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Wednesday 18 February 2015

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 18 Feb

In advance of the return of Jenny Bradley to Coronation Street, read our blogger Graeme's interview with actress Sally Ann Matthews, who plays Jenny.

Wednesday 18th February
GAIL AND AUDREY TACKLE CALLUM. Making out he’s got a dental appointment, David skips off work and meets Callum in the ginnel. Gail’s suspicious. Callum hands David a wrap of coke and an address and orders him to deliver the drugs for him. David is forced to agree but later flushes the coke down the drain. Enlisting the help of Nick and Gavin, David announces they’re going to confront Callum and tell him to leave them alone. But as David, Nick and Gavin are about to set off, Gail stops them, declaring that she and Audrey will sort Callum out. Confronting Callum in the Dog & Gun, Gail orders him to stay away from her family but Callum insists he has the right to see his own son. Losing her temper, Gail tells Callum that David flushed his drugs down the drain. How will Callum react as a terrified David worries that they’ve made matters a whole lot worse.
KEVIN’S BLOWN AWAY BY A BLAST FROM THE PAST. Kevin meets up with his internet date, Jenny Bradley. They reminisce about the old days and Jenny asks after Rita. When Kevin suggests they meet up again, will Jenny be as keen?
JASON’S PARANOIA INTENSIFIES. Having secretly arranged to attend a property auction with Tony, Eva lies to Jason, making out she’s going shopping with an old girl friend. Jason’s deeply suspicious. 
ELSEWHERE Julie’s horrified when Mary comes in the shop and helps herself to some groceries without paying. How will Mary react when Julie accuses her of shoplifting? Faye confides in Craig that she can’t bring herself to tell Anna about her pregnancy and plans to give birth in secret and leave the baby outside the hospital.

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Anonymous said...

This entire preview can be summed up as "communication breakdown". I know it's the greatest problem in life for most folk and leads to a world of trouble but this preview is full of unbelievable scenarios.

This nonsense with David and Callum is too Eastenders. Anyone else would reply with, "Hello police? A drug dealer is trying to force me to sell his wares. Here's his name and where to find him." David lives on the same street where Leanne obtained exclusive and permanent custody of Simon right out from under his alcoholic biological father's nose. Why on Earth would David be afraid to take Callum on in a custody battle?

Why on Earth would Eva choose to lie to Jason about what is supposed to be a positive thing? Particularly when the circumstances surrounding that lie can be so easily misconstrued. And all for what?!

Why would Julie threaten Mary with shoplifting rather than just confronting her, telling her it's not okay to take items from the shop without paying and trying to figure out why Mary would suddenly believe this behaviour is acceptable?

Anonymous said...

I usually flip the channel when Callum is on the screen. The story is just too contrived. If there ever comes a point that Callum actually gets Max then the Platt's are hopeless. David and the others have more than enough ammunition to use against Callum. If a drug dealer is trying to take your son, you fucking well do what you have to. You don't play stupid games. And is Sarah Louise is stupid enough to date hime, then I hope he ruins her.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Well as we can now clearly see "Eva" is pregnant, this silly story with Tiresome Toad and his ridiculous plottng and scheming is going to end wth Eva flouncing off. No way would someone like Todd be hanging around the Street in a deadbeat job wth Tracy Barlow as his boss, its just not belevable and yet again after the trumpeting of bringing an old character back, they really do not know what to do with him.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I agree with all the comments above. Another thing which seems quite unlikely is the way Callum roams around in an area where he is known to be a drug dealer but has no allies nearby. I admit my knowledge is limited to tv, but don't most drug dealers stick to their own turf? And, really, it's stretching it too far that Jason would suspect his father of having an affair with his girlfriend. Affairs like that do happen in soaps but it's seen as 'unnatural'. Jason would feel too sickened to even think that, and that's what makes it unbelievable. Gail, of course, would go back with the box to the police officer she and Sally saw.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with all of the comments above!
For God's sake call the police! Callum doesn't really want Max he just delights in winding up the increasingly stupid Platt family. Humpty well said I assume drug dealers would surround themselves with a "crew" for protection and intimidation purposes. Time this idiotic storyline wrapped up.

