters"

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Anonymous said...

I think Gail said 'I don't neck, I siр' (necking meaning drinking quickly)

mandi29 said...

No Sophie was just taking a bag to use it pack their stuff. they still live at Kevins, why i don't know cause Sally's is a lot bigger xxx

Frosty the Snowman said...

Bullying award: The insipid little Maddie and Norris and their silly “feud’. She and “Christian” Sophie are effectively bullying an OAP. A very nasty pair of teenagers that bring nothing to the programme.

Just walk in award: Why does nobody on soaps ever shut their doors? It beggars belief that anyone can just walk in from the Street; don’t they even have Yale locks? Are the doors constantly on the latch????

Cry Baby Award: More crying and feeling sorry for himself from the wetter than a weekend in Skeggie Michael Rodwell, I really cant stand this character now with his consistent world on my shoulders attitude that just drags everyone down.

Sanctimonious award: Sinead forgives Roy? Who is she anyway????

Remind me of why you are still here award: Exactly what is the point of Andrea, why is she still even there apart from to be overly full of her annoying self and stick her beak in where it is not needed. Bah

Misery guts award: Eileen really has a face to sour milk the whole time. With Julie leaving, perhaps she should take her sister with her.

Make under award: The Bistro looks dark, unwelcoming and dreadful – someone said it reminded them of a ghost train ride.

Anonymous said...

Spot on Frosty

Humpty Dumpty said...

Who am I? award: Is Gail meant to have a drink problem because, otherwise, it really isn't funny. It makes her look juvenile; no wonder David calls his mother 'Gail' even when he isn't angry with her.

Totally agree about the unlocked door. I laughed when David came back into the house and Callum was sitting there. Surely not the intended reaction.

Tvor said...

I'm with Frosty on Sinead. Roy has done nothing to her to be forgiven. She did apologize as well more or less and that she did need to do.

As for bullying Norris, he's had plenty of times when he's bullied lots of other people, Steve being the latest one, going way over the top shouting at him from across the street and in the pub in front of everyone. He instigates more trouble and insults people at the drop of a hat. It's about time someone got a bit back on him.

Jonathan said...

@ Tvor Your right about Norris he's a nasty piece of work who deserves everything he gets.

Anonymous said...

Tvor,Although I'm no fan of Norris,he wasn't the only one making nasty accusations about Steve, causing the accident Maddie and ' Christian'Sophie were too also in front of everyone in the pub .I also doubt that Maddie would dare to gaslight Norris if Rita was around so kudos to Mary for pointing out how wrong she was.
Frosty,I would like to give the 'Why are you still here ?award to Kevin too.Like Andrea he alsoseems out of place hanging around Sally when he hasa young son at home.

Anonymous said...

"Although I'm no fan of Norris,he wasn't the only one making nasty accusations about Steve"

True but ALL of the others were involved in the crash. It was none of Norris's business whatsoever.

He's nasty and spiteful - if you can't take it, you shouldn't hand it out.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous,Then it wasn't Eileen's Tyrone's and Sophie's business neither as they weren't involved with the crash but were quick to jump on the 'Steve is guilty'bandwagon that is until Michelle told Eileen that Steve is suffering depression.
Tyrone,was the worst and I thought downright hyporcritical joining the angry mob against Steve as it was the same mob who believed he was guilty of abusing Kirsty.

Anonymous said...

I think Zeedan needs to move on, very tired of his angry act, it is getting very old and Gary needs to stop rolling his eyes. Very annoying..

Anonymous said...

Zeedan smiled...not an attractive look on him, think I prefer it when he's scowling.

Clyde said...

Wet Fish for Bad Acting Award:
that david platt is a orrible actor who clearly don't give a fig about his supposed wife. He shows no emojie whatsoever. Dead fish face. the same boring rolling of eyes and slumpy shoulders and way too slow reactions make no sense. He's a dud. End this hell. I can't take any more. please, replace his face with a dead fish and I betcha no one notices.

Zigg said...

Thumbs up to Doris, I mean Norris, for being the curmudgeonist curmudgeon who still has loveable qualities deep down inside all that mudgeon.


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