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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Jenny Bradley in a nutshell - all you need to know

"Do you fancy sharing a pudding?"  And with that, saucy strumpet Jenny Bradley made her return to Coronation Street last night.  If you can remember Jenny from first time around on Corrie, then you might be looking forward to her meeting up again with Rita next week.  There'll be Paddington stares all over the place.

And if you don't remember Jenny from last time around on Corrie, here's her back story in a nutshell. Our blogger Llifon did a wonderful job - read it all here.

Read also our blogger Graeme's interview with Sally Anne Matthews, who plays Jenny.

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David Parsnips said...

Oh dear Rita has “that face” on again! I thought Jenny looked pretty good yesterday. However it would be nice if she returned a better character than yet another boring troublemaker or nutjob Funny how neither of them mentioned Sally yesterday

AmandaB said...

I was expecting a return a la Bet Lynch ie all gob and OTT but I was surprised to be wrong.
I hope she stays. And yes it was weird that there was no mention of Sally.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Maybe this is the point of her story. She comes across as utterly normal, a changed woman until the doubts about her start creeping in. Sophie suspects her, I think I read, but others will say she's imagining it. Shades of her father's manipulations with Rita, who will probably also see that all is not well. Could be a good story if it doesn't go OTT.

BarrieT said...

I saw her interviewed and she said that her back-story has been exaggerated for her return so the fact that she did Rita wrong or was a man eater will be different to what we know. They will probably say that she took thousands off rita or stole all her savings.

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