Anonymous said...

I also agree with everyone's comments and would like to add,Who does Julie think she is wanting to have Mary arrested for shoplifiting in Dev's shop?!Since Mary is Dev's housekeeper\nanny,perhaps they have an understanding in which Mary can shop for free in an emergency and pay Dev later?
I also wonder is Kevin that desperate to date Jenny Bradley[yes I remember her.]?

Zagg said...

Yes, the Callum story is beyond ridiculous. He's cute but not a very good actor and I suppose they brought him on for his that's what the viewers are begging for. Please. These writers are so out of touch with their audience and reality now, they simply can not write plausible story lines.
A great point (Annon above post) is the Leanne story and her securing Simon. The natural progression would be David talking to her and getting her solicitor's name. Do they forget that people actually remember what they're watching?
And Callum sniffing around Katy? Tell me Owen wouldn't have that guy in the hospital by now. It's a very badly conceived and badly written story line, right from the start. There are more holes in it than a wheel of Swiss cheese.

ChiaGwen said...

I also agree with all the comments above! Really, with Audrey's seemingly readily available cash, why wouldn't she give David money to get a good lawyer and sort out Callum regarding the parentage of Max. Callum must have 'form' (I learned that British term watching DCI Banks) :), so hardly in any position to be calling the shots here.

Beth said...

Audrey and Nick have money to give David for a decent solicitor regarding the custody of Max. The story is getting beyond ridiculous now. The whole Platt family are getting way too much air time imo. It's like the Windstrongs dominated the last 18 months or so. They flit from these two families and then use nasties like Todd and Tracey who are vile and mean in between. It's as thought they don't know what to do with the rest of the cast.

And will somebody please remind them that David threw out a pleading Kylie - she didn't leave on her own accord. She was begging to stay and get help but he insisted. And this on Christmas day. They all seem to have amnesia over this.

AmandaB said...

Can't believe no one has mentioned Jenny Bradley. I must admit I was dreading it, thinking she'd be way OTT and not fit in at all, but I was pleasantly surprised. Hope she's here to stay (I've not read the spoilers so don't know).

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed how much older Kevin looks than Jenny (or Sally, for that matter)? In both real life and as their characters he's 6 years older, but looks more like 20, and Sally's actually older than him but also looks younger. Whatever Michael Le Vell is doing in his private life is taking quite a toll on him. I hope he's seeing a good doctor.

AmandaB said...

I don't agree. Only Monday Sally looked incredibly old and wrinkly. Maybe it's my new glasses but I was quite shocked at how creased her face was. I think it's just the grey hair fooling you with Kevin, in my opinion he looks at least 10 years younger than Sally.

Anonymous said...

Chia Gwen you made an excellent point. I don't know if it is the winter blues or what but I have absolutely no interest in Gail and Michael's wedding! Like you said Chia - use Audrey's money hire a solicitor regarding the custody of Max. The stupidity of some of the characters are beyond irritating! Ensuring that little boy is in a safe and happy home is a hell of a lot more important than another wedding for the increasingly idiotic Gail. I swear at times Gail acts like she has had a lobotomy the way she simpers and moons over that goof Michael. Hate the two of them together.

Anonymous said...

Gail has had a lobotomy. There is no human I know that walks around with the 2% capacity that she functions on. It's so insulting to the viewer. I do wish she'd be on screen less and tone down that face twisting and eyelash batting when she is on screen (WAY too much).
Ugh. And the ever dumb, dumber and dumbest Platts dominate the Coronation Street show night after night after night after night..

Kira Thomsen-Cheek said...

Now that is a series of EXCELLENT questions. :-)


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