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Sunday 22 February 2015

Corrie weekly awards for Feb. 16 - 20

Musical ambiance: "I'm Not In Love" as Kevin met up with Jenny for the first time.His leer surely made that clear!

Pear Shaped award: Owen's plan to keep the truth from the girls didn't pan out too well. But then, lies have a way of coming screaming out when you least want them to.

Geography Fail award: Jason thinks the Golden Gate bridge is in New York City.

Cat out of the Bag award: Linda dragged Owen's secret out of the bag.

Modern Man award: Sean orders food. Then tweets, instagrams, vines and photographs it and it goes cold before he gets to eat it!

Score one for Gail: Loved her pointing out Callum's inadequate bits!

Crush much award: Looks like yer man, Sam, has a wee crush on Sinead if the look on his face when she held hands with Ches was anything to go by.

Phrase of Doom award: "If Callum was going to do anything, he'd have done it by know" (ding, dong. And it ain't Avon calling)

Wrong end of the stick award: Jason's suspicions, thanks to Todd, had him putting a beating on Tony and accusing he and Eva of having an affair. And then, since Jason is "smart like truck", he apologizes to Eva and asks her to marry him.

Interfering award: Norris, of course, taking it upon himself to scold Jenny for daring to show her face within 199 yards of the fair Rita.

Lines of the week:
Gail "When you've lived with a serial killer, confronting a drug dealer's a walk in the park!" (Top line!)
Sally "They always pick on the middle class ones!" (to arrest)
Linda "I want a relationship with my daughters" Owen "By destroying mind?" (And who have you got to blame for that!)
Mary "My proverbial tether is at it's end"
Mary "I'm attracted to *clever* men! Dev??!!!" (with a hearty, and I believe sincere, LOL)
Izzy to Owen "You made me hate myself so you could be a hero?" (straight through the heart)
Jenny "My two least favourite words in the English Language. Messy. Divorce." (and so say we all)
Mary "I never stole anything in my life, apart from the odd heart"
Ga'Andy "If there's one thing I've learned in live, it's that honesty isn't always the best policy" (Um. yeah.)
Todd "My lips are sealed" (because he knows enough to stir up trouble now)
Jason to Eva "You want him, you can have him"
Kevin "What's this Jamalaya? Sounds like something you sing at Sunday school" (and that's Kevin in a nutshell)
Sinead about the nurse "She's Albanian" Kirk "How come she didn't have white hair and pink eyes" Chesney "That's Albino" (well, it's an easy mistake, right?)
Norris to Jenny "I know you by reputation" (and he called her a brazen strumpet)
Eileen "Do you not think that a marraige proposal right now would be taking stupidity to the next level?" (This *is* Jason we're talking about, remember)

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Kate said...

I thought overall this was a great week of Corrie. For me one of the highlights were the scenes with Gail and Sally. Also great to see so many references to the past with the return of Jenny.

The lowlight was Linda/the Armstrongs - I'm afraid I just can't take her seriously as, as others have mentioned, there seems to be no fighting attitude or emotion!

Anonymous said...

Even though he has been a busybody in the past,I liked Norris standing up for his dear friend and telling Jenny a few home truths how she treated Rita in the past.
I also think it's a bit hyporcritical that Owen is the villain for not telling his daughters the truth but Linda isn't exactly being honest either by omitting that she couldn't deal with Izzy's condition at first which led to her affair.I'm sorry but I don't find her sympathetic at all.

Humpty Dumpty said...

It's a funny thing about the Armstrongs. I'm not sure who we're supposed to feel sorry for. Linda should have been in floods of tears and Owen, too, but nothing at all. I don't feel any empathy with either of them. The girls? Doesn't work - maybe the writing or the acting. Couldn't give tuppence about Anna's feelings. They could all go tomorrow, leaving Faye with Tim, and I'd be delighted.

I hope Jenny's return is a slow burn because it looks a promising story. I wonder if she's homeless with a couple of kids and looking for a gullible bloke to move in with.

Anonymous said...

Was it my imagination, or was that scene between Sinead and that nurse (Janine Fabler, played by Hungarian model Anna Maria Cseh) a little more eyebrow-raising than usual? I for one enjoyed it - and Miss Cseh! - very much, I'll be honest.

Tom from the USA

ChiaGwen said...

Audrey and Gail confronting Callum...LOL! And then Sally and Gail at the Police station with the suspicious package....great comedic duos. Nice diversion from the anemic Owen and Linda storyline.

Shan said...

Haha to Anonymous, I found the scene with Sinead and the nurse a little....interesting!


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