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Tuesday 10 February 2015

Coronation Street film Bethany Platt shoplifting scenes

Coronation Street were photographed by paparazzi yesterday as they filmed Bethany Platt shoplifting in Manchester. 

Actor Lucy Fallon, who will now play Bethany, was spotted filming the scenes earlier this week alongside Tina O'Brien, who returns to Corrie as Bethany's mum, Sarah Platt. 

Digital Spy reports that an upcoming episode will see Bethany head out for a shopping trip with her mum Sarah (Tina O'Brien) but when Sarah is distracted by  Callum Logan (Sean Ward) trying to chat her up, it provides an opportunity for Bethany to cause some trouble.

We'll see the new Bethany on screen in late March. Find out all about the new Bethany Platt.
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Rory said...

A rebellious teen, eh? Deja vu, anyone? :)

Zagg said... now we're going to have Callum the drug dealer chatting up ALL the available young women on the street and everybody turns a blind eye? Puleeeze. This is so stupid. A. Word that he's a drug dealer would get around quicker than you can blink on THAT street. B. Kevin Webster and or Owen would knock his block off. C. Norris would be announcing it from the roof tops, the Rovers and the news stand.
They should not have made him a permanent fixture on the street. Kylie's gone and so he should be as well.
He is handsome though and I guess that's what's important now. Personally seeing him and Katy together, they look like brother and sister.

Humpty Dumpty said...

How did Bethany even get to Weatherfield? Assuming she flew from Milan to Manchester, she would have taken one of the cheapest. Ryanair don't allow unaccompanied minors to fly. Nothing to do with whether she looks older, or is it a fake passport? Could be, I suppose.

Re: the Callum storyline, the very least that David could do is get an injunction against Callum coming to his house.

Anonymous said...

Er, Bethany returns with her mum who, unless my eyes deceive me, is pictured with her.

Honestly, you EastEnders fans are so quick to diss Corrie you make some daft errors as you think up your fictitious complaints.

Anonymous said...

In one of the Digital Spy photos,, Lucy actually looks older than Tina, in fact, they look more like sisters to my eye!

Laura said...

Actually it's been reported that Bethany does indeed sneak off to Manchester herself...without her mother...this is what compels Sarah to come back to Weatherfield!

vintgal003 said...

Happy to see Sara and her daughter back on the Street...and all the *trouble* the two of them will get into!

David said...

Tina O'Brien hasn't changed at all!

Frosty the Snowman said...

Well the new Bethany is a split of her mum, Sarah Whiney Lou. However here we go again - rebellous stroppy teen - with even scenes with the Platts with Gail eye fluttering and whispering, its getting very tedious indeed writers!!!

Anonymous said...

It'll be interesting to see How Sarah Lou will cope with Katie Armstrong taking her crown as the Street's moany single Mum

Anonymous said...

I'm more looking forward to the tension between Sarah and Jason, due to the fact that not only are they divorced on set, but in real life also.
C in Canada

Anonymous said...

Lol! Gail needs to be pushed down the stairs again.


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