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Sunday 1 February 2015

Coronation Street spring and summer spoilers 2015

Coronation Street producer Stuart Blackburn is interviewed on the official Coronation Street website at and reveals even more spoilers.

Read on only if you want to - you have been warned!

Steve will come through his depression with pills and counselling and will have a "a wonderful uplifting wedding to Michelle".  However, Michelle realises that Steve's deep in debt and they might lose the Rovers to Tracy, who sets her sights on both Tony and the pub.

Michael's wedding plans to Gail coincides with the arrival of the real Gavin and Gail finds herself being blackmailed.

Callum takes a liking to Sarah Platt when she returns to Weatherfield from Milan.

Jenny Bradley's return will bring some secrets and Sophie starts to suspect that all is not as it seems.

Into early summer there is, Stuart says, "very very big, literally explosive stuff" coming up

Watch the video here.

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Jonathan said...

Let me guess Gail's being blackmailed for money.

Anonymous said...

How can Tracy own the pub?!It would go to Liz wouldn't it?
How hyporcritical of Sarah to be interested in drug dealer Callum after Bethany suffered an accidental overdose.Of course David will warn her but she won't listen and somehow it will be David'sfault if Sarah becomes a drug addict.

Tvor said...

I expect Tony, he of undisclosed millions, could buy the pub from Steve. Tracy, having an affair with him, would be anxious for Liz to find out so she'd be out on her ear and Tracy could move in. Maybe, just maybe, Liz's mate Erica will be the one that saves the pub!

Zagg said...

Oh jeez, more explosive stuff from Blackburn.When is he going to leave?

Humpty Dumpty said...

I guess what could happen is that Steve would offer his mother the chance to buy his 50% (are they equal partners?) but she wouldn't be able to afford it. Tony steps in and offers to buy Steve out. Tracy insists on being put in as his manager otherwise she will tell Liz about their affair. Liz wouldn't move out but what about Steve and Michelle?

I'm not happy about the explosive stuff.

Scott Willison said...

To be fair, if he said "Our forthcoming plotlines involve Norris having a lot of amusing fun with a cheese and potato pastie and Julie discovering that she's bought the same dress as Sophie", very few people would bother turning in. Blackburn has to offer up some headlines to keep casual viewers interested.

vintgal003 said... those spoilers! Some great story lines to look forward to... WHAT?? Tracey and Tony at the helm of Rovers????

Frosty the Snowman said...

Oh Gail being blackmailed again? Didnt that Lewis Archer gigilo bloke blackmail her as well? And WHY is Blackburn keeping on the coke sniffing skank very wooden Callum? Shakes head.

Anonymous said...

I can't see Steve and Michelle leaving the Rovers.

Prediction: Tracy will hear about Steve's debts from Tony. Tony will reveal that Steve thinks he'll be forced to sell his half of the pub so Tracy will tell Tony to buy it. Tony won't want to lose Liz so he will agree to buy the Rovers to keep Tracy quiet. But just when her plan looks like it will work, Carla has a business proposition for Steve and Michelle - and to cut a long story short - they get to keep running the Rovers and Tracy doesn't. For now.

Beth said...

1. This will be the 2nd time that Steve will lose the Rovers due to bad debts

2. This will be the 2nd time that Gail will be blackmailed


And please don't make Tracy the landlady of the Rovers that will be too much. Her nasty spiteful snarkiness behind the bar will be the ruination.

On reflection of losing an icon like Deidre there are such souless characters on the street that I care so little about now. Characters with no depth, humour, such as Maddie, Sophie, Maria, Todd, Katy, the son of the Nazir's, Callum - and a whole lot more, but I'm trying to keep it kind. I don't care about future storylines, because I can hardly care about the characters they create and write for these days. They bring very little to the show.

There's so much nastiness and spite that the writers pass for entertainment now. I can tell Stuart Blackburn doesn't watch Corrie, otherwise he'd feel as deflated about the future as me I'm sure.

BarrieT said...

So true Beth

Zagg said...

I think what this show is sadly missing now are true married couples that show a family unit and their trials and tribulations as they go through life. That was the strength of this show. Sorry, but the Platt's and the Nazirs are not carrying it. The Barlow's are quite finished. Now, we have a lot of people living together who come and go and change partners with ease, regardless of any children they may have. Personally, I am tired of it.
These writers are stupid because they are not building solid foundations for the future.

Zigg said...

Here Here Zagg. I truly agree with you and also Beth. That last statement Beth made is much too true. I feel the same sadness and frustration at so many great opportunities being missed for great story telling within a historic 'soap'. Instead, we have to wait for explosive-- and in between; put up with utter nonsense! Enough cheap baloney. It really is time for SB to step away from the show, and 'BLow up real good'(to quote from a skit of one of my fave canadian tv shows "SCTV Farm Report Celebrity Blow Up") How's that for Explosive!!)...

Zigg said...

Celebrity Blow up Link.. Substitute Bernadette Peters for Stuart Blackburn and Enjoy!

Beth said...

Zagg you hit the nail on the head!


